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- - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 16:34 Edited 24-01-2007 20:21
Posted by Bastongc1

I was unfortunately involved in an accident last night

Filtering past a long line of stationary traffic at about 10/15mph, a Nissan Micra decided to pull out to its right without warning or indication. I had reached the point of no return and with a very wet and slippery road - crash!

Damage to me - none at all, I did not even fall off

Damage to the bike - all to the nearside obviously. Bumper attachment broken, rear roll cage split (nearside only - Simon, where you had put one of the high level indicators), scratches and lacerations to the front beak and minor dents and dinks. I have used wrapping tape to hold a few things together. The bike still runs and is very useable but does look very sorry.

Damage to car - totally lost its rear near side window (must be due to the height of the C1), dents and lacerations from back to front, broken wing mirror.

I am cross with the whole thing but relieved I was not physically hurt at all.

So, it's not just a matter of careful filtering but also speed. Any faster - I would definitely have fallen on to my right and I wouldn't want to test the C1's safety cage.
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 16:45
Posted by franck74neortic

OK, I understand it is important to share and collect stories of  what happened to some of us on the C1.
Basically, I was riding along the inner lane of the A244 in Feltham when a Driver standing still on the outer lane decided abrubtly to pull out without looking in his mirror. I went straight into his passenger door and then overcompensated and fell on my right hand side. Nothing really spectacular but sadly the claim is still going on as the other party alleges I was riding on the cycling lane. Things should end up on my favour very soon though!
It's then that I decided not to wear a crash helmet anymore as I understood immediately that it simply could have been leathal if I had crashed at a higher speed.

Bonne route.

Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 16:45
Posted by Adrian Meredith.

Well it finally happened this last Saturday morning - after 36 years of motorcycling - Mr Idiot with his fat beTshirted wife in his L reg Fiesta had a brain cell fire in in his little brain which made him instantly recognise that he was fed up of sitting in a queue of staionery traffic and in that same instant pop his clutch and twirl his steering wheel and pull out of the queue directly into the path of yours truly who was riding up the outside of the said queue.

Well we all know that this is a potentially hazardous thing to do - and so I was travelling at a steady rate with my hands covering the brakes - I braked and was presented with the sight of his absolutely terrifed face as he saw me appear at his side window as his car scraped across the front of my bike to the accompaniment of a terrific din! I stayed upright.

When I saw the state of his car - large indentations down both doors I was not keen to look at the state of my bike. Well lo and behold! - apart from the grid thingy popping out, the only apparent damage was some slight looking stress marks on the "shoulder" of the front bodywork.

My trusty C1 had literally shrugged off a attack by a Fiesta and come out the better off. If I had been on an ordinary bike I expect the first point of contact would either have been my front wheel or handle bar either of which receiving that amount of energy would surely have thrown me off.

I was ok, but later discovered I had got a (little and now painless) knock to my knee. But I wish I could have filmed the guy. He was ashen and shaking and totally apologetic - he actually said "it wasn't that I didin't see you I just did not look"!!!

Anyway - all's well that ends well (for me) - inspected bike to see there was no hidden damage and rode very steady for a bit to check handling etc. All fine. I then proceeded for my first trip on a motorway and was very pleasantly pleased with its performance/behaviour on such a road - cruising at 60mph even up the hills with occasional overtaking at up to 70+. It seemed happy at 60 and I like to have a bit of power in reserve.

What did I learn from this: the value of being prepared for potential enemy action and the value of the safe design of my C1.

By the way I shall not be getting the marks on the bodywork polished out - the battle scars look becoming!
Adrian Meredith 1951 - C1 200 Silver Executive 2001. Ripon. North Yorkshire.
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:20
This was posted by Mickgairuk in February 2002 on the Yahoo site:

I've been commuting every day into Docklands on a Honda Pantheon for 18 months, with a wife and a kid I decide the odds were against me on having an accident. So I bough a ex promotional C1-125. On my first commute a w***ker without looking, indicating, or making any sign, U-turned from stationary position right in front of me. I smashed into his rear wing at about 30mph. The bike stopped dead and toppled over. I felt my helmet brush the windscreen on the impact. After releasing what had happened I pulled the seatbelt release and stood up, feeling shaky and busied. When I rode the original scooter I always wore the full safety kit, on the C1 I was wearing shoes, suite trousers, a puffer jacket and a helmet. Kindly the driver of the car didn't drive away but did give me his name and address and phone number. At this point the police arrived with an ambulance and I was carted off to hospital for checks. It was hard work convincing the doctors and nurses that I couldn't have any head injuries, as I didn't leave the bike due to being strapped in. After giving a statement to the police in the hospital they gave me copy of the other party's name and address. Later in the day I noticed that the name and address given at the time of the accident differed from details given to the police, draw your own conclusions, but I've yet to get any insurance details.

