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Topic 125 Shocks By greenrickoshea Date 14-12-2008 12:38

>The C1ub price for used shocks would be £62.95 plus postage for a pair<

Where did the figure of £62.94 come from, which has nothing to do with postage. Is that what the club paid for them?

I know parts have ended up in peoples gardens rotting away, and I also know of parts that have simply been forgotten.

If we are going to keep a parts department then there should be a way of checking availiability, the parts should be tracked and entered on a register so members could check where they are and deal with that person, what they cost the club and the register will need to be updated and catalogued when each part has been allocated.

What we don't want is parts being forgotten about or logistics problems mean that parts deteriate causing parts to be out of circulation which just exaserbates the situation for us owners.

If we are going to continue with parts they need to be carefully catalogued and monitored and this will be a full time job in itself.

Having said all that I do appreciate the time and effort people have put into the parts department.


Topic 125 Shocks By greenrickoshea Date 13-12-2008 16:33
Sorry am I missing something here?

Whats's the point in having a spares section if it costs more than a new replacement pair?

Can't you just send them to him for the cost of the postage?

What we don't want is spares being forgotten or left rotting in someones back garden.

Do we know where all the spares are?


Topic Cold hands By greenrickoshea Date 12-12-2008 02:15

>it is with the grip that you exert!<

On what?
Topic Reluctant to start By greenrickoshea Date 01-11-2008 18:10
That's interesting mine won't start in the morning or late at night when the temperature drops.

If I leave it till midday, no worries.

One thing you could try and was Phil's suggestion of belts in, stand up and a quarter throttle, this worked for me today.

I remember of some talk of the viscosity of the oil dragging the crank so the speed wasn't reached in order for the engine to fire, but i don't know how applicable this is.


Topic TRANSPORT FOR LONDON BOWS TO C1 FRATERNITY By greenrickoshea Date 29-10-2008 17:44
Thats splendid news..............

It was part of his manifesto though.

>snog my face off (not Greeno please)<

Why not???????????
Topic I'm looking for insurance for my C1 200 - By greenrickoshea Date 28-10-2008 16:39
Try these, cheapest by miles.
Topic The R word By greenrickoshea Date 27-10-2008 23:51
Yes, I would say my business is down between 40-50%.

However the more we talk about the R word the more it becomes a self forfilling prophesy.
Topic Long Commute By greenrickoshea Date 01-09-2008 21:56
Definately doable.

Used to commute 250 miles on my 200 to see my wife on a weekly basis.

Obviously that was love and might be different for business. :-)

Used to do a 100 miles and then take 30 mins at the service station to recuperate. and then broke the journey into 50 miles commute and then used to have a break.

Boredom and sitting in the same position will be your biggest enemies but I did it and so it can be done.

I used to do it in 5 hours.

Make sure if your wearing an open faced helmet you wear eye protection bring a thermos and sandwiches and keep at 60 mph and you'll be fine.

Wear heated clothing to keep you toasty.

Your bike will love it!

Best of luck.

Topic Slow starter. By greenrickoshea Date 28-08-2008 19:46

Was yours charging from the alternator on tick over?

Topic Slow starter. By greenrickoshea Date 27-08-2008 16:45
That's the beauty of a C1 they don't need cleaning!

If memory serves me right this is the second battery with similar symptons.

It looks like you're right Allan.


Topic Slow starter. By greenrickoshea Date 26-08-2008 20:30
I know its probably the battery, but why won't my bike start if I leave it for a short while and come back to it.

Today it wouldn't start after I left it for 5 mins, came back about 30 mins later no probs, started on the button.

It's like it has to build up the charge.

Any advice gratefully accepted.


Topic Ignition Key Problem By greenrickoshea Date 24-08-2008 20:49
I had a similar problem with a transit.

Turned out I had too many keys on my fob, which due to the weight and the angle of the key damaged the ignition barrel resulting in it having to be changed. Needless to say there's only one key now.

Others will probably advise but you could need a new barrel.


Topic Your advice needed - overpriced C1? By greenrickoshea Date 22-08-2008 18:40
Your next service for both would be 9k.

If you're not planning to do more than 3k in the first year then it might be worth taking out the cover.

