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Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 04-03-2014 00:01

> It is always very easy to suggest lots of work for other people to do

I am sure if some of the remaining kitty money was utilised to pay an IT person to do it, it wouldn't cost more than a few hundred pounds to merge whole boards, without doing any tidying up. Lets face it, both forums are on the same server anyway so it's not like any more server space is being taken up.

A merged forum can be searched easily for things using the one search facility on one forum and old C1ub posts can be commented on and reactivated if necessary, but not if things are archived as you are suggesting. Switch this site to read only and it is only a matter of time before someone says "The old C1ub site has had no new visitors for several months, should we not just delete it completely?" Incorporate it within an active forum and it will live on. Someone will say, "Fancy a trip to Paris, it was done years ago and was great fun, where's that link, oh here it is" Maybe Dave or Lawrie did some unique repair or mod once, which is on here somewhere.

The danger of your suggestion is that it is one step down the road of hitting the delete button and I wonder if this is the right decision in the long run. What will C1 owners think of that decision 10-years from now when they are trying to find some information?

Ultimately it is your decision and I wish you well with it. :smile:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 03-03-2014 01:44
Apparently, according to the software authors, it is possible to merge two forum's together.
This from the main author Marcus Wichitill. (See his name at the bottom of every page of this forum)

The and command line scripts can be used to move over boards.

I have passed the full conversation to Ted and in essence, all the decent C1ub boards could be inserted onto new boards of the C1 Forum and be accessed by paid up members, same as here. Nothing need be lost if it doesn't need to be.

Might be worth having a spring clean first of course and delete all the threads that have little or no benefit going forward if this route is considered. Could the previous meet stuff be kept if it is possible, especially threads with photos of old meets and distant members. To lose it would be like throwing out a family photo album and couldn't be replaced. :sad:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 26-02-2014 10:27
In turning this forum into a read-only forum, it will effectively be archived and eventually few people will return, it will be switched off altogether and any information contained within it will be lost and this will be a shame.

May I suggest another avenue. Both forum's use the same software technology. Could say a handful of the important boards be transferred across to the other forum under the heading of the C1ub? Has anyone asked the software author?

The C1ub came into existence because I asked the C1Forum administrators if I could have a board called the C1ub which was opened to members willing to pay a small subscription fee which went towards organising meets. This was after it fell to me to pay in full for the record indoor karting meet and then claim back the funds from people if and when they turned up! The idea was refused, so together with Ian's help, we set this forum up. While I know that the original concept changed from meets to parts, this was only really possible because it had funds to play with.

There is still a wealth of information here, some great memories, some great threads and blogs and simply switching it off would be a shame.

If it was tidied up into 3 or 4 boards and could be moved onto the other forum with boards like C1ub Technical Chat, C1ub Past Meets & Events, C1ub Parts & Tools, C1ub General Chat that sort of thing, a true merging of the C1ub and forum could take place. Of course it might not be possible.

There is however another option if it is not. We closed down an old MSN caravan forum in 2006 and upgraded to identical forum software as this, with Ian's help again (He's a good old boy! :wink:) but the software was totally different and there was no chance of transferring any of it. What around 6 of us did was install some simple software on our PC's called PrimoPDF. We would then look at the threads we wanted to keep, selected print, then PrimoPDF and clicked okay and the software would create PDF files of that page, which could then be uploaded on the new forum as a readable PDF file. Not as good as transferring all the data and now that thumbnails are in operation here, the photos will be quite hard to see, but better than nothing.
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 25-02-2014 23:20
Nope, sorry, I don't have access to that board so can't read it, but it sounds terminal!
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 25-02-2014 15:20
Is it such a big problem checking two sites? I belong to several forums and regularly login each day to see what's happening.

