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Topic Bike with a screen By Marino Date 17-11-2007 20:43

>With my own aero-dynamic profile being akin to a barn-door

Incredible motorcycle Lawrie and with 1400cc on tap it isn't exactly slow..... Looks great from any angle... :-)
Topic overtaking aid/engine booster By Marino Date 10-10-2007 04:27
Excellent Dave, How's your gas conversion mod coming along?
Topic Rumour! New BMW C1 on the way By Marino Date 07-10-2007 15:40
When do you start production Lawrie? I want one :-)
Topic Talented or what By Marino Date 04-10-2007 13:29
Wow! awesome skills thanks for sharing BigPaul :-)
Topic C1-lookalike By Marino Date 03-10-2007 20:50

>The only real downside seems to be that they don't do pillion and luggage,

What about this then? you have to admit it's different :-)
Attachment: sidecarc.jpg (109k)
Attachment: bmw20per20due.jpg (26k)
Attachment: pelleC1.jpg (71k)
Attachment: louisvitt.jpg (104k)
Attachment: b014_400.jpg (92k)
Attachment: c014_400.jpg (248k)
Topic Just back from Tuscany By Marino Date 03-10-2007 00:17
LOL! :-)
Topic Simply amazing By Marino Date 03-10-2007 00:14
This is the actual ships wheel (not a copy) of the ill fated 'Raglan' which was Sunk by the Germans 20th January 1918... Ted bought it by fluke at an auction as no one recognized it's importance because of the damage it sustained during the ships sinking and it only came to light when Ted was restoring it and noticed the faint engraving of the ships name...I'm sure you would appreciate this Lawrie..Ted worked for Harland and Wolff as a young man and was responsible for making all the model ships by hand and he built the huge model of the Canberra from plans which was then used to built the actual ship... (see link)
Attachment: DSCF0109.JPG (245k)
Topic Simply amazing By Marino Date 02-10-2007 23:27
I was invited round for a second viewing of Ted's Models and I got a pleasant surprise when I was shown around his workshop... Not only did he make these wonderful models but when he was much younger he made these 1/3 scale models for his children to ride in.. They each were petrol driven and just like the real thing had electric start with key ignition and working clocks/ gauges ...They have lay untouched and covered in dust for almost 35years...Hmmm :-) He is also working on 1905 ish German car (I must remember the name) and he is building this car from a set of drawings he managed to get his hands on..As is the same with his smaller models he is manufacturing every part except the original engine that he bartered for... (photos to follow)
Attachment: DSCF0118.JPG (238k)
Attachment: DSCF0124.JPG (251k)
Attachment: DSCF0119.JPG (238k)
Attachment: DSCF0123.JPG (234k)
Attachment: DSCF0132.JPG (205k)
Attachment: DSCF0120.JPG (245k)
Attachment: DSCF0122.JPG (236k)
Attachment: DSCF0126.JPG (228k)
Attachment: DSCF0141.JPG (267k)
Attachment: DSCF0117.JPG (237k)
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Attachment: DSCF0154.JPG (251k)
Attachment: DSCF0149.JPG (217k)
Attachment: DSCF0116.JPG (291k)
Attachment: DSCF0155.JPG (245k)
Topic Just back from Tuscany By Marino Date 02-10-2007 21:59

>Had to drink wine because of the lack of Irish Whiskey.

Great excuse to make another trip over to Ireland then Don :-) Breathtaking view!
Topic Maths, a pure science By Marino Date 01-10-2007 04:19

>it's the Bullshit and Ass kissing that will put you over the top.

LOL! Sounds very like my workplace :-)
Topic Water pump By Marino Date 30-09-2007 19:26

>I'd ask for any replaced parts to be kept back by C1 owners so they can be photographed and put up here.

Great idea, always useful for the C1 novices..... :-)
Topic My first C1 crash! By Marino Date 26-09-2007 19:21

>At last.  I have a pay out.  A very very generous one at that

Well pleased for you.. a big grin here too :-)
Topic Windscreen wiper and panel By Marino Date 26-09-2007 19:10
I've PM'd you my email address BigPaul :-)
Topic Re: Williams 200 decals for superted By Marino Date 25-09-2007 23:22
Dave wasn't Simon selling a complete set of Williams Decals?
Topic Fixing the mudguard By Marino Date 25-09-2007 16:53

>Marino, how many. I reckon we should get at least 20 of them.

The interest generated here already tells us to order more... say 30?... Leave flange as is I'm sure it will be easy removed if needs be..
Thanks all round for a great find :-)
Topic Fixing the mudguard By Marino Date 25-09-2007 12:13

>Perhaps the Club should buy a quantity.

Great idea I need two sets!... Can we organize this chaps? Well spotted Luc great tip :-)
Topic who wants to be a PIG? By Marino Date 25-09-2007 12:08
Excellent! :-)
Topic MOT By Marino Date 25-09-2007 12:06
You are all talking a load of balls! :-)
Topic Oil leak, at least I think it is oil. By Marino Date 24-09-2007 17:45
Hi Tim I believe we have that complete hose assembly..I'll double check and get back to you... :-)
See photo, I believe this is the correct hose assembly :-)
Attachment: 16Tpiece3attachedhoses.jpg (176k)
LOL! All true :-)


I can't even pronounce them sober.. HeHe :-)
Topic Re: Williams 200 decals for superted By Marino Date 23-09-2007 06:31
Hi Ted I sent you a PM.... Hope this helps...
Attachment: bmwroundels.jpg (31k)
Attachment: bmwroundels2.jpg (70k)
Topic Bulshit factor2 By Marino Date 22-09-2007 23:19
Excellent! great look :-)
Topic Now wash your hands By Marino Date 22-09-2007 23:10
Gasp! I need to visit those toilets HeHe :-)
Topic Williams reborn By Marino Date 22-09-2007 10:29

