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Topic C1 at Malaga Airport By chairman21 Date 28-05-2012 14:51
No, I didn't try it... Might not have fitted inside!
Attachment: IMG_1880.JPG (161k)
Attachment: IMG_1881.JPG (161k)
Topic Insurance companies - scam? By chairman21 Date 28-02-2012 22:46
Doesn't surprise me at all. One word: cartel.
Topic 1000mile 53 plate C1 as new garaged from new By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:21
Mmmm, paid too much in that case.
Topic 1000mile 53 plate C1 as new garaged from new By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:19
Did that include a top box?
Topic 1000mile 53 plate C1 as new garaged from new By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:18
One went for 6000 Euros in Germany just the other day.
Topic tomtom satnav By chairman21 Date 08-10-2011 22:08
The seller user ID you entered was not found...
Topic 1000mile 53 plate C1 as new garaged from new By chairman21 Date 08-10-2011 22:06
Stef rides them over to Germany (4000 milers) and makes a tidy profit... No prob selling it for 6000 euros plus.
Topic I asked help for my lost keys -now i lost the thread! By chairman21 Date 08-08-2011 14:45
And ID, (passport and driving license) plus two utility bills with your name and address on them. They're super strict.
Topic Anyone own a Piaggio MP3 ? By chairman21 Date 11-06-2011 19:49
Really? I was thinking of getting one when C1 dies. I think one day I'll have to go for bust and buy a 300 miler C1.
Topic Not a C1 in sight :-( By chairman21 Date 11-06-2011 19:47
Getting too old to keep on the road i guess. And expensive! Shame
Topic MOT test & your windscreen By chairman21 Date 29-05-2011 13:02
I think it's fair enough. My friend got stopped by police on his C1 years ago, with a completely smashed windscreen. He couldn't really see through it, but the cops had to let him go as it was legal.

Could this be the start of holes being cut in windscreens? Covered by recycled plastic bearing the logo 'keep away from children'?
Topic What's the point? By chairman21 Date 26-05-2011 11:24
I bet he drives a convertible with the roof down all the time.
Topic Variator belt doesn't like my bike... By chairman21 Date 27-03-2011 00:23
Ask for all the old bits taken off your bike to verify.
Topic Variator belt doesn't like my bike... By chairman21 Date 20-03-2011 04:22
A lot of repair shops refuse to use my 3rd party supplied spare parts when I walk in with them. They will only use genuine BMW parts. Eg. some cheap disc brakes I bought for my C1 chewed through the brake pads in a couple of months because the discs cooling holes weren't dremmeled. Same with brake pads, etc.
Jap and German refuse to use 3rd party spares...
Topic Text message from Vines By chairman21 Date 05-02-2011 20:33
It's illegal for them not to offer an 'opt out' link/number/whatever.
Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 29-01-2011 21:58
When the side car is empty, the wheels go back to a symmetrical position; otherwise it would be unbalanced.

Not sure what the point is in the bmg turning from a classic chassis bicycle configuration to a monocycle. What's the advantage of balancing on 'one' wheel?
Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 27-01-2011 17:59
And now this stunning design:
"The NEOS also boasts of a modular sidecar that can be detached when not required by the rider. The sidecar can be used to carry things and store items."

The other two images are from
"The Cargo Electric Scooter made me think of a greener place when delivering packages. Instead of large DHL or UPS trucks being stuck in traffic, causing a lot of smog, and taking time to get to your home, these scooters could be a nice new way. For medium sized packages, letters, and shipments, the Cargo Electric Scooter could make its way on the streets a lot easier and put a smile on the delivery man’s face."

And the one we all really want:
Attachment: NEOS-Motorcycle-4.jpg (42k)
Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 12-01-2011 17:25
This is what we really need, forget the ground-based concept. Have wings/will fly.
Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 12-12-2010 21:43
And check this 'thing' out:
Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 06-12-2010 20:59
Hi Johnny,

I'm tempted to say 'how much money do you need to build the orange MP3 above...' but can't put my money where my mouth is. I'm convinced it takes some sort of Apple-like company to come up with the all-enclosed motorcycle/scooter, that catches the public's imagination and starts a revolution. No 'iPod' jokes please!

Out of curiosity, how much would it cost to build a simple (no fancy interior or custom designed dashboard) 'pod' to enclose an MP3?

