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Topic Back in the Game By wotnohelmet Date 15-11-2011 13:27
Jap and German.

So I got the bike back this morning and the bill was only £305.

Very pleased about the service, attitude towards C1s and friendliness of the guys.

The bike handles like a dream after the rear bushes were replaced. I can't remember how well C1s handled all things considered and couldn't believe how bad it had got. I'd recommend everyone to grab the back wheel and give it a sideways rock to check for play, it kind of creeps up on you.

My fears of bad or out of adjustment valves were unfounded, it was the spark plug lead and cap causing the stalling and misfires when the engine was fully warmed up.

It's so nice to hear the person who is going to work on your pride and joy to say things like. "It's just a scooter at the end of the day." Instead of.  "I hate working on these things they're nothing but trouble, difficult to work on." We have put up with a lot of negativity over the years.

I always thought that the ridiculously high labour bills due to, "Well everything is so inaccessible." were just a thing we had to put up with, but being told today that they can simply drop the engine out in minutes makes me think there was/is a myth that the C1 is hideous to work on, no different really to other scooters out there where the engine and drive train are all so compact.

I suppose it's back to the old thing of some people just not liking anything new or radical coupled with a few rumours of unreliability and difficulty of working on the bike have got the C1 a very bad reputation in the industry, combined of course that BMW themselves didn't really have their heart in the project. All this I'm sure has been repeated over and over. WE know they are good. Personally speaking, mine has been very good, but my ownership has been somewhat spoilt by the reported unreliability causing an almost neurotic paranoia that the thing is just eager to dump me at the side of the road and then cost me my cojones to repair. Well, that last part used to be true.

I'll be very happy for Jap and German to do any work it needs in the future, safe in the knowledge that the labour will not hurt me too badly, their work is good, they know the bike, its faults and how to fix them.
Topic Back in the Game By wotnohelmet Date 15-11-2011 12:41
Posted on the other forum.

Hi guys, not posted for a while due to my 3 year flirtation with a Vectrix, (which is still going strong, quiet, space age and 10p to get to work and back, yeeehaaaah, no fuel duty on that thing, just VAT and no road tax!)
I now have decided to get the old girl on the road again.
After a flawless trip from London to Suffolk at a steady 50mph, I remembered just how stress free the C1 is even on long journeys, and won't run out of Duracells! Music, GPS, (at last a use for the slightly modified mobile phone mount!), heated jacket/grips, mmmmmm, flask of coffee in the very handy fairing pocket.
The C1 caused a fair amount of interest up there in the boonies. I don't think they see too many, I didn't see any on the way nor on the way back.
Anyway, it developed the tickover misfire after the 250 mile run. Fearing the worst (valves) I took it into J&G for a check. Older subscribers may remember my falling out with a certain BMW main agent when they attempted to virtually extort money from me when they wouldn't release the bike without insisting on a repair which it didn't even go in for. My original bleating posting's here somewhere.
On to much happier things. J&G, the bike has been repaired. He could have done me for a valve adjustment easily but merely said the valves were fine, the HT lead and plug cap were causing the misfire and were replaced. The front wheel bearings were sorted, as was the wobbly head, the swing arm bushes, charging circuit tested and it seems the Boombox is being supplied with power even when the ignition is in the locked position. The Datatool alarm is drawing too much power also. Air filter changed, engine fault thingy downloaded as he has all the proper diag stuff, (I think he said he could also do a remapping).
All this for under £400. I have forgotten the price he quoted today on the phone, I was so delighted to hear "Three hundred and...........".  So I am very grateful to MA for recommending J&G.

I'll provide more details when I get it back tomorrow, but for now, very pleased indeed after fearing the ball wrenching bill I was accustomed to.

Anyone up for a Hampton Curry soon? I know there's just been one, but you can never have too many curries I say.
Topic C1 starter motor By wotnohelmet Date 14-01-2011 14:09
Well the supplier of the after market starter motor now cannot supply it any more. Where are we getting starter motors from these days?
Topic C1 starter motor By wotnohelmet Date 06-01-2011 16:36
Thanks guys, I'll go ahead and order the starter then. They don't last too long do they? No idea how much an OEM part is but I bet it's a few hundred! That's two I've worn out in only 20,000 miles. I'll post back when the exchange is done and let you know how it went. Who knows, It may even be better than the original.

