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Topic Please direct all your BMW C1-related posts to the C1 Forum By pokecheck Date 11-03-2020 06:09
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Topic university fees By pokecheck Date 12-10-2010 19:35
The trouble is, a lot of Universities set a standard tuition fee across the board, thus the 'soft' degrees cost as much to study as the 'hard' ones (like engineering). Engineering has more low-to-middle income applicants than, say, business and media studies. So that could suggest that engineering/science will find it hard to recruit - not a great future for the country.

That said, I don't agree that University should be 'for all' - University should be for the academically gifted, it comes to something whne most of our low-grade clerical vacancies attract 90% of applicants with a degree of some sort ...
Topic Contract Hire / Leasing By pokecheck Date 11-10-2010 15:52
Phil, if one contact hires/leases a car as part of the business, does this get a similar mileage allowance or is it basically the price of the car is one's allowance (and I'm guessing that allowance would be watered down if used for personal business) ?
Topic Contract Hire / Leasing By pokecheck Date 11-10-2010 15:49
Thanks Phil,Lee

Very useful information - will mull on it and see what gives.

I like the benefits of the Maintenance and Tyre cover of the hire as it's in this area that we've really been hit with the current car. Of course the advantages of owning a car at the end of HP might outweigh the benefits of not having to service the damn thing until then ...

A serious cost benefit analysis looks worthwhile ...
Topic Contract Hire / Leasing By pokecheck Date 10-10-2010 19:19
We're a bit sick of the money-pit that is our family car so thinking of changing.

The Spousal Overunit is self-employed and does a lot of driving hither and thither for work.

Does anyone know if there are reasonable tax benefits of getting a car on a lease or contract hire?

Can it include maintenance, parts, tyres, etc?

We currently seem to be spending 2.5-3k pa keeping the other one on the road and it can't be worth more than a grand now.

Topic Rebuilding Hagon Shocks By pokecheck Date 10-10-2010 18:30
A while ago someone mentioned that Hagon shocks could be rebuilt - after experiencing the feeling of my spine shooting up through the base of my skull, I think my current ones need a refurbish - any thoughts?
Topic Rear Suspension bearing and more... By pokecheck Date 09-07-2010 12:52

> Nearside rear direction indicator insecure

Can usually be fixed - worst comes to the worst a bit of araldite would do it

> Rear suspension bearing has excessive free play

Is that the swingarm/engine mount? Doable, but a bit of a pain

>(horn) Front suspension fouling which affects the movement of the front suspension

??? the horn is fouling the front suspension? If not, then what is fouling it?

> Registration plate insecure, and registration plate with characters that are not correct width

New Reg plate and couple of nylon bolts

>Plus:                        Nearside rear Rear shock absorber has a light misting

Might be worth getting some new shocks - club spares carries a couple of used ones

> Rear bodywork insecure

Should be fairly easy.
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 30-05-2010 22:05
Topic Lifter latch 'refurb' By pokecheck Date 30-05-2010 22:03
The flap latch mechanism exploded showing the corrosion on the spindle - this can be cleaned up with a bit of emery paper/wet&dry/steel wool. Once the flap rotates freely then the whole mechanism may work properly (after reassembly)
Attachment: flapmech02.png (552k)
Topic Lifter latch 'refurb' By pokecheck Date 30-05-2010 22:02
The flap latch mechanism after removal
Attachment: flapmech01.png (438k)
Topic Lifter latch 'refurb' By pokecheck Date 30-05-2010 22:01
Here's a photo of the lifter mechanism as viewed from the front of the bike. The 'flap' latch is secured by two fixings (one is shown).
Attachment: lifter01.png (643k)
Topic Lifter latch 'refurb' By pokecheck Date 30-05-2010 22:00
With the front of my 125 all in pieces, I thought I'd see if I could tackle the problem of the stand/wheel lifter not latching.

