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Topic New C1 owner By Coober Date 21-06-2012 14:58
Hi All

I've just bought a C1 125 & I'm still getting used to the 'strange' feel of riding it.

Almost everything is in good order, but I would appreciate some advice regarding the rear suspension.

If I sit on the bike when stationary and 'bounce' on the seat, the shocks seem to bump when they return to top.
When riding, this translates to an almost constant banging noise from the rear.

From my rather crude description, can anyone tell me if it sounds like the shocks need to be replaced or repaired?
Also, I read somewhere here that using Hagon shocks will make for a much better ride. Does this really make a huge difference?
Are there any other good options, as I live in South Africa and I don't think Hagons are sold locally, so would have to get them shipped from the UK.

There is a grill missing from the side fairing immediately behind the BMW logo and just below the indicator light.
I was hoping to find one online, so can someone give me the correct name for this part?

I'm sure I'll have lots of questions in the near future, so hope you guys don't mind me asking.

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