You should have a 600 mile and 4500 mile service with both of these, and valve adjustments which should have been done should mean trouble free motoring.

If you do take the warranty make sure it includes all the bells and whistles as there have been two levels of warranty.

The price difference I take it refers to the condition of the bikes?

try to get them to include a service(unlikely) or at the very least a yearly as if you haven't kept the yearly (fluid change) up to date, BMW will try to wriggle out (Park West take note) of any repairs under the warranty.


Topic Your advice needed - overpriced C1? By greenrickoshea Date 21-08-2008 20:15
Really, where in London are you based?

Topic Almost time to ride in Bus lanes. By greenrickoshea Date 25-05-2008 19:14,+says+Boris/
Topic Tyres By greenrickoshea Date 28-03-2008 21:13

55K and there really is no alternative.
Topic Servicing shock By greenrickoshea Date 24-03-2008 11:27
I understand your opinion Phil.

But when I went to Chas there were

8 C1s waiting for work. Whether we like

it or not Chas are becomming a C1 specialist

due to the fact of their position and the amount

of C1s going through their doors. Obviously diagnostics

etc you would go somewhere else, but for the bread and

butter stuff they're OK. Unfortunately as with all comments

be they for Vines, Chas etc. they have no right of reply, which

isn't really fair.

Current spend this year: Waterpump, stand link/free mechanism, new

front disc, front/rear pads: £258. New rear hoop: £46.70. Nothings fallen

off yet apart from the RHS cubby hole which flew off and a bus ran over it. :-)

I keep using them so they're doing something right. :-O


Topic Servicing shock By greenrickoshea Date 24-03-2008 10:34

I had a new rear tyre fitted at Chas bikes Saturday.

Unfortunately as with all bikes taken to a garage, it's

not their bike and therefore with the best will in the world

they will use an air gun for speed and ease. Unfortunately if

they don't keep adjusting the torque on the gun these things will

keep happening. From my point of view if I can pay £35 instead of £75

an hour I'll keep using Chas. However when it comes to the variator and belt

then it's off to Vines.


Topic Unread posts. By greenrickoshea Date 17-03-2008 19:00
Thanks for that.

No, I'm colour blind unfortunately..........................
Topic Unread posts. By greenrickoshea Date 16-03-2008 22:18
Is it me or has the unread post colour changed to grey?

If so can we return it to the previous colour as it's difficult to diferentiate on my computer.


Topic at last By greenrickoshea Date 01-03-2008 18:44
That's my boy......................
Topic advice re bike faults after colection from repairers By greenrickoshea Date 21-02-2008 21:16
No Chas has received a deposit for the land but the developer is having financial difficulties and may not progress.

Chas is therefore still trading.

Just had a new waterpump fitted, front and rear pads and new front disc and the stand freed and new link fitted.

All for £266.

They get my vote!


Topic Spotted a C1 By greenrickoshea Date 14-02-2008 19:58
Do you mean West Drayton near Heathrow?
Topic Help! Oil light has just come on :-( By greenrickoshea Date 31-01-2008 20:32
I had the same thing as well Phil, it would flicker when hot but not on cold.

New oil pressure switch sorted it.
Topic Help! Oil light has just come on :-( By greenrickoshea Date 30-01-2008 13:40
When you say tapered thread does the body of the oil switch rest on the engine casing?

If so could you try a copper washer suitably annealed between body and engine?

Maybe try gas tape as that's thicker than PTFE tape.


Topic Back on the road!! By greenrickoshea Date 25-01-2008 22:20
You could always hard wire it to keep it permanently on.......
Topic Bloody wind By greenrickoshea Date 25-01-2008 22:17
Erm.... That reminds me of Rod Hull and Emu.....
Topic Nice one :-( By greenrickoshea Date 24-01-2008 19:08
It makes Leason look like a cheap skate.
Topic oil question By greenrickoshea Date 19-01-2008 19:20
Yep........ I'm slightly confused.

I don't think you'll find anyone here that's used car oil in a bike.

Don't forget how fast these little engines rev.

Even me with my lack of maintenance I wouldn't use car oil in a bike.

Trust me you won't go far wrong with silkolene.

Money in the bank. :-)

Topic oil question By greenrickoshea Date 18-01-2008 21:59

Liquid gold.