Turns out, that in this case, it's caused by the 'flap' not moving properly due to a certain amount of corrosion on the shaft.

I'm not sure that this is the cause of all lifters not latching, but it certainly is the cause of this one. I've taken some photos, forgive the state of the mechanism, I'll be giving it a good clean before I put it back.

It might be possible to remove the flap with the lifter in situ - that's left as an exercise for the reader.

Here's a photo of the 'flap' as seen as if one were sitting in the bike.
Attachment: lifter02.png (841k)
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 29-05-2010 20:26
Yep, it was the metal flap mechanism - the shaft it rotates upon had corroded a little and wasn't allowing the flap to move freely enough. I pulled it all out, cleaned it up and put it back and it seems a lot sharper - it may be possible to remove the flap mechanism with the lifter in place on the bike but I can't be sure.

I'll take some photos tomorrow ...
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 25-05-2010 20:22
Tried that - it looks like the spring for the metal flap isn't strong enough at the moment or else the works are gummed up.

I've already got all the front end off so the lever mech isn't too much more of a step. Need to refurn the stand and bowden cables anyway. May go for a B-O-B self fixing stand cam
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 24-05-2010 20:38
Yep, got the plug out with the help of a malllet, a bit of wood and a length of copper pipe (to knock it through the slider).

Now to get the replacement ordered.

I'm also pulling out the lifter mechanism - see if I can give it a really good clean and sort out coz it's really given up the latching ghost ...
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 17-05-2010 22:07
I'll try to knock it down and through - It needs to come out anyway or I'll have to replace the whole thing
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 17-05-2010 20:22
Can that plug just be whacked out?
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 17-05-2010 20:17
Had done the whole second nut thing - I've now got a 1cm length of tube inside a nut - that's the bit that sheared off
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 16-05-2010 20:27
If the sliders are the silver bits that get locked to the handlebars, then yes
Topic Replacing fork studs By pokecheck Date 16-05-2010 18:04
So, needed to take the front end of the silver exec to pieces (worrying 'clunk' sounds when hitting any slight obstruction in the road).

One of the studs in the top of the forks had, in the past, been mangled - no amount of drilling, molegripping, cursing or shoving would allow me to unbolt it (even tried drilling a small bore down it, cuttting a thread and inserting a small bolt - which promptly sheared).

So, last resort, out came the angle grinder :(

So, are the studs in the top of the fork tubes replaceable and if so, how does one get them out and fit the new ones?

May need to replace the bush where the stud locates in to as well :(


Topic fork caps By pokecheck Date 25-04-2010 21:44

>If someone wants to send me an old, busted cap

Think I've got one down the shed...
Topic Only me!!!! By pokecheck Date 12-04-2010 18:59
Good to hear from you mate - let me know if you need a hand with anything (obviously not know-how based, you're still the man) :-)
Topic fork caps By pokecheck Date 01-04-2010 19:12
Nope, tried that - absolutely nothing would shift it (including soaking in very hot water before manipulation)
Topic fork caps By pokecheck Date 01-04-2010 07:23
I've replaced two of these so far - in both cases I needed a complete new set of seals - I've not yet found a way to separate the large seal that seems to weld itself to the alloy cap
Topic won't start - help, please!! By pokecheck Date 01-02-2010 22:58
I replaced the chain on mine when it happened. Mind you it had only jumped one tooth.

I was surprised at how straightforward the strip down and replacement of the chain and checking/replacing of the valves was. Jonathon, is there any chance you could have a go at this yourself?
Topic Fitting an amplifier/speaker set By pokecheck Date 28-01-2010 23:18
I found the accessory fuse in the fusebox and stuck a wire into the 'negative' side (i.e. the contact that does not read positive with a multimeter when the fuse is out but the ignition is on) - I then held the wire in place by putting the fuse back in - it's kludgy but it's worked for the last 4 years
Topic Has anyone the same symptom? By pokecheck Date 08-12-2009 22:41
No answers for you I'm afraid, but it took me a while to identify that it's the link that connects the fork brace to the telelever - am I right?
Topic England and Toronto's Long suffering fans By pokecheck Date 19-10-2009 22:13

>But the fans come for the fights!