Hi Phil, the Vectrix is off the road with an encoder fault. I'm waiting for a guy to fix it. The Vectrix company has had a very rocky ride and now it's hard to keep them working.  They seem to be still selling them though!!  With no proper support available.

The range was advertised originally at 68 miles. Probably possible with a horse jockey riding one round and round a velodrome with a pace car in front.  The best I got was 50 miles, then they realised the charger firmware was allowing the batteries to discharge too much resulting in cell reversal in some of the 102 nicads so they released a more restrictive "upgrade" then range was reduced.

The Prius only allows an 80% max charge and down to 20% discharge to preserve the cells, this is what I gleaned from an EV forum anyway. We surmised that the new Vectrix charger firmware did the same, as the range for mine dropped to 40 miles as soon as it was installed.

Still loads for my commute with more than enough for a blast round town before coming home too. It's always got me home, once or twice it was a close thing though! Still a fantastic machine and as far as I know still the only serious, production motorway able electric bike.

I read somewhere the C1s were sold at cost and no profit was ever made on them.  Each Vectrix represents £50,000 worth of development/investment apparently!!

I came back to some guys trying to load my 50 grand bike into a Ford Tranny once, the bastards!!!  They were having a bit of trouble with its 220Kg mass, haha!!!! They must have thought it was just a normal maxi scoot, the muppets.
Topic C1 starter motor By wotnohelmet Date 05-01-2011 13:48
Hi guys

It's been a long time since I have posted here, but my Vectrix has taken the place of my C1 for my daily commute and the C1 has been in storage. Anyway, it's back on the road now and I have a failing starter motor.

I have found this place that can provide an after market starter, but it specifies a C1 125. Are they both the same spec I wonder. I'm getting no answer from the number on the web site, probably still on hols after Xmas.
Topic Electric C1 By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2009 20:26
Oh pleeeeeeeeez do it do it!  You know it makes sense.
Topic Electric C1 By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2009 18:06
Hi guys,

Long time no post.  My C1's been off the road for months, but it's fine now.

This looks good.,23739,26172811-5010760,00.html

Loads of bits from the Vectrix, motor, gearbox, dash, suspension, sidestand, throttle assembly.

Topic Generator, tv & computers By wotnohelmet Date 12-12-2008 15:31

>does it recharge on downhills like milk floats?

It certainly does, but only at 10% efficiency.  It's more of a brake pad/disk saving feature really, as a result I hardly every use the conventional brakes, except for holding stationary on a hill, which of course doesn't wear anything at all.

One of those miniature jet engines mounted on the back would be nice, or two perhaps.  At least there'd be a modicum of control then, not like a JATO pod.  Whoooooosh!  Seeya!!!!!!!
Topic Generator, tv & computers By wotnohelmet Date 12-12-2008 09:38

>solar power then. should take about a month to top you up 

Or longer this time of the year! 
Topic TRANSPORT FOR LONDON BOWS TO C1 FRATERNITY By wotnohelmet Date 11-12-2008 16:58
I have been so looking forward to this for such a long time, but it's half@rsed, as we seem to be so good at in the UK! (Actually I'd say quarter@rsed)

<<From 5 January 2009, an 18-month trial will allow motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and tricycles - but not those with sidecars - to travel in most red route bus lanes.

Drivers of these vehicles will be able to use red route bus lanes currently used by cyclists and taxi drivers during operational hours.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, delivers another manifesto pledge by introducing this trial, which will last a maximum of 18 months.

It does not include bus lanes on borough roads. Decisions about these roads lie with the individual boroughs.     

During the trial we will undertake monitoring to help determine whether to make the regulation permanent.>>

As I said, half@rsed, on my 12 mile run through London to Canary Wharf I will NOT be able to take advantage of this new regulation at all, unless the local boroughs decide to allow this use too, which is, let's face it, unlikely. 