Topic Help Design the next generation C1 scooter! By chairman21 Date 29-11-2010 18:24
I've been lusting after the MP3 with a full body enclosure. I would gladly pay a lot of money for this kind of bike. The design can best be seen here on a two-wheel bike in colour and a black and white MP3 version here:

I'd bloody kill for one of those. Don't care about weight/noise/etc. as long as it keeps me warm running around city centres and can cruise at 70mph. I'm convinced the future will be like that. Essentially cheap three wheeled cars for the masses (with seatbelts and roll cage as standard), or two-wheel versions only popular with motorcyclists.

Had many bikes before my C1s.

Attachment: MP3cabin1.jpg (29k)
Attachment: MP3cabin2.jpg (83k)
Attachment: BMWCabin1.jpg (35k)
Attachment: BMWCabin2.jpg (46k)
Topic Carver Playaround By chairman21 Date 21-09-2010 19:14
Got to sit in a Carver and have a play with the controls. Very very impressed. But not with the price. £26,000 is what he paid for it. They've started production again with prices around £50,000 to recover from the capital lost in the Iceland Banking crash. Price to come down later...

Pics are: Left and Right tilt LED's self-test. You tilt it up to the red LEDs but no further. Ahem...
Last two pics are service mode for access to the engine module.


For sale: C1 for £26,000
Topic New Independent Servicing, West London By chairman21 Date 27-05-2010 22:43
Thanks 2C1s, I guessed they'd closed down. I also SMS'd Richard but no answer.
Topic New Independent Servicing, West London By chairman21 Date 24-05-2010 22:55
Hey, Bolt On, that would be excellent. I'll PM you my address.
Topic New Independent Servicing, West London By chairman21 Date 24-05-2010 19:39
Hi All,

Does anyone know if Richard Heitmann's 1-2-1 Bikes is still in Putney?

Can anyone recommend a good C1 repair place near Ealing? Mirek?

Thanks guys,

Topic There must be an easier way to login?? By chairman21 Date 15-07-2009 15:56
< Apologies to any IT professionals if that's all a bunch of b****cks but it makes sense to me >

Sounds good to me. I log in via this bookmarked link which saves my login/password (both in Safari or Firefox on a Mac) and then all I need to do is click on the 'Login' button.
Topic Good mechanic - Mirek - Surbiton By chairman21 Date 11-06-2009 17:51
What's he charging per hour?

Topic My latest!! By chairman21 Date 04-06-2009 20:47
Lawrie, have you ever 'done' a C1? So to speak.
Topic Cold turkey By chairman21 Date 23-05-2009 23:47

Brain scans for caffeine users!
Topic WHINING TRANSMISSION By chairman21 Date 10-05-2009 18:25
Take it into Jap & German to be fixed up, even if you don't keep it. At least you can get a decent price for it.
Topic WHINING TRANSMISSION By chairman21 Date 07-05-2009 08:53
If it's stolen and you don't report it to the police you're liable for anything that happens. The insurance company will not pay out. ie if it hits and kills a high earning dude, prepare to pay out some big big compensation.
Topic Could this (not) be my next C1? By chairman21 Date 08-04-2009 00:59

On the one hand I'd love it to be, on the other... not so sure. Motorways? Perhaps not.
Topic Pulling hair out! Difficulty starting, any suggestions?? By chairman21 Date 05-04-2009 18:21
I had the same problem. One fine day it just wouldn't start properly. In the end it turned out to be in need of an update downloaded at Jap & German. Never had a problem starting again. Try and see if you need the version 2 firmware update.
Topic Helmets - again... By chairman21 Date 30-03-2009 21:53
I've ridden in London since 1983 and it's definitely hit an all-time low. A new breed of driver takes personal offence at any overtaking manoeuvre you carry out, no matter how legal it is. I often get cut up for going to the front of a queue as the lights go green.
Topic Biker demo against Westminster Council - tomorrow! By chairman21 Date 30-03-2009 21:41
Has to be done. Hopefully I will be there.
Topic Westminster Parking Ticket By chairman21 Date 29-03-2009 09:13
I didn't even know I had to pay (on my birthday) in the motorcycle bays. Got a ticket and had it cancelled by writing a letter in. They're a lot more lenient these days.
Topic Good mechanic - Mirek - Surbiton By chairman21 Date 14-03-2009 14:17
Never turned me down, just had to wait weeks...
Topic Good mechanic - Mirek - Surbiton By chairman21 Date 08-03-2009 02:55
Outstanding service, excellent prices. I stopped using him because he was so booked up. Guess the crunch will make him a C1ub favourite again...
Topic Credit card scam By chairman21 Date 18-01-2009 11:36
This is NOT a hoax. They operate this way and many other ways. I had a call with somebody from 'VISA' speaking in an american accent with office noise in the background. Very authentic. When I refused to give my password she was adamant it was for real and I should ring my credit card company. It was of course a fake since they never ask for your password.