So do a lot of the players
Topic Oops, I've done it again! By pokecheck Date 05-10-2009 12:43

Take it easy. I'm now starting to walk normally again after the Great North Run, but my knee and ankle still twinge regularly and I'm resting them as much as I can!
Topic GNR for Wellchild By pokecheck Date 23-09-2009 20:59
Some more physio tomorrow - let's see what he says
Topic GNR for Wellchild By pokecheck Date 21-09-2009 12:51
2h11m32s - not too bad considering the gammy knee - which is now completely rubbish.
Topic GNR for Wellchild By pokecheck Date 24-08-2009 18:16
Ouch, first 10 mile run today. Legs are a bit jelly-like but managed to run the whole distance despite (or because of) an impending attack of delhi-belly!

Also, many thanks to those who have donated or wellwished - I've tried to thank you all individually, but sometimes I can't trace the Justgiving 'nickname' to an email account or username.


Topic GNR for Wellchild By pokecheck Date 14-08-2009 11:31
Well, the man in charge of getting my calf muscle repaired has agreed that I should be fit enough to take part in this year's Great North Run

I've been asked to do the Run to help raise awareness (and funds) for Wellchild. Wellchild is the chosen charity of the Aveyard family.

Bryony Aveyard, a friend and teammate of my daughter, tragically died on 7th October 2008 after suffering a brain haemorrhage. She was 11 years old.

The Aveyard Family and their friends are attempting to raise £55,000 (the cost of providing one Wellchild Nurse for one year) for the Love of Bryony.

My justgiving page is

although I have a standard, paper-based sponsorship form if you'd like me to to add you to that, however, please understand that, in the current global financial situation, I'd be happy for simply for some messages of support. It's also a given that many of you will have already sponsored someone else for another event or another cause - that too, is understandable :-)

Many thanks

Topic why?? By pokecheck Date 11-08-2009 19:34
Hi Wayne

That's sad news - my thoughts are with you and yours ...

Topic Electric C1 By pokecheck Date 16-07-2009 15:00
Spanish :-) Google translation:

After the commercial failure of the C1, BMW has been very calm back to the scooter segment, which require both subsidiaries of Southern Europe, in addition to the requests of France Italy and Spain, but it is begging.

After several prototypes and develop options for existing engines, which led to the release scooters BMW ROTAX engines and motors prove themselves, developed from his F 800, but with the cylinder block in a horizontal position, it appears , according to sources within the German firm, that the future BMW scooter is electric.

This option fits well with the entry of new BMW in this market segment, which is not in any way with what already exists but must be innovative enough to be different from everything known and marketed, while satisfy its customers, always looking for a degree of distinction to showcase your brand.

BMW electric scooter is also a block to perfection with the target use primarily to submit its future users, mainly by sporadic trips to the city and suburbs of cities, a space where an electric vehicle is able to exist without the problems of autonomy long walks, constrained by their limited autonomy, and battery charging time required.

But in working with BMW high-performance electric motors, lithium batteries lighter than conventional systems and recharge during braking or remove gas, which could overcome the autonomy of 250 km or 3 hours of continuous running and attain speeds up Maximum order of 120 km / h.

The future BMW scooter electric ready to be commercialized in 2011 and would be shown to the public in the autumn of 2010 ... or perhaps earlier, it all depends on the competition to see BMW come in where this burgeoning sector will converge over a large manufacturer the coming years.


On its design, despite the fact that you show the work of Oberdan Bezzi (photo above), which gave the news a few months ago and I refreshed the design done in 2000 by Vitali Studio (below), in SoloMoto30 . com and go for a scooter compact forms, not much heavier than a conventional 250 cc, capable of carrying two people comfortably and with a large cargo space.