Of course, what grabs the headlines is:

"Boris allows motorcycles in bus lanes!" 

Well, yes, but not really.

Good try, could have done better.

I suppose the headlines for his promise to get those irritating (perhaps dangerous) and wholy unsuitable (for London) "bendy" buses off the roads will be: 

"Boris takes bendy buses off London streets!" (apart from all the main routes.)  Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!

And what the hell is legally a tricycle?  An MP3, a full width VW based trike, a Reliant Robin, a BMW K series powered Skorpion? YEAH!!!!! 

But not a motorcycle with a sidecar?  That would probably mean a Sidewinder too for those of you who remember that bit of legislation bypass genius.

Topic Generator, tv & computers By wotnohelmet Date 11-12-2008 16:35

>Been hearing rumors of possible power-cuts this winter

POWER CUTS?  Well that's me stuffed then with my Vectrix!  Maybe it's time for me to get a 3Kw jenny as a back up.  Hold on, what am I saying......I'll just C1. 

I knew there was a good reason to keep the thing LOL!
Topic Clarkson on motorcycling By wotnohelmet Date 22-10-2008 09:39

This was posted on an American biking forum, it was not well received at all.

It made me smile though.

Topic Eddie Currents (A nice bloke but a bit of a wind-bag) By wotnohelmet Date 12-10-2008 14:50
You can get a rear screen for a C1, I've not got one, but I do have a FAS which must help, because I don't experience any draughts from there.  Of course the C1 does have a spoiler, but maybe it's not fully effective unless you have a FAS.
Topic Here it is, well, kind of..... By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2008 13:17
Yummy!!!  :-)

Who wants to buy a 500 mile Vectrix, 3 1/2 weeks old, one very careful owner?

LOL only kidding.
Topic How many mirros have you hit onto? By wotnohelmet Date 04-10-2008 17:13

>suppose he could have been blind and it was his stick

Haha, yeah right, I wasn't hanging around to find out what KIND of stick it was LOL!!!!!!
Topic How many mirros have you hit onto? By wotnohelmet Date 02-10-2008 21:58

>I made a baseball connection; bit of a quiet life over here for that sort of thing

Well, it could have been a length of scaffold pole, either way I wasn't hanging about.
Topic How many mirros have you hit onto? By wotnohelmet Date 02-10-2008 18:33
Twice in 5 years of London commuting, so quite pleased (and lucky).

The last one, when I stopped, the driver came out with a bat of some kind so I fled and he missed out on his compensation. 


But the last thing you need is to be strapped into your C1 whilst being bludgeoned by some roadraging idiot.
Topic Stolen Bike - London - please keep an eye out. By wotnohelmet Date 01-10-2008 22:13
Such good news mate, glad it's back where it belongs, it must have been some toerags just wanting to try it out maybe.

I once had my R1100RT ignition lock attacked with a screwdriver even though it was alarmed, immobilised AND had an ABUS 6 tonne Granit lock on it. 

What were they thinking? We'll try to start it without the key, bypass the alarm and immobiliser then deal with that huge shackle lock with a penknife or something. Morons!

For about £53 you can get an Oxford disk lock come padlock that will also work with a chain if needed, which is also an alarm.

Maybe good for your situation.

Topic Stolen Bike - London - please keep an eye out. By wotnohelmet Date 01-10-2008 16:17
So sorry to hear of that Simon, was there any additional security?  or do you think they came with a van, bolt cutters etc? 

I would have thought a C1 would not have been a target for thieves, I mean, let's face it, it's not a teenage scoot. 

Unless of course it was needed for spares by some scumface. 

This may be the future problem for us all, C1s being taken as spares get scarce and we all know how much a replacement engine costs!

Time to start reviewing our security perhaps, mine is outside but chained to a trailer that has the tow hitch protected against theft and it's alarmed.