The bonus of this forum is that membership monies over the years have lead to the purchasing of spare parts and currently access limitations ensure that members who are paid up have access to the site where these parts are available. Restricting access to this forum means that it is essentially closed for business! Close it, is that what you are really saying?
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 23-02-2014 23:34
Good point. These bikes are getting on a bit now, including us. :eek:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 23-02-2014 15:22

> The meets weren't dropped - it was just that very few, if any, members went to them, so the meets withered away naturally. 

That's not how I remembered it Chris. In 2005 (My penultimate year here) we had a number of meets and these were well attended.

In 2006 (My last year here) we had a number of meets and these were well attended too.

Okay between 6 and 12 C1's together was the norm, nothing like the 24 record, but managing 7-C1's to Paris wasn't bad going.

I think my point is that there was a core group of C1 owners that enjoyed meeting up and kept in touch on the C1ub. For whatever reason meets slowed down, parts built up and the result was the C1ub got quieter.

As I suggested earlier, until you know how many C1's are still out there, it is difficult to know whether any of this money can be used to create a more vibrant community or not! Either way, it is a decision about what to do with the money that will need to be made one day! Good luck. :wink:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 23-02-2014 00:39
Hi guys.

It sounds a little strange. It's like going back to where you grew up to find your old street has changed. Some things are similar, but it feels very different.

I still have my silver C1, but it probably has a few thousand more miles on the clock since it was last seen by the C1 community, but other than that little change.

It hasn't been on the road for two years now and I have lost my full no-claims discount too, which was a shame. I realized a few months outside the two-year point, rang around and no one would insure me again keeping the full no claims discount! When I looked at the premiums though, the difference between full no-claims and no no-claims, it was quite small anyway, given my age, so no big deal.

I always felt that the C1ub should have stuck to it's routes and stuck with the meets and keep the social side going. It was the friendships to my mind that was the glue here.
People would log on to keep in touch, plan other meets and probably held onto their C1's for longer, even though they could probably no longer justify keeping them for commuting purposes. Dropping the meets and focusing on spare parts changed the type of C1ub membership from hobbyist and enthusiast to commuter and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, commuters log in mainly when they need to focus on the mechanics of their C1, which could be a handful of times a year, whereas an enthusiast would log in many times a week on average. The only caveat I can think of to that is that the C1 was still relatively new when we set up the C1ub and many members bought them because they were new and exciting at the time. As the years tick by, I can imagine that some of these owners would have moved on to other new and interesting machines and fell away anyway! :roll:

One thing meets did was raise the public profile of C1's, which often resulted in new C1 owners in discovering these bikes and then looking for them to buy.

Perhaps organising meets again would begin to regrow C1 ownership.

There must still be around a thousand C1's still on British roads?

Anyone thought of contacting the DVLA to find out? Perhaps a freedom of information request to identify how many are on the road and how many like mine are SORN'd.

A useful study, which will cost little more than a postage stamp to find out. :wink: It might be nice to hear if most of the 2200 C1's imported into the UK are still out there, not scrapped, but equally worrying if there are only a few hundred left? :sad:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 12-02-2014 23:46
I think it might help John, I really do.

I haven't been following the C1 world for a few years while I have been busy with our business, but I suspect that the number of C1 owners has dropped a fair number over the last 5+ years. Anyone have any idea how many are still on UK roads?

From memory, there were around 2000 C1's sold in the UK with the lions share in and around London.

Lawrie had a fair few too from memory and the Mad Accountant always one or two tucked away somewhere. :smile:

I guess what I am wondering is, are there still a decent number of C1 owners around or are we talking about a few dozen that occasionally log in a few times a year? :confused:
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 10-02-2014 11:42

> The club site is quiet, as there was a consensus to move the chat to the forum.

Well that sounds like a nail in the coffin then!

> I'd have to disagree that the subscription puts people off. It is not a prerequisite to chat on the forum.

No, but if the consensus to move all chat to the forum has taken place, then why would people chat here anyway.

It sounds like this site is effectively dead already and there is little appetite to keep it going.