To confirm this, we must wait until 2010 or perhaps that BMW can provide us very briefly a prototype in the EICMA in Milan next month.

We will continue to report.
Topic There must be an easier way to login?? By pokecheck Date 15-07-2009 21:12 is the wrong bookmark to use...

Have a look at (or click the 'help' link, above)

Topic Removing alternator noise reduction cover By pokecheck Date 14-07-2009 21:56
It also seems to be 'glued' on
Topic Watch out the new speed cameras are coming!!! By pokecheck Date 14-07-2009 21:54
Copy and paste the link above and replace the
p h p
Topic Mc Millan nurses By pokecheck Date 22-06-2009 21:22
My family are helping to raise money for them this year - the daughter of family friends suffered a massive brain haemorrhage and passed away last year. The family have dedicated themselves to raising 55k for Wellchild - the cost of supplying one nurse for a year...

Needless to say, I'm one of the ones trying to get in shape to do the GNR - 11 years since I last did it!
Topic Mc Millan nurses By pokecheck Date 22-06-2009 21:22
Oh that's crappy - wonder if WellChild can help?
Topic MP's Expenses By pokecheck Date 01-06-2009 13:22

>And the decking.

I though the only MP that did any decking was Prescott ... :D
Topic Bye mum By pokecheck Date 20-05-2009 21:45
Lawrie, there's probably no words that will do, but I'll add my regrets and thoughts to those already sent

Topic Under the knife!! By pokecheck Date 15-05-2009 06:36
I thought he was already bionic! You mean he was like that naturally!?! :)
Topic My new favourite book By pokecheck Date 14-05-2009 16:01

> sounds like a good book, is it coming out in a audio book??

But seems quite pricey - maybe cheaper elsewhere
Topic Crankshaft or head cylinder needed By pokecheck Date 14-05-2009 16:00
And timing- don't forget timing. When my chain slipped by a notch I was low on power and stalling out at random ...
Topic Under the knife!! By pokecheck Date 14-05-2009 15:59
All the best, mate. Our thoughts are with you
Topic Stalls on warm up By pokecheck Date 12-05-2009 16:48
Battery connections? Oil pressure/level? Valve timing if not valve clearances
Topic WHINING TRANSMISSION By pokecheck Date 11-05-2009 05:53

> they were not raised with tales of daring do by hardy elder relatives

Topic My new favourite book By pokecheck Date 09-05-2009 21:47
Neil Oliver, the Scottish chap from the BBC Coast programme, has written a book called "Amazing Tales for Making Men out of Boys".

The Sunday Telegraph review, titled "Neil Oliver: where have all the real men gone?", had the byline "TV historian Neil Oliver wants to resurrect the 'manly man' by telling tales of old-fashioned heroism"

From the first page of the introduction:

Men used to live by the skills of their hands. They made new things and fixed old. They maintained their houses, cars and motorbikes. They knew how to grow food and how to hunt and fish. They dressed like men, talked like men, walked and worked and played like men.

Their jobs had names that are becoming as unfamiliar to us as calloused hands and ingrained dirt. They were fitters, turners and carpenters; blacksmiths and wheelwrights; ploughmen and woodsmen; wheel-tappers and shunters; masons and glaziers; tailors and cobblers; riveters and welders.


Part of the education of boys came from the telling of tales of brave and selfless deeds, or hearing from fathers and uncles and grandfathers about how other men had lived their lives, met their challenges, reached their goals and faced their deaths.

It was simple, honest stuff about standing up straight with your shoulders back and eyes to the front like a soldier. It was about making light of physical hardship and keeping going until the job was done.

Brilliant stuff!
Topic C1 Recovery! By pokecheck Date 16-03-2009 12:51
The symptoms sound to me like the overflange gasket is letting back pressure into the drivesprocket manifold

(sorry)  :-)

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