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Topic Only me!!!! By C-Wonder Date 23-06-2010 11:41
It's me again too! Thought I'd take a look. Still miss the old C1. There's no viable alternative at the moment.
Topic I've joined the club too Phil By C-Wonder Date 27-04-2007 20:37
Well I received a letter from the insurance company this morning. They're righting off the 200.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do about replacing it. I'm weighing up taking on another C1, a different kind of scooter altogether (probably either a Suzuki Burgman AN 400 or a Yamaha Majesty 400), or I may even not bother with 2 wheels and maybe use a car-sharing scheme like or I live in London and have used public transport now quite a lot. And actually it's quite good. I play in a couple of bands too and so have some amplification gear to sometimes shift about so it may be the sensible bet to go for the car-share option.

Opinions please.
Topic I've joined the club too Phil By C-Wonder Date 07-04-2007 17:49
I was expecting to move the neck of the bass and fear that it was snapped, but not a dink. It even pretty much stayed in tune!
Topic I've joined the club too Phil By C-Wonder Date 06-04-2007 18:11
Tuesday evening. Riding home after work. Dry, warm, sunny. A40 choka-blok, stop start all the way into town.


I was on the way to a band rehearsal with my bass strapped to the back of the C1. I must have just been thinking about other things. I just rode straight into the back of a Seat Leon. Must have been travelling around about 40-45. Saw the car has stopped in front. Slammed on the anchors (with no ABS) and subsequently skidded straight into the back of the car. Started out going straight and slowly rotated left before making contact. So the nose and front wheel/forks haven't been touched but the frame/mirror area made the contact. Had a jolt to the right and the bike fell over onto it's side.


Must have been travelling at between 25-30 when I made contact. All limbs stayed in the bike. The belts released immediately I pulled the lever and I got up. The guy in the car was great. He must have braked quickly himself as he said he looked in his RVM to see me hurtling towards him. He got out of the car expecting carniage and mayhem. He couldn't believe that I was OK. In fact I was so relieved to be OK I was in a fantastic mood. He and I quickly got the bike onto it's wheels and took if off the the side of the road. There were hardly any hold up to the traffic. No Police came, no ambulance. The only thing that did come was a recover vehicle I called myself.

Damage to me is virutually nil. I've got a fractured rib but that is it. No scratches, bruises or anything. If I'd have been on a regular bike I would certainly have had a broken arm and leg and most probably have gone over the top of the car and maybe onto the oncoming traffic. Maybe even squished. The C1 amazed me. I ride it because of the safety aspect but also the convenience of London living but I never expected it to perform quite so well in a smash.

To be honest I've been expecting to be involved in an accident for a while now, living in London. I expected a driver to do something silly to have caused it. I feel like a total pratt for being the one to blame. It just goes to show you that you shouldn't get complacent ever when on two wheels. I've learnt the hard way.

We'll have to see what happens with the bike. It sustained a lot of damage. The frame got hit, windscreen smashed, all right-hand side body panels cracked/smashed, right tit, exhaust cover etc. Amazingly though nothing fell off the bike causing debris. The rear lights of the Leon were smashed and on the road, but that was it. That's another reason why the traffic flow could continue so quickly afterwards.

I'll let you know when I hear back from the insurance assessment. I'm not holding out much luck. The bike was valued at £1300 on the insurance document and I have a £350 excess so the most I can hope for is £950. Have you got a spare still Phil?

Looked at the skid marks afterwards and they were about 35 feel long. I was extrememly lucky.

Topic Photos for Allan By C-Wonder Date 25-10-2006 08:05
What a waste!!! Surely you should permanently lend me that bass.
Topic SPC has gone bust! By C-Wonder Date 22-10-2006 16:46
I picked myself up a pair of Bridgestone Hoops from I didn't get them fitted. Am probably going to get either Vines or Jap and German to do that. But they cost me £63 for the pair. Do you think that's a good price? (That was ex VAT btw).
Topic wretched B**$"!!! pushed my bike By C-Wonder Date 22-10-2006 16:43
Where did this happen? And did you hear it fall or just find it that way. It's something I've often worried myself over.
Topic Photos for Allan By C-Wonder Date 21-10-2006 13:16
I play bass. I go to the guitar institute in Kilburn and find the C1 PERFECT for strapping a bass guitar to the back of and scooting around London. Can't think of another bike which could do this job. The car would be an absolute nightmare.
Topic SPC has gone bust! By C-Wonder Date 18-10-2006 16:52
This thread is all very interesting reading. I called Vines a couple of days ago to book in my C1 for a bit of work. I was told then about SPC and Coopers and was shocked too. They sounded quite stressed with all of the extra work they've suddenly had to take on. So they couldn't book me in until November 6th (I need a loan bike as the C1 is my only form of transport).

Even MORE surprisingly was that I was told Vines could no longer get tyres to fit C1s!!! I can't believe this. Has anyone else come across this? Mine both need changing sharpish so I'll be phoning in the morning to find out what they can find for me.

The C1 needs a new tit, light switch (as the existing one has corroded and I've had to hard wire it), the windscreen wiper lost intermittent months ago but now has completely stopped working so that needs looking at and generally needs a damn good looking over and TLC.

I'd be interested in knowing of London based C1 specialists as I'm living in Shepherds Bush and I can only think of Park Lane. I've never used them and am reluctent too for monitary reasons. Jap and German sound like a good bet maybe.
Topic Bar Locks By C-Wonder Date 18-08-2005 19:18
Hi Lawrie. I think I'd better have one of your fantastic bar locks too as my C1 won't be garaged from September. I'll contact you then if you don't mind. Skint at the moment.
Topic Alarm Systems By C-Wonder Date 18-08-2005 19:17
I can't believe that someone could do that. Was there any damage? Whereabout are you working now Mad? Do you take the C1 to work everyday?