The latest one I'm being hit with is on FaceBook where some gorgeous babe with no friends is gagging to be my friend. And she just happens to have gone to my university, on my course. Fancy that eh? I do actually... The scam is about harvesting email addresses (which we get on this forum as well) or even worse getting your credit card details (BUT once they've got your email address AND once they've sent you a trojan which scours your computer)

So don't give anything away over the phone or via web/email. I tend to fill in forms using a combination of 'junk' email address, fake date of birth, fake address, altered/faked name, etc. Hardly ever causes any problems, except when applying for a student loan as i found out the other day!

Topic Reluctant to start By chairman21 Date 08-11-2008 00:20
< According to german C1 forum the latest software vetsion (8000 series) is recommanded for bikes with starting problems. >

I fixed a persistent start problem by updating the software at Jap & German. Never been a problem again.
Topic European C1 meeting 2009 By chairman21 Date 20-10-2008 05:50

It's that time of year when the need for a Caption Competition comes around again. The pic is from the German Club's training sessions.

Here's mine: C1 side stand training comes to an end when club members fail to realise it never had one. This leaves the trainers 'hanging on', whilst BMW design one.

Yours?  ;-)
Attachment: C1_training.jpg (49k)
Topic Stolen Bike - London - please keep an eye out. By chairman21 Date 02-10-2008 21:21
Definitely kids stealing them for fun. They don't care if they get caught because nothing ever happens.

<Ironically when I got my girlfriend to bring me a screwdriver (she got quite confused)... >

I'm confused as to what happened with the chocolates. Screw the bike, were the chocs ok? Did they melt with the engine heat warming the bottom of the top box or did they survive? Hope they're alright. What did the police say about them?

Cad Bury
Topic BMW's radical 3-wheeler on its way By chairman21 Date 01-09-2008 16:12
C2 just been released. Some tie-up with the ministry of defence.

Attachment: Air_Force_C1.png (122k)
Topic Slow starter. By chairman21 Date 27-08-2008 02:33
I had all sorts of startup probs which were fixed at a stroke when the 125's firmware got updated to v2.  If all else fails, update the firmware if yours is still at v1.
Topic Kids...well teenagers By chairman21 Date 09-08-2008 13:33
I had the same startup problem. Fixed by upgrading the firmware to version 2. There are times when it pays to go to a 'proper' dealer.
Topic BMW's new scooter, coming your way in 2009 By chairman21 Date 05-08-2008 23:36
"Le maxi scooter BMW n'est pas un poisson d'avril !"

Not an April's 'fish', apparently...
Topic Absolute disaster By chairman21 Date 16-05-2008 22:14
watch out for identity theft. you should run checks to see if anyone has been requesting information from your credit history. Not sure how you do this, but plenty of info on net such as:
Topic BMW Interview in Canadian Newspaper....C1 mentioned By chairman21 Date 15-05-2008 01:56
You're all right. Cheaper manufacture means lower build quality so there would be a host of problems. Then the club would split along the lines of Old Guard and 'New Plastic Fantastic' or something like that. Cake Have And Can't Eat Your It. Rearrange.
Topic STOP PRESS!!!!!! C1's "legal" in the USA By chairman21 Date 15-05-2008 01:50
Finally, those who are 'bigging up' C1 prices have a reason to be taken seriously. A market of 250 million relatively wealthy folk should see demand for the C1 go up.
Topic BMW Interview in Canadian Newspaper....C1 mentioned By chairman21 Date 12-05-2008 21:03
If Apple made the C1, it really would be cool instead of teutonic and over-engineered. If there was a marketing campaign 100 times the size of the C1's campaign, it would have sold millions. And bankrupted BMW.

But neither of those things will ever happen because it's not financially viable. The C1 will sell when it costs what people expect it to cost. I found out the other day that the psychological price of a bottle of wine tops out at £3.99. That's 20 pence worth of wine you're buying when you discount tax and costs. You can change the psychology by mass marketing and bomb your profit margin (so not an option). When the C1 price comes down to below £1000 it will sell like hotcakes. When I tell people they can find a tatty one for £1000 they are amazed, although they rarely buy. Craig is the exception!  I reckon the psychological price for a scooter is around the £300 mark. So no chance of a C1-type bike ever becoming mass market. Details of whether it's the wrong colour, exhaust is too big are red herrings. It will always be a niche bike as motorcycles are a niche form of transport in this country.

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