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Topic Well it had to happen eventually By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 05:40
Thanks Lawrie I was looking for that photo :-)
Topic Well it had to happen eventually By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 04:51

>What's a 'rat' in this context?

See photo of a "Rat" C1
Attachment: Copyoflightweight02.jpg (113k)
Topic Standard answers do "Why do you ride that thing?" By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 04:42
I'm not a two wheeled Lemming, I want to live ! :-)
Topic Rejuvenating a topbox - almost By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 04:35
Nice repair job Larry and I totally agree with the others,repaint the entire box white and fit a few Williams logos to match the rest of the bike :-)
Topic old gems By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 26-03-2007 21:38

>All free so far(hopefully)

No excuses then Allan, go hire a van and lift them.... :-)
Topic quiet tonight By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 25-03-2007 21:49
Thanks John I'll give it a go...
Topic Well it had to happen eventually By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 25-03-2007 21:41

>Awe, bloody hell, Phil, another one gone down

It's turning into an epidemic ..lets hope thats the last, so be extra careful out there chaps and chapettes...
Topic quiet tonight By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 25-03-2007 21:36
AH life at last...I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms..   thanks Ian :-) I have to log on as Parts Admin  as I can't remember my own password  :-) ...
Topic Help needed please By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 02-01-2007 06:03
Would all those members holding parts on behalf of the C1UB PLEASE photograph all parts in your possession.. Also would you all be so kind as to fill in the Spread Sheet I Emailed you..We cannot get the new improved parts site up and running until this information is returned to me and processed. I need your help guys ASAP as ALL parts have to be revaluated according to our New pricing policy. Thanks for your help.

                                       Best Wishes for 2007...........Marino
Topic The C1ubs New Parts Pricing Policy By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 22-12-2006 22:26
After much discussion and calculation  (we tossed a coin) The C1ub Parts pricing system will be this.
50% off list price for all new parts.
70% off list price for secondhand parts with a stipulation "SOLD AS SEEN"
All parts are subject to P&P charges at the going rate.
I will personally calculate all prices and the holder of the part required will instruct me as to the postal charges which will be added to the final parts total. :........ N.B.! PARTS MAY ONLY BE SOLD TO FULLY PAID UP C1UB MEMBERS ONLY!
The Admin team are in agreement this new pricing system reflects our "Non profit organization policy" and demonstrates a better return of your £12 membership fee investment.. Some of this money will then be used for the requisition of more parts
I hope to be announcing  (no pressure Adrian/ Larry) the opening of the upgraded Parts website (more details to follow) but in the meantime you can contact me at
......:  : or Tel : 07980531298 in relation to any parts queries or orders..
Thank you for your kindness,patience and your confidence in me..
                                                                      ......... Best wishes Marino (Parts Admin)

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