I am seriously thinking of getting rid of my car and my Buell now. There are many reasons, one of them being the fact that I'm moving to Chiswick and so don't want to have the hassle of a car to park in London and to get stuck in traffic queues everyday. But the main reason I'm thinking of selling my Buell (which I absolutely love BTW) is that two days ago one of my oldest and best friends was killed on his Aprilla. It's really shaken me up and now I just don't trust other drivers. I feel protected in my C1 and love riding it too. It makes sense all round, especially in town.

I knew my friend very very well and he was in his early 30's. I'd known him since I was 4! I really can't quite believe it's happened. It's a very very sad day.
Topic C1ub on ebay. By C-Wonder Date 26-07-2005 23:19
I've produced an animated 'Banner' type GIF. I tried to put a link onto it but I couldn't upload it to this site correctly. It just didn't work. So, here's just the GIF. You may have to put add a link yourself if you think it's necessary...
Attachment: C1OC_Banner.gif (248k)
Topic C1ub on ebay. By C-Wonder Date 26-07-2005 23:17
Here's the Logo on a Transparent background...
Attachment: C1OC_3DLogo.gif (18k)
Topic C1ub on ebay. By C-Wonder Date 26-07-2005 21:21
I'll have a go at a GIF. I'll try and produce a transparent GIF too of the c1ub logo so you can put it on to different coloured backgrounds without having a white box around it.
Topic C1ub on ebay. By C-Wonder Date 24-07-2005 20:45
You've got a point Beamish. You had to test the water and now you know that it works! eBay could turn into a GREAT marketing tool for the C1ub.
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 24-07-2005 20:42
I think the membership list needs to state the age of each member. I get the impression that the large majority of C1: owners' are 45+. Who's the youngest member so far? I'll be the first to state my age: 34 and a Scorpio. That means I've got a sting in my tail (a 176cc Rotax!!)
Topic Bolt on Billy's Service CLASS 1 By C-Wonder Date 24-07-2005 18:06
I just stood back and took the pics!
Attachment: Wisdom_2.jpg (85k)
Topic Bolt on Billy's Service CLASS 1 By C-Wonder Date 24-07-2005 18:04
Yep Dave. It was really helpful to both Dan and I. It was great to meet up and I learnt so much more than I would have done on a video tutorial.

Here's the hard work taking place...
Attachment: Wisdom_1.jpg (94k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:38
This is the last one, the home page image. Hope you get on OK with them...
Attachment: HomePage_1.jpg (185k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:36
Here's the second banner...
Attachment: Banner_2.jpg (73k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:35
Here's the first banner...
Attachment: Banner_1.jpg (74k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:32
Here's the mobile phone animated gif...
Attachment: C1OC.gif (147k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:27
Here's the colour version on a black background...
Attachment: C1OC_Logo_Col_2.jpg (241k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:24
I have all these logos as PhotoShop and Illustrator files ready for printing/vinyl cutting etc.
Attachment: C1OC_Logo_Col_1.jpg (247k)
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 23-07-2005 15:20
Right - OK - I've now had an opportunity to change the club logo to be correct. I've changed the L in Club to be a 1 (C1UB). I can now upload some jpegs for you. There is a black only version of the logo, a colour one on a black background and the same on a white background. I've also updated the banner for the top of the site pages and the one on the homepage. I've also updated the animated gif for use on mobile phones etc.

Here goes...
Attachment: C1OC_Logo_Black.jpg (149k)
Topic FF200 broken down - grrrrrrr! By C-Wonder Date 18-07-2005 08:21
There's been a C1 in a bus stop for about 4 or 5 days on the A316 between Sunbury and Kingston. A bloke at work has informed me. From his description it's a dark grey/black executive with leather style seat. He says it's still there this morning. Anyone know who's it is?
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 18-07-2005 08:13
They're called Lenticulars. I work for a company who makes those freebies that appear in your cornflakes.
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 14-07-2005 16:58
I know about the L-1 thing. I'll change it soon.
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 14-07-2005 16:57
You have to download it to your phone using either a cable from your PC, or as I did, use Bluetooth. Once it's on your phone you just go into your phone settings and tell your phone to use the image as either a wallpaper or screensaver. Easy.
Topic A gift for your mobile phones By C-Wonder Date 12-07-2005 17:13
I've done a little animated gif for my mobile phone screensaver. Thought it was quite nice, so here it is if you'd like to use it too...
Topic BMW C1 servicing By C-Wonder Date 20-06-2005 16:10
Also, where abouts in London are they?
Topic Wiper and breast By C-Wonder Date 27-04-2005 08:26
Does anyone have this problem? My timing seems to have gone on my wiper and I either have to have the wiper off or on full time. This isn't too much of a problem and I keep doing intermittent wipes manually with my thumb (not literally a massive rubber thumb). I wondered whether I could fix this or whether I need a complete new motor.

Also, my right bumper needs replacing. I lost it on the M4 squeezing between lorries. Anyone have a spare or can point me in the right direction?
Topic Cheap batteries By C-Wonder Date 18-04-2005 12:04
Managed to get one at the weekend. £26.99 from MTC in Reading. Installed and went out for an hour or so. Loved it. Forgot how easy riding the C1 was.

Topic Cheap batteries By C-Wonder Date 13-04-2005 23:17
Does anyone know the best place to get a new battery - and cheap?

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