I did 24k on the super 4 semi synthetic.

I'd stick with 10/40 as with the BMW spec.
Topic Help! Oil light has just come on :-( By greenrickoshea Date 17-01-2008 19:42
I think the oil pressure switch is a bit of a weak point.

I've had two go on me with the same symptons as you describe.

Cost about £6 to buy and 5 mins to fit.


Topic hdi By greenrickoshea Date 15-01-2008 23:35

>In a two foot hole?

Blimey Allan, what kind of women you been hanging out with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Topic hdi By greenrickoshea Date 15-01-2008 22:12
No I think he's refering to muff(er) diving. :-)
Topic New toy By greenrickoshea Date 27-12-2007 17:19
Yes it can Mach.

I had the kit but never got round to fitting it, sold it on e bay.

I think Richard from 1-2-1 has retrofitted a couple.


Topic C1 servicing west/central London. By greenrickoshea Date 20-12-2007 17:30
Today I took my C1 to have an MOT.

It went to Russell motors, 125-127 Falcon Road, Clapham Junction, SW11-2PE. 0207-228-1714. (just round the corner for Clapham Junction station.)

The sight of 4 C1s in their bike bays and 2 in the workshop relaxed me somewhat espescially with the weak link problems for the uninitiated.

They are a family concern and have been there for about sixty years.

There are two sons and their father working there, and they were courteous and professional.

This is another viable option for people in West/central London.

I don't think they have the diagnostic equipment though.

1-2-1 bikes are currently relocating at the end of the year and will have the new address early next year.


Topic spice girls By greenrickoshea Date 18-12-2007 18:23

>slappier though

My type of woman. :-)
Topic spice girls By greenrickoshea Date 17-12-2007 22:55
Are you sure B-O-B?

I think her birthday is 6 August 1972.

Topic dark clouds By greenrickoshea Date 14-12-2007 21:28
Topic spice girls By greenrickoshea Date 14-12-2007 21:27
Yeah, but I'm 41 and Geri and Emma are hot.

Even Victoria's worth a go if David's playing away from home. :-)
Topic spice girls By greenrickoshea Date 13-12-2007 19:05

Yep they've aged OK.
Topic new rubber and oil change in london By greenrickoshea Date 12-12-2007 17:47

I thought you were happy with 1-2-1 motorbikes in Wandsworth?
Topic what a great month By greenrickoshea Date 10-12-2007 23:23
That is indeed a beautiful property Chris, my wife would love it.

I'm glad your business is doing well as I appreciate the effort required to make a business successful.

Do you find people are put off as you haven't got an office in the high street?

Best of luck.

Topic what a great month By greenrickoshea Date 09-12-2007 23:28

>I bought two more houses in October

I take it your business is doing well Chris.
Topic Virus scan By greenrickoshea Date 03-12-2007 21:23
Are you talking about the update?

The update should only take about 3-5 mins when you first turn it on.

The full scan normally takes a coule of hours on my PC.

Mind you it is free.
Topic Computer woos. By greenrickoshea Date 03-12-2007 21:19
I didn't know about You porn.

I am a happily married man I'll have you know!

It seems to be that the data transfer rate drops to zero and then it freezes.


Topic The Stand!! By greenrickoshea Date 02-12-2007 00:11
With the screw fix, just be aware that you are more likely to break the cables which is a far more involved and ultimately more expensive job than just replacing the weak link.

Possibly the screw fix is best used for more experienced C1 users.

I think to get the weak link repaired costs about £25 from BMW and cheaper from independent garages.

Good luck.


Try this from a very helpful member.
Topic anyone free for a ride? By greenrickoshea Date 01-12-2007 23:53
Where are you?
Topic Computer woos. By greenrickoshea Date 30-11-2007 13:46
14 months.
Topic Computer woos. By greenrickoshea Date 29-11-2007 23:05
No it's just when playing videos.


Topic Computer woos. By greenrickoshea Date 28-11-2007 23:05
I have noticed lately that when I watch you tube my computer keeps freezing for a few seconds and then unfreezes.
This happens all the time when I play videos. This can be very annoying although in all other aspects it works fine.
I have 6000kbps speed which seemed fast enough.
Any ideas please?



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