>but they really add nothing to the sum of human knowledge, so I won't bother posting them

I beg to differ sir them up I want a look :-)
Topic Baby Airplanes By Marino Date 22-09-2007 10:28
Brilliant! LOL :-)
Topic Pre-spell check? By Marino Date 21-09-2007 12:17
Strange but true :-)
Topic Two pieces of tarmac By Marino Date 21-09-2007 12:15
He-He :-)
Topic The agricultural show By Marino Date 21-09-2007 12:14
LOL! :-)
Topic Generator By Marino Date 20-09-2007 18:19

>I'd go for a 5 or 6KVA unit,

I totally agree but I was trying to be cost effective as I know the price climbs alarmingly as you increase capacity... :-)
Topic Reluctant American needs c1 By Marino Date 20-09-2007 18:16

>even £100,000 were offerd to me on a plate I would not sell my baby!!!

I'd bite his hand off  LOL! :-) :-)
Topic Generator By Marino Date 20-09-2007 12:12
Most small generators output around 850watts but these are of no use for mundane things like an electric kettle, large TV etc which requires more than these generators can cope with..You will need to buy a generator that suits your needs and is able to cover essentials like a fridge freezer, lights, small portable TV etc..The minimum requirement generator output would need to be at least 1.0KW.. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you plug it into your household mains system....
Topic C1UB member LRS (Mantas) is selling his Williams 125 By Marino Date 19-09-2007 19:31
C1UB member LRS (Mantas) is selling his Williams 125 and he has agreed to ship it over to the buyer... As you can see from the photos it needs a windscreen but he assures me the engine runs fine...It has suffered some damage to the rear but again he assures me no chassis or rear sub-frame damage...He has purchased several parts including the headlamp panel and mirrors.. Please direct all your questions to him concerning this C1 but I will be glad to assist in any capacity....
Attachment: SNC10959-1.JPG (248k)
Attachment: SNC10960-1.JPG (239k)
Attachment: SNC10961-1.JPG (259k)
Attachment: SNC10962-1.JPG (266k)
Attachment: SNC10963-1.JPG (263k)
Attachment: SNC10964-1.JPG (255k)
Topic Top Box lock By Marino Date 19-09-2007 16:01

>I can post a piccie you would like

Yes please :-)
Topic Bar-locks (again) By Marino Date 19-09-2007 15:50

>Here's one I made earlier:-)

I must endorse these bar-locks! They prevent anyone messing with your stand levers. They are sturdy and very well made and I use mine every time ..............Lawrie's genius at it's very best! :-)
Topic Canstruction By Marino Date 19-09-2007 15:43
WOW! Spectacular stuff... :-)
Topic Good humour By Marino Date 19-09-2007 15:38
Wonderful sense of humor :-)
Topic MP3 C1 hybrid By Marino Date 19-09-2007 02:23

>its not a prototype it was a bmw sponsored design competition

Ah ha! thanks for shedding light on this photo... I agree with you about the Exec looking good..This trike mod would also allow for a much larger engine upgrade from another source... :-)
Topic MP3 C1 hybrid By Marino Date 19-09-2007 02:09
This is a prototype C1 trike...Very interesting concept :-)
Attachment: C1TRIKE.jpg (248k)
Topic C1 german trolley dolly By Marino Date 19-09-2007 01:46

>Combine it with an airport luggage carrousel with bedside remote control

LOL! :-) That sounds like the Generation Game...Cuddly toy anyone? :-)
Topic Loom replacement pics By Marino Date 18-09-2007 17:27
All in all Alexis you were indeed fortunate to escape a serious incident that had the potential to completely engulf your C1....Thank you for highlighting this potential hazard and I'm delighted you were able to restore your pride and joy back to her former glory with the help of a very gifted individual.... Dave!! :-)
Topic El Vaquero and his Chihuahua By Marino Date 18-09-2007 17:18
HaHa :-)
Topic VW TRIKE By Marino Date 18-09-2007 17:16

>why do people in the UK often hide the license plate in photos?

Cloning is on the increase but I only covered the plate as a gesture of good courtesy since the trike wasn't mine..I can't see someone going to the bother of cloning this trike as it was hand made and would involve a certain level of skill...As you can see I didn't bother hiding my car's reg  :-)
Topic Colin Mc Rae MBE......R.I.P. By Marino Date 16-09-2007 17:41
Totally gutted over this... Huge talent sadly gone    :-(
Topic Loom replacement pics By Marino Date 16-09-2007 01:59
WOW! super photos ... Well done lads and a special thank you to Dave for tackling a mammoth job :-)
Topic happy birthday By Marino Date 15-09-2007 23:40

>I wonder how he would have turned out? :-)

Alive would have been good! :-)  I loved T Rex as a lad :-)
Topic Mad_Accountant retiring from training By Marino Date 15-09-2007 17:49

>Me parked up this morning next to a homosexual biker gang

Which one is yours? LOL! :-) :-)
Topic oil pressure gauge By Marino Date 12-09-2007 20:04

>Well pleased, Barnsley. :-)

You always make it sound so easy....
          Equally pleased, Belfast. :-)
Topic oil pressure gauge By Marino Date 11-09-2007 21:24

>Thoughts please Ladies and Gentlemen.

If Lawrie and Dave can find use for this tool it gets my vote :-)
Topic here we go aain By Marino Date 11-09-2007 19:26

>Well after a rebuild,she is leaking coolant from somewhere just above the oil filter now

So sorry to hear your having no luck at the moment Allan :-(

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