There was a device that was for protecting remote garages/lockups.  It was a simple mechanism that fired a blank shotgun cartridge if whatever it was attached to was disturbed.  It wasn't to harm, but more to scare the intruder and alert the owner.
Topic C1s in canary wharfe By wotnohelmet Date 17-09-2008 12:28

>can we make note of who owns what so when the bankers starts throwing themselves out of the windows we can get down there and start parts stripping

The three C1s at the Canary Wharf carpark are still in there, that could mean two things, that indeed it was the sports car driving tossers that threw themselves out of the building, though I've not seen any falling men yet, and our building is right next door, or they have indeed thrown themselves out so haven't taken their C1s home....come on down boys, just leave the Lego coloured C1 200 FF alone as it's much loved and mine!!!!  :-)

Topic Hesitant C1 By wotnohelmet Date 11-06-2008 09:09
New spark plug, that's a good idea, I'll change the HT lead as well, as that seems to be a problem for some, though not specifically my problem of tickover to running speed transition.  The plug is due for a change come to think of it.

I'll post back with my findings.  Thanks guys.
Topic Hesitant C1 By wotnohelmet Date 10-06-2008 20:33

>when did you last have the variator apart?

Well only when it was serviced last, but it's definitely an engine problem, if it had a carb, I'd say it had blocked jets, it's that kind of splutter before the main jet takes over.
Topic Hesitant C1 By wotnohelmet Date 10-06-2008 17:17
Hi guys,

My C1 has been so good to me really, probably because it's only used for commuting and never any hi-speed use for prolonged periods.

However, it has now developed a little problem which though similar to other problems listed here, it's not quite the same.

The engine misses and is hesitant only when pulling away only if I've been at stopped on tickover for a while. The longer the stop, the more spluttery it is, then it just pulls away fine.  It rarely does it in the mornings (cooler) but manifests itself on my way home (warmer)

If I blip the throttle (as much as I can without it puilling away) while stopped, it then pulls away fine.

It will still peak at 45mph up my "tester hill" so no power is being lost, it just splutters, hesitates then pulls away fine after a stop at for example the traffic lights. 

It will tickover with no problems on it's own for as long as I want so I'm hoping it's not the valves.

It never misfires or splutters when riding along at any speed, it's just that transition from tickover to pulling away.

Anybody had anything like this?

Simon R
Topic Boombox, I had to post this: By wotnohelmet Date 22-02-2008 13:51
I know Jerome's Boombox has been out a while now, but I just got mine and am so delighted with it, I had to post.

Well, I got the tiny electronic marvel yesterday and installed it within minutes of it arriving.

It is ALL I ever hoped for!  The sound quality is great and the volume is VERY adequate!

To stop at the traffic lights or go down a hill without the volume reducing is marvelous, the fact I don't have to constantly battle with the "UP" button is so good.  Also the fact the amp comes on at zero volume is great, as I don't wake up the neighbours when I start up early in the morning.

I have used it now with a USB/MP3 player, an FM pocket radio and a DAB radio, all with perfect results.

I always hoped a clever electronics man would one day get a C1, be annoyed and/or frustrated with BMW's design disaster and do what Jerome has done for us, but thought, what are the chances of that! 

Well he has produced a very neat product and has even gone to the trouble of making it use the original C1 connectors, fit in the same box and surpass original spec.

BMW should have come to HIM for the design!  It would probably have cost them much less, and he would have made a nice bit of money out of it, which he wholeheartedly deserves.

Jerome, well done mate and thank you so much for enhancing my C1 so wonderfully.  My trip to work in the C1 is now even more FUN!
Topic Hair dryers By wotnohelmet Date 10-12-2007 16:09

>Hi Wotnohelmet

Something like these?


Yeah!  How well do they work?
Topic Calling Lawrie! By wotnohelmet Date 03-12-2007 09:03
Top heavy they look and are to a degree, though I'm sure all the old hands here don't even notice it now. 

I certailnly noticed when I had my first ever nervous ride on a loaner from BMW Park Lane, the £500 deposit I had to leave before taking it out didn't help with my anxiety!

The heavier you are seems to make a difference too.  My friend took to it like a duck to water when he rode it to a garage for me, with me following in the car.  He's 16 Stone and tall with it, he didn't even notice the top heaviness.

Yes, keep everything tucked in if it goes.  When I was sideswiped by a lorry and went down, I instinctively tucked in and only had a light graze on my calf, despite skidding up the road for about 15 metres on it's side.

