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Topic ABS lights By pgill Date 05-02-2012 19:02
They behave as they should, at least for my bike, sometimes after switching on the ignition they come on and then out before its started and remain out as its started, but also when starting they can come on momentarily as the starter is working, it depends how the bike is feeling!!
Topic ABS lights By pgill Date 14-01-2012 09:37
Its amazing what a night with an optimate can do, the voltage is up to 12.8, and the ABS lights now behave as they should!!
Topic ABS lights By pgill Date 12-01-2012 19:52
Hello C1ers
Having had C1's for several years you think you have seen it all, when switching the ignition on, without starting the engine, the ABS lights should come on and after a few seconds go off, however they are staying on, but with a swift on /off of the ignition switch they go out, the battery voltage is 12.3.
If the bike is started with the ABS lights saying on they do not go out, again with a quick on/off of the ignition they go out!!

Any thoughts???

Topic ECU software By pgill Date 23-09-2011 16:57
Yes all reset, I haven't used it much since using the C'mon tool, so it may well start a little better!, I'll have to start using it for work again, and see how it behaves!!
Topic ECU software By pgill Date 22-09-2011 20:03
Mike in Cardiff Mottorad can't do it, and I have also asked Jerrome and he is unable to do it either.

Some days it will start without any throtle, some days it wants a slight tweak, some days it wants full tweak, and on one day it said 'not today' and I had to use the LT

Its not desperate I get it done, especially when it costs £90, I can live with it a little while longer!!
Topic ECU software By pgill Date 22-09-2011 16:14
Hi C1'ers
Does any one know where I can get the ecu on my red bike updated to version 8000, at a reasonable cost? reading some of the threads this can cure the starting problem I'm having.

Over the past several months I have been having difficulty starting my C1, so I borrowed the C'mon tool, a very handy piece of kit, that told me the bike had no faults, but the software version is 4000, the Cardiff & Bristol BMW dealers want about £90 to update it.

Many thanks
Topic insurance By pgill Date 20-01-2011 18:04
Hi C1ers

Taking this subject off at a slight tangent, if you are unlucky enough to to be involved in an accident, as I was about 3 years ago, if you can, as I did, have the bike taken to your home.  After some 8 weeks the assessor had made his decree the bike was written off, and all the claims settled, I then asked the insurance company how much it would cost to buy the bike back, and was told £300, I then pointed out the bike had been stored at my address, at £10 a day, which would more than cover the £300, they said they would get back to me, they never did!!
Topic voltage regulation By pgill Date 30-01-2010 10:33
Hi C1ers
The voltage from the power outlet socket (in the L/H glove box), is not regulated ie. 12.5 volts with ignition on, and about 14.5 volts with the enging running, ordinarily this would not be a problem, but recently I have wanted to use some heated clothing, but the electronic controller works great with ignition on, but stops working with the engine running,
I guess the socket is wired direct to the battery, hence the voltage difference, is there an easy fix? perhaps using an in line regulator?
Many thanks
Topic C1 wont start possible fule line or pump problem By pgill Date 06-05-2009 15:39
Glad you got it going, its great to find the fault and fix it!!!
Topic C1 wont start possible fule line or pump problem By pgill Date 26-04-2009 08:23
I had a problem like this a couple of years ago, it turned out to be the wiring going to the injector, it had fractured (giving intermitant power)between the the injector plug and where it spurs off from the main loom, the spur not really being long enough to cope with vibration of the engine, this was confirmed by placing a meter across the plug and then pressing the starter button, no power!!
Went to a scrap yard and off a peugeot found an identical plug with about a 300mm of cable, spliced it into the loom, we now have a nice coil of wire to cope with any engine movement!!!!
Topic ABS lights stay on - decided to change sensor By pgill Date 24-02-2009 20:08
My experience of the ABS lights staying on was remedied by a new battery!, the lights had been staying on for some weeks, one day when leaving work the bike would not start, lots of clicks, battery only showing about 10.5 volts.  New battery sorted out starting problem, and ABS problem!!
Topic Headlight & indicator failure By pgill Date 22-06-2008 15:05
Reply to meself!! Found that when I connected the last cable from the starter motor to the starter relay the headlight and indicator works.....  Baffled how, there is probably a logical reason but seems improbable to be cause of problem....  Back to garage....Should not be long before start up!!!!!
Topic Headlight & indicator failure By pgill Date 22-06-2008 06:50
Hello C1ers
I have now got to a stage with rebuilding my written off C1 that I am now checking the the electrcs, and have found, every thing works except the head/parking/tail light and the indicators/hazzards,
The parking/tail light work when the ignition key is in the steering lock position, and the horn works, the swith gear appears to be un dammaged, and the individual hazzard and light switches with a meter across them are ok.
From my other C1, all the fuses can be out and the headlight still works, only by removing the bottom black relay will the headlight not work, checking what is live there repeats on the other bike.
Any ideas??
Topic immobiliser keyfob By pgill Date 07-06-2008 20:50
That would be a great help, scan/e-mail or snail mail?
Topic immobiliser keyfob By pgill Date 06-06-2008 20:41
Can anyone tell me how to use the immobiliser/alarm key fob fully?? I did not have any info with the bike and I was hoping Bristol motorrad could tell me, as I have just been there today (Fri 6th) to get my new spare fob matched up to the bike, even they couldn't tell me how to use it fully!!
They took two hours to do the job and charged £38  
Topic immobiliser keyfob By pgill Date 16-05-2008 21:03
Hello all
Is there a 'do it yourself' method to match a new immobiliser keyfob (65 75 2 337 407)to my original one??
Topic Personal messages By pgill Date 28-04-2008 20:02