> To create an active club scene from such small numbers is hard, especially as they are spread throughout the UK.

Never stopped meets happening before. We would routinely ride a hour or two to meet up with others.
Once, a group of us even rode to Paris for the weekend!

There needs to be a desire to make things happen. If there is little or no desire, then nothing will happen.
Every garden will eventually wither and die if no one takes care of it and if the gardeners decide to leave this garden and go take care of another one, then it's certain to die and it's only a question of when.
Topic Why? By Caravanman Date 10-02-2014 00:54
Hi Guys.

I popped in to chat to Pokecheck re: some advice from him regarding the caravan forum I look after and he has helped me with. It occurred to me that things looked a little quiet here. I sent him this message earlier today and he suggested that I post it in public. This was my massage to him earlier:

I know this is none of my business, but I have mentioned this years ago and wonder if now isn't the time to mention it again.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the C1ownersc1ub, because it was my original idea to set it up and it had a difficult birth, as you know. It is just a little sad to see activity levels so low and yet I have just caught sight of a financial report showing the best part of three grand in the kitty.

I am just wondering if there would be more members here, using the C1ub if the £12 membership fee was dropped? I mean what is the C1ub going to do with all that money?

Eventually, the C1ub will fold if it follows the current trajectory and then the problem of sharing out the funds/ donating it to charity etc. will become the next issue.

If the membership/ subscription fees were dropped and some of the money used to advertise the C1ub/ build it back up somehow, then some new life could be bred back into it in some way.

As I said, it's none of my business really, but it does make me feel a little sad to see a very quiet C1ub with lots of money in the bank, wondering if the C1ub fees might be partly responsible in some way, especially as I guess the C1 Forum is much busier and they are still free? If so, is there a connection? :confused:

To my mind the dynamics of the forum changed when it moved away from meets and the social scene towards buying up second hand C1's for spares and buying technology to pass around, which keeps these bikes on the road.

While I am not saying that this was a bad move, to my mind it attracts C1 owners who are mainly here to support the running of their C1 and are rarely logged in, unless they need some help and support. This will lead to a fairly quiet site.

When it was geared up mainly towards the social scene, meets etc..., people make friends, show an interest in each other, log in to chat and the content grows and grows.

As in my message to Ian, I also question the membership fees. The idea was to subsidize meets, which encouraged people to turn up, mainly to get some/ all of their membership money back, but when meets stopped and bikes were bought instead, the social scene slowed and the main benefactors were mainly the commuter C1 owners that put miles on their bikes and needed all the support they can get!

Our caravan forum hit a rough patch last year when two of the admin guys started deleting posts and threads which were not related directly to caravans and camping. A few of the more sociable members decided to set up their own forum (Sound familiar! :eek:) and now many of the chatty sociable members have joined their new forum and ours has gone a lot quieter! :cry: I have stepped in and have asked these two admin guys to chill out a little and allow their jokes and banter to remain in the hope to keep social chat going and retain members.

In my humble opinion, it is the social folk that keep forum's alive and these members should be given the greatest focus and priority over those that pop in once and a while because they need something. :roll:

Apart from that, apologies if I have stepped on anyone's toes and good luck with things. :wink:
Topic Alaska one in a billioin photo By Caravanman Date 25-11-2013 20:46
Hi, being a canoeist I found this quite interesting and showed it to some other canoe buddies. :grin:

One of them came back to me saying it was a hoax and sent me to this website. They could be right!
Topic Steamerpoint By Caravanman Date 22-11-2013 18:59
Hi Chris.

Long time no speak. Hope you are well. :-)
Topic Steamerpoint By Caravanman Date 05-11-2013 10:11
I have updated my email address, so will now be notified when someone sends me a PM. :-)

Love Steamerpoint
Topic A Flying C1 By Caravanman Date 03-04-2012 12:50
This reminds me of a flying C1!

Well a bit. :-o

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