You will get used to it though, and it's worth it.  The only time I've ever crashed my C1 was the first time ever I've just got up and walked away from a bike spill without being injured or just stunned by the impact.  A wonderful little machine in every way!
Topic Hair dryers By wotnohelmet Date 28-11-2007 15:05

>how about an oil lamp on top of the dash ? 

Yeah, my Petromax 500!  That'd do it nice and fast LOL.  Probably crack the screen though!

>with a healthy battery youcan run anything for a while

True, I'd only need it for a very short while actually, as when the screen got warm from the heater it would keep clear itself. I'll order one today and post back.
Topic Hair dryers By wotnohelmet Date 28-11-2007 12:39
Found one which only draws 120W
Topic Hair dryers By wotnohelmet Date 28-11-2007 12:20
When I first saw the seemingly "silly" angle of the screen demister vents I thought.  "Ahhh, BMW have been clever in their wind tunnel again, a low pressure area must be caused behind and in the middle of the screen pulling the warm air towards the centre and causing full coverage. 

My journey to work goes through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, for those of you unfamiliar with this tunnel read on:

London's Rotherhithe Tunnel was originally opened to traffic in 1908, and remains the largest iron-lined subaqueous tunnel in the world. Designed to carry horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians it now carries over 34,000 motorised vehicles per day along with the pollution and dirt associated with modern transport.

It is almost a mile long and quite vile as it's badly vented therfore poluted, and when it's raining gets very humid inside due to the heat and the water brought in by the vehicles. 

To put it in a nutshell, you go in on a cold day and the C1 screen mists up instantly and badly inside and out.  Of course the wiper copes with the outside admirably but the inside is a different story. 
I was hoping it would be dealt with by the demisters.  I have ridden at different speeds through that tunnel leaving the inside of the screen misted up to see if the vents cope.  Do they?  No.  No way, they behave just as your instincts would suggest, clearing two very small quadrants in the bottom two corners of the screen. 

Now someone made a choice about how to angle those vents for the best effect, there may have even been a meeting about it.  One thing for sure is that the words 'chocolate and kettle' spring to mind.  Well there was probably a meeting about the FAS too and someone obviously said that was a great piece of kit!

Anyway, I once used one hand to deflect the warm air to where it was needed and it cleared the screen much more effectively.  So it does seem to work, all that we need is some kind of deflector attached.  I am going to try to make some vents from cardboard to properly test the demisting capability before trying to make something more permanent and neat.

Maybe this could be fitted:

If only this were smaller and drew less power:

Or this:

This I may give a try, reasonably priced, but is there 150w spare on the C1?
Topic Valve advice please! By wotnohelmet Date 27-11-2007 11:26

>Simon, who were you dealing with at the time?

Ultimately I was dealing with Duncan, it was he who said that the bike would not be released as it was illegal to do so in its "condition".

I may be wrong here but I was under the impression that as long as the vehicle has a valid MOT, insurance and tax, it can be used on the road unless stopped by the police of course and found to be lacking in some way, but not by the say so of a garage who have a vested interest in making money out of you.

I was also under the impression that even a vehicle with no MOT, so potentially unroadworthy can be ridden/driven to an MOT station for a test as long as the vehicle is booked in and is taken directly there with no deviation.

Please correct me if I'm wrong someone who knows the law better than me.
Topic Valve advice please! By wotnohelmet Date 22-11-2007 10:41

>the whole episode is beyond logical explanation.

I know Phil.  Yes there was the report of a perished tyre valve.

It got convoluted, but this is a very brief sequence of events and exchanges.

C1 ridden 40 miles to Vines for a NORMAL service, no problems with the bike at all.

Service done but got a call saying the rear wheel valve was perished and is leaking.

Strange said I, it's been fine and I rode it to you.

Oh and the tyre's punctured too.

Oh Ok, replace the valve and repair the tyre.

We don't repair tyres we only replace and Hoops are unavailable but we can fit a different make.

