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Topic Gs911 cloning By truzzman Date 29-10-2017 18:22
As the title, to replicate GS911 functions, you need:

1) adapter cable

2) BT interface

3) software

From 100€ (free app) to 150€ (full version app) of total cost.

p.s.: I tested a lot of bt interface based on elm327 chip but the only working with the sw Motoscan, is Scantool model (as indicated in motoscan site)

Enjoy it!
Topic c1 alternator By truzzman Date 31-01-2011 19:14
0,6 kw (from technical manual)
Topic Rear absorber leak.... By truzzman Date 31-10-2010 08:10
Rinaldi's shocks for C1, was my idea!!

On the Italian forum we have a service for revision of old original shock that are rebuilt by Rinaldi (this shop is about 15 km from my home).

No chance for front shock, unfortunately. In this case is the internal valve that crack (wrong project in original with no enough stop in the travel of internal piston) and the aren't spare parts for it.
I changed my front shock with a high level (and thery expensive) WILBERS shock.
Attachment: BMWC1shocks.pdf (798k)
Topic Wrong ECU By truzzman Date 13-08-2010 14:44
Your engine is 125 cc.
You can update (BMW service only) the firmware of your ECU to the 125 version.
Topic Bits for the Museum By truzzman Date 14-10-2009 17:42
C1 125 25.000 km

No damage on valve train.
Attachment: 1.JPG (148k)
Attachment: 2.JPG (142k)
Attachment: 3.JPG (127k)
Attachment: 4.JPG (130k)
Attachment: 5.JPG (143k)
Topic Steering wheel shaking By truzzman Date 28-10-2008 14:35
Tyre brand?
Topic Compliance of Emission Test By truzzman Date 07-08-2008 19:27
The C1 is only Euro I.
Topic C'Mon diagnostic tool v0.99 By truzzman Date 03-09-2007 07:35
How much only for schematics and source code for PIC?
Topic interesting variator By truzzman Date 20-07-2007 18:41
The Polini variator for Aprilia Leonardo 125/150 fit perfectly on the C1.

In Italy the cost of this item (variator, roller weights 9 gr., external pulley) is about 130 Euro.

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