I can now see how the pesonal messaging service works, I couldn't see the wood for the trees!! It is obvious now I can see what to look for!! Doh!!
To jrw & bolt-on-billy appologies for not picking these messages up, we just got past J.22 M4, when our renault van exploded in a cloud of steam, the top of the plastic thermostat housing parted from the rest of the body, a 40 minute wait for the AA man, who then towed us all the way back to Caerphilly.
Topic Rear mud flap? By pgill Date 25-02-2008 20:06
Is there such a thing for the C1? There was one on ebay for sale, I did ask the vendor for the part number, but alas no response, it looked quite genuine, with its bag and BMW lable but the number was hidden!

Topic Looking for my next C1 By pgill Date 26-01-2008 20:53
Thanks for yor messages, what appears to be the main 'impact' point was the exposed part of the frame, where the pillion foot peg would be fitted on the near side.  This has been pushed and twisted in, with the seat up and looking down the ally box section is again pushed in and twisted. 
Without the official insurance verdict on the bike I'm a bit in 'limbo' , but any C1s that may be coming up for sale I would cetainly like to hear about, I would like to try and match a spec to my old bike, being a 125, ABS, heating package and the all important top box!

Paul Gill EX C1   
Topic Looking for my next C1 By pgill Date 25-01-2008 21:11
Have just had my first big punt in the C1 (Wed 23 Jan), riding home from work, out from a side street the car without warning straight into the side of me, spining on my side down the wrong side of the road!
Its strange at a time like that, but on impact all I could think about was keeping my legs in!! after turning the engine off and pulling the seat belt release, I emerged with only a slight graze to my elbow through my clothing! The police and paramedics were amazed at my lack of injuries!
The bike had done exactly what its designed to do 'PROTECT' me.
Apart from the panel damage, when viewed from behind the rear wheel is now some inches off centre, bent frame! although not accessed yet by the insurance I guess its a 'write off',
Time to look for my next one! 

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 (RIP)
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 06-11-2007 20:06
Were back on the road!!! however the MG B bruhes are not perfect donors as the copper braid is a lot thicker than the denso ones, it just starts to show through the thickness of the brush when milled, I will still be looking out for a more suitable donor.
Many thanks for your replies to my starter brush problem!!

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 04-11-2007 08:34
Thunder Road motorcycles were no help, without a part number they didn't want to know! which seemed to be the theme of most of the companies I have been contacting.
However it was sugested MG B starter motor brushes may fit the bill, so off to Moss Europe in Bristol, what a helpfull bloke, we eventually found a set (part no. GSB 103 £3.50), each brush measures 19 by 14 by 9 with two copper braids in each brush, so one MG B brush should make two C1 brushes!! with some sawing and filling!
Keep you posted when I get the C1 going!!!

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 03-11-2007 08:33
If you go back upto a posting by Bolt on Billy on 29 oct, there is a link to Starter motor drives, sorry I can't get the link to this posting!!!

Paul 2000 C1 125 
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 01-11-2007 20:23
Don't know why I didn't think of it before!!! Have see American sites selling starter brushes for various other bikes, so I'll make my way down to Thunder road bikes to see if they have any thing suitable I can file or mill down to size!
I could find carbon brushes to alter, but you learn all the time, carbon brushes are for all domestic appliances, while copper carbon mix, are for more heavy duty applications, and will last longer!
With all the suggested web sites to visited, no leads, the most promising one dealing in souly starter motor parts in Romford has gone out of business!!
If my visit to Thunder road fails, there is always the faithful autojumble!
I'll keep you posted!

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 01-11-2007 17:27
Swansea is just down the road, do you have a web address or phone number, have spoken to Denso UK, they do not market spare parts, which is really helpful!!

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 29-10-2007 20:24
I have e-mailed three companies in America who deal in Denso spares for motorbikes, I'll keep you informed.  I'll now try searching in Japan!!
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 29-10-2007 17:16
too late!! I have already given the com a skim in preparation for a set of brushes!!

Paul 2000 C1 
Topic Starter motor brushes By pgill Date 29-10-2007 15:17
Hello everyone
Had to call the AA out, bike wouldn't start, a faulty starter motor was diagnosed, and upon dismantling the item, there was virtually nothing left of the brushes!!

BMW only sell the whole unit, and I am not having much luck with my local auto elecricians in the Cardiff area!!

Can anyone help with a source for some brushes??