No, I don't want a different make, it's not advisable or recommended, Wattling Tyres say it's illegal, they won't do it and I'm not paying for two new tyres, fitting and balancing for the sake of a repair to just one of them.

I'll come and get the bike and sort it out myself.

You can't, the tyre goes flat in minutes.

That's Ok...I'll bring my big 12v electric pump.

We won't release it in that condition, it's illegal.  (Is it?)

I had the feeling of being ransomed.

Ok, I'll have it recovered! (Get out of that)

I had it brought to my place and pumped up the "flat" tyre.  The tyre stayed up for two days with NO loss of pressure and I rode it to my garage, also a tyre specialist, to have it investigated.

No puncture was found, (I'm still riding on the same UN-repaired tyre) there was no leak from the valve either but I did have it replaced as it looked tatty and the wheel and tyre were off anyway.

I think Vines just expected me to say "Do whatever you need to to get it back on the road." so the ante was upped until there was no choice but for them to let me have the bike back as was.

It's sad and I'd like to say I take my C1 to Vines but the trust has gone now as I feel lied to about the puncture.  The valve I'll give them the benefit of the doubt about, but it wasn't leaking.

Oh, I just remembered, they wanted to change the front disk pads too and they went on for another 9 months of heavy town riding before I changed them.

I think these main agents maybe have a policy of replacing every consumable, worn or not at every service interval, and do expect the owner, when rung, to just agree to any and every replacement.

I just contacted an independent Landrover specialist about servicing my Discovery. I enquired about fitting a Kenlow radiator fan to replace the standard constantly driven one.  I thought I'd get more power and more MPG.  Well, if you look on the Kenlow site the figures are impressive. 
The guy said.  "I would willingly take your money if you insist but they can fail and give you no noticeable extra power and maybe 1 MPG extra." 

You see, that's all I want, just a bit of honesty, even though he's quite a way from me, he's got my custom. 
Topic Valve advice please! By wotnohelmet Date 21-11-2007 15:03

>Next time someone ridicules MY BMW in a franchise BMW outfit, I WILL F***ING call the manager

I should have, I should have, to my shame I didn't.
Topic Valve advice please! By wotnohelmet Date 21-11-2007 15:01

>Probably more cock up than conspiracy imho.

I really wish I could agree Michael, but the tyre had been let down, maybe to prove a point.  I pumped it up, it held air, it could have been ridden away and not RAC recovered.  I've been riding it ever since and not filled it up with air since the day I got it back. 

I agree it WAS a cock up on another occasion when the nut holding the drive pully fell off due to no Loctite being used.  Dumped on the M25 on a Friday night trying to go away for a sailing weekend, which I missed as a result. 

It's a shame, Vines is really not local for me, but 4 times I have taken it there because of the positive comments on the forums and 4 times I've been disappointed.

Oh well.
Topic Loose front wheel bearing By wotnohelmet Date 19-11-2007 14:01
Thanks Dave,

I'll spin up the wheel and listen for any grinding.

Is that really your TV station?  If so good job, I love the Clarkson and Ray Mears re-runs.
Topic Loose front wheel bearing By wotnohelmet Date 19-11-2007 11:50
Are there any warnings of the bearing failure, I recall reading that it just happens and the wheel is then ruined. 

Is there anything I should look out for or should I ask an engineering firm to mill out the hub for an extra bearing or just change the bearing at a given interval?
Topic Valve advice please! By wotnohelmet Date 19-11-2007 11:35

>vines and wollastons are notable exceptions but I still wont go there on principle as they still charge too much.

I'm very surprised that Vines always gets such good press here. 

I have had problems at each and every service with them.  I'm not a natural whinger but do object to being told that my tyre is punctured and needs to be replaced (as main agents don't repair tyres) when it was in perfect condition.  Then to have them REFUSE to release the bike on the grounds, and I quote, that it would be "illegal" to release a bike in a less than roadworthy condition.  The Hoops were unavailable at the time but they were more than happy to have supplied a NON matching tyre to the rear.  You go to Watling Tyres in Catford and they WILL NOT fit anything but matching and recommended tyres.

So I had the RAC recover the C1 (with a flat rear tyre) back to my house to which they couldn't say anything so had to release it.  I pumped it up and then carried on riding it as there was absolutely no puncture and I am still on the same tyre 4 months later.

When I was told that Vines were thinking of charging a premium to work on C1s as no one else wanted to accept them just angered me. 

I was under the impression, and I have it written in a BMW book that BMW have a unit system for the work that they do.  I.E. to service, let's say a C1 is 5 units and then the dealer charges X amount per unit, depending on location, country etc.  Regardless of any problems they may encounter which may take the service longer than expected.  I have never seen this in effect though in any dealer.

Interesting to hear about Chas Bikes, I've not taken my bike there for a while, they were always reasonably priced and I have sung their praises on the Forum before now.  Sad to hear they're doing shoddy work.  I wonder if it's as a result of a few bad mechanics though, as Chas himself seems to be a very fair and responsible man. 
My little under the arches garage guy that I use now said to me once.  " I don't know what all the fuss is about these C1s, it's just a scooter that needs particular care paid to the valves, that's all."

>I think they are trying to make you feel like a social outcast, as BMW GB would de delighted if every C1 came off the roads in this country.

I'm sure you're right.

The feeling that C1 owners are lesser beings and are treated accordingly is just plain irritating.  I was picking up some parts from BMW Battersea the other day and as I mentioned to the guy on the desk "Parts for a C1 to pick up."  I heard a sneering comment of derision and raucous laghter from someone out of sight around the corner.  I was so tempted to ask the parts manager to come to the desk and explain this treatment.  You don't expect to be ridiculed in your choice of transport by of all places a BMW garage!

Anyway, I let it go.  The guy on the counter rolled his eyes and shook his head in obvious disaproval.  I should have called the manager.
Topic Squeal By wotnohelmet Date 09-11-2007 11:04
Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

The possibility of the pads being glazed is the reason I like best. That should be easy to sort out, so that's where I'll look first and hope that's all it is.

As to you Andogas, well, you know what they say about people who feel the need to boast about size............they never really measure up.
Topic Squeal By wotnohelmet Date 07-11-2007 14:13

>could also be from the front if the belt has shined up or is delaminating, could be the pads have shined up in the clutch.

That is what I was thinking, can you safely rough up clutch pads with emery paper?  I think it's more likely to be the clutch than the belt as it only happens briefly during the clutch slip moments.
Topic Squeal By wotnohelmet Date 07-11-2007 11:11

>How many miles?

>Over to the experts but my guess is belt, as the 200s eat belts I'd try that first

The belt's good and the squeal is only while the clutch is slipping before it bites fully and the variator starts doing it's stuff, by then the noise has totally gone away.  In other words, it's just at 0 to about 5 mph.

My 200 has eaten many a belt, (remember that curry night Phil?  When I never turned up?) but since my journey to work has changed from stop-start-stop into central London to a longer journey to Canary Wharf but with much less stop and start, the belt is lasting very well now.  I'd be lucky to get 2000 miles out of a belt before.

My C1 has now only done 15,500 miles and I think I'm running it exactly for what it was designed for, no high speed runs, a lot of variation in revs but not excessively high revs, and about 24 miles a day. 

Re Hampton.  Alas, otherwise engaged tonight.  I would loved to have come along.
Topic Squeal By wotnohelmet Date 07-11-2007 09:54
How loud?  Enough to wake the neighbours? LOL!
Topic Squeal By wotnohelmet Date 07-11-2007 09:23
My clutch has developed a squeal.  Just when you pull away, it first started just very slightly and hasn't really got any worse, maybe a touch, difficult to say as it does come and go. 

It's like brake squeal.  I would be worried if it were there all the time or was getting much worse, but it's not.  Has anyone else got a similar sound?
Topic Bus lane fine By wotnohelmet Date 19-10-2007 10:11

>Actually cycles do because they are much slower than a bus, prevent an overtake and cause the bus to parade behind them at cycle speed.