Paul 2000 C1 125 
Topic Front mudguard By pgill Date 27-10-2007 19:49
Thanks for the advice, simple when you know how!!

Many thanks
Topic Front mudguard By pgill Date 27-10-2007 18:06
Hello everyone
Having just bought my Gillera mudguard and my Ikea brackets, have just discovered when the mudguard is in position there is insufficient room for the wheel to rotate freely.

The ally cross bar that holds the forks together, has clamping bolts either end, would anyone recomend slackening them, to allow the forks to drop a couple of millimeters??

Many thanks

Paul Gill 2000 C1
Topic Top box springs! By pgill Date 21-10-2007 18:28
Does anyone know where I can get hold of a set of the four tension springs in the hinge, that hold the top box lid up, three of mine are broke!, BMW list only the whole hinge assembly!

Many thanks

Paul Gill 2000 C1
Topic Front mudguard By pgill Date 19-02-2007 19:40

Been away for a couple of days, thanks for all your posts, got some leads to explore!!

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 
Topic Front mudguard By pgill Date 17-02-2007 19:41
Hello everyone!!

Does anyone know where I can get the additional front mudguard to protect the dash electrics!! On ebay at the miniute there is a Jade C1 sporting this additional feature.

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125
Topic injector electrical plug By pgill Date 02-02-2007 12:44

Just the injector one!!

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic injector electrical plug By pgill Date 31-01-2007 20:58

A Ford Fiesta, don't what it was attached to as the engine was missing, along with the front of the car, but it could of come from the lights/indicators ???

Paul 2000 C1 125 
Topic injector electrical plug By pgill Date 30-01-2007 20:46

After visiting two scrappies no BMWs to salvage a plug from, but after a bit of searching Ford do an exact match, Citroen do a similar plug but will not fit!

So with my new plug and 6" of lead, its now connected with a nice loop of cable so we won't have that problem again!!!

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 
Topic injector electrical plug By pgill Date 25-01-2007 19:40

Thanks for the info, I didn't think they were common to cars!!, but I can now feel a trip to my local scappies coming on!!!

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 
Topic injector electrical plug By pgill Date 25-01-2007 18:33
Hello all

I have just broken down, and have had to call out a very very nice man!!! (the AA), who found the fault, which was one of the two wires which feed the injector, had broken right at the point where it goes into the moulded plug!! so there was nothing to reconnect the wire to!! He did a fine temporary repair cutting off the old plug and using a couple of spades cut in half!!

What I would like to know is, are there suitable plugs you can wire yourself, or would someone have an old loom that I could buy the plug with about 6 inches of lead!!

Paul Gill  2000 C1 125     
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 19-01-2007 21:41

Sorted it!!, the red is connected to the red/white cluster side, the confusion lay with the wire next to it, it does not connect to a wire on the cluster side, having just managed to get the cluster side plug appart!!
the other wire I cut, was half way along the row of pins, so re-soldering  it the fuel gauge now works!!!!!

Happy C1 biking again!!!!

Many thanks for your help

Paul 2000 C1 125  
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 19-01-2007 20:20

Basically on the plug  mounted on the frame two wires had become detached, a red, top right hand corner  and the one next to it, purple/yellow.
The plug on the cluster side does not appear to come appart,  snipped the purple/yellow joined it to p/y and traced the corner position to the red/white, snipped that and joined it to the red.

Have I connected them ok??

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 19-01-2007 19:05
Hello again!!

One pin had broken (purple/yellow), and on uncliping the body of the plug and sliding the black cover off the power (red) cable had become detached from behind! These two wires are now connected and LCD display now works,  however the fuel gauge has now stopped working with the warning light on, I have just filled it up, and it's still on!

Any suggestions??

Can I earth out one of the cables behind the cluster??

Paul 2000 C1 125  
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 19-01-2007 16:15
Hi once more

After reading some earlier posts on this topic, I went to have another look at the blue plug, sure enough, I can just see the remains of a broken pin!!

I'll keep you posted

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 19-01-2007 15:40
Hi again!

At present (friday pm) the speedo has stopped completley as has the LCD display within the speedo, every other function is ok! the abs lights come on and go out as they should and the abs works!, I have just taken the dash off and cleaned the blue plug, all the pins appear to be in good condition, I checked the front wheel bearings and the sensor gap both are ok!

Could it now be the cluster at fault????  

Paul 2000 C1 125
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 17-01-2007 17:23

Thanks a lot for your replies, I now have some areas to look at!, the bike does have ABS which the lights sometimes do not go out on start up, but if you flick the ignition on and off quickly with the engine running they go out!  Secondly if the speedo is not working, application of the brakes ie. the brake light coming on gets the speedo working, until you release the brake, and then sometimes everything works perfectly!!

Paul  2000 C1 125 
Topic speedo sensor? By pgill Date 16-01-2007 18:31
Hi there

My speedo needle has recently started wandering around the dial, sometimes not even getting off the start pin!! Does anyone know what and where the sensor is? my cd manual does not cover this!!

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 

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