Exactly my point too.  But the cycle groups, I hear, are campaigning against the legalisation of M/Cs in bus lanes.  There are a few in London as trials and M/Cs hardly seem to use them, only when they need to.  I believe a northern town has given over bus lanes to us and it works well.  The London trial has been going for years now on those very few routes.  How much trialing do they need?
Topic Bus lane fine By wotnohelmet Date 19-10-2007 09:27
There are two places on my way to work where I "have to" use the bus lane.  It's safer than filtering as it's a narrow road anyway.  I'm just very careful and make sure no bus is likely to appear while I am waiting at the front by the lights.

I found it was safer a few weeks ago when fitering, my left tit hit a wing mirror of a car whilst avoiding a "holier than thou" oncoming driver swerving towards me to "show me a lesson" I'm sure we've all had that happen. 

Anyway I swerved slightly and clipped the mirror, pulled up to sort it out when the driver jumped out with some kind of pole in his hand!  Lesson learnt that day,  even a C1 can out accelerate an armed furious driver with blood lust. 

I took another way to work for a few days after that escape.  Crazy, as I would have paid up if there had been any damage.  It was just an ego thing I'm sure, but these days it could be a gun, knife, machete, anything!  Can you imagine being strapped in while someone laid into you with some sort of weapon, horrifying thought.
Topic Solvent for Body plastic By wotnohelmet Date 18-10-2007 10:43

>Pics please.

Give me a couple of hours as I have to get to the car park at lunch time to take some smudges.

Here you go:
Attachment: inside.JPG (63k)
Attachment: external.JPG (83k)
Topic Solvent for Body plastic By wotnohelmet Date 17-10-2007 14:58
After my C1 being lifted by the PDB, breaking one lug, then having the oaf in a scaffold lorry side swipe me, breaking the other, I needed a good PDB fix.  I fixed my broken lugs with steel plates only to have them fracture after a while and cut into the socket plastic work on the C1.

I saw the fix on another C1 in my local M/c workshop.  I always take it there now after lies and shoddy work by Vines.

Yes I know they are thought of very highly here, but I'm afraid I have had nothing but disappointment from them each and every time I have had it serviced there. 
I've mostly kept quiet about them until now, but after the last time I was lied to about a non existent puncture and the "offer" to replace the tyre, then the complete refusal to release the bike in an "unsafe" condition, i.e. punctured when it was not,  Grrrrrr, I had to have the RAC recover the C1 in the end. 
I rode it to my shop where they found the tyre in utterly perfect condition.  Grrrrrrr again!

Anyway, the fix is simple, quick, effective and very necessary now that the PDB supply seems to have dried up.  Cut two one inch slots in the PDB base, above the forewardmost bungee loops and using an inch wide tiedown ratchet strap, starting on the inside of the PDB, go out and down through the slot.  Round the bungee loop and back into the PDB.  Out and round on the other side and back into the PDB again.  Join the two ends and ratchet the strap until you get a snug fit. 

It's quick, easy and neat.  I can provide some pics if anyone is interested.
Topic 15,000 mile variator belt & how-to replace one By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2007 12:43

>A work of art, no less, but too much like hard work for me

Tell me about it, my father would not cut corners and it took all blinkin' day to make. LOL!
Topic 15,000 mile variator belt & how-to replace one By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2007 10:52
An old posting I know but this is the tool I made with my father.  not as elegant as Lawrie's but it works a treat.
Attachment: Pullylock.jpg (117k)
Topic C1-lookalike By wotnohelmet Date 09-10-2007 08:00
Everyone but BMW have just missed the point. 

The two seater designs leave the rider with no back support, all the other roofed scoots don't have the safety.  Is it just that a C1 like vehicle with all the features we expect is just too pricey to produce?  I don't think that anyone has come close yet.
Topic MOT By wotnohelmet Date 28-09-2007 09:55
Took my C1 to another garage this morning.  Not only did the brake pads have plenty on but the whole thing passed with no problems.  I'd give Bracken a miss.
Topic My first C1 crash! By wotnohelmet Date 27-09-2007 12:28

>Wow, superb result... Told you

Yes you did.

>So in a perverse way, hurrah for uninsured drivers...

I know, sick old world at times...hurrah for uninsured drivers, never thought I'd be saying that!  LOL

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