Since then the bike's been written off because the frame was damaged. From the initial reaction of the medical staff on being told that it was a motorbike accident, I think my injuries would have been many fold more serious on any other bike. So I consider myself extremely lucky I was riding the C1 that morning instead of my Honda Pantheon. The helmet proved to be pointless probably only adding mass and causing more bruising on my ribs where the straps held me.

The really good news is that the guys at BMW South London, who originally sold me the C1 and BMW have offered to sell me a brand new C1-200 Family Friend at an extremely amazing discounted price, which I pick up next Saturday.
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:21
Posted by Sophie

I had what could have been quite a serious accident on any other bike - riding along residential road at 30, someone pulled out right in front of me without looking (why do they do that?). The C1 did exactly what it was supposed to - luckily wasn't wearing a helmet, damage to the front bumper and side crash element, small chips on paintwork, one very surprised self cocooned in my protective cocoon, large dent in the mans car.

About 8 passers by rushed to the scene to help me right it.

Spent next few days contemplating my own mortality, but nothing worse than a few aching muscles to show for it. Certainly no head injuries

Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:25
Posted originally by vmjolt on 30.9.03

I was travelling up a main coast road on my way to work as i did everyday - i had just left a set of traffic lights and i seen the van at a the junction coming onto my road (it was a big white transit van surprisingly) but didn't think anything of it and he just pulled out as i approached the junction - i knew i couldn't stop in time and i knew if i swerved i would just cause more trouble so i just braked as much as i could and went into the side of it - my C1 richoched <sp> off the van and went scrapping along the road for a bit - when it stopped i just unclipped and stepped out - i want fine at the time but later realised that i had actually fractured my coxix - my bike was a bit of a mess with around £3500 worth of damage (if BMW had quoted properly it would have been written off) and i never did find my glasses. 
I phoned the police but they didn't seem to want to come out so i moved my C1 off the road and got it picked up by roadside recovery - luckily the white van man admitted all liability just claiming not to have seen me at all.  There was also a small other crash on the other road as someone was looking at my crashed bike and banged into the guy in front of them   - people must not see many C1s on their back.  I had never had a helmet at this stage for about 6 months but i did later have to buy one after a policeman said he was going to stop me twice a day and if i kept doing it he would conviscate my C1 (something which i dont think he can do now)
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:26
Posted by safetyfirst on 15.10.03

I was driving home last night and going through a set of green lights when a car pulled across me from the right.The car came through a red light.
I had about 2 seconds to react and went into the rear side of the car.I must have been doing around 20 to 30 mph at the time and the driver was probably doing about the same.
After a full frontal impact my C1 was lying on its side in the middle of a very busy road junction in London.
Miraculously I have escaped with a few bumps and scratches.My C1 with the same although there is oil coming from the front suspension.

The car driver didn't even ask if i was ok and denied going through the red light!

I have little doubt that if I was on a regular moped or motorbike I would have sustained severe if not fatal injuries.

The doctor was as amazed as I was!

If there was ever proof that our rather odd shaped  and expensive machine was worth its weight in gold,I am living proof of that.

Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:28
Originally posted by franck74neortic on 4.3.04

It saved my guts once more!
A pick up truck came out of a Garden Centre in Feltham this morning. The driver didn't see me. I was riding 5 mph below the national speed limit. I hit the brakes, locked the rear wheel, released the brakes, tried to swerve, not enough though as the driver carried on forward.... then you guessed what followed. 4 impacts:
1- the front left fairing (where the label is)
2- shoulder bar
3- I then fell on my left
4- The pavement across the road that brought me and the C1 to a halt.

I spare you with how I felt at this particular time, shaken and all that. I'm not harmed, I tucked myself in and just noticed a general stiffness and a bruised hip an hour later. nothing serious. I was very lucky to have a colleague driving a couple of cars behind, plenty of witnesses who happily gave him their details, and helpful Police officers......... who, by the way, didn't question me about the absence of Crash Helmet.

So, am I the only one here to have had the experience of two accidents; the first one with a lid : 15 mph impact, sore neck
and the second one:  WITHOUT...... The impact must have occurred at somewhere between 30 and 35 mph. My head is fine
I repeat FINE, the design worked and served its purpose. I can't help myself and must end this post by a quick message to all the people with uniforms or not who are refusing to listen and understand: PLEASE - DO - CHANGE - YOUR - MIND.

Best Regards


PS: the bike is a write off by the way!
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:34
Posted by High Speed Carl:

Morning everyone.

Yesterday morning on the Commercial Road someone decided to cut across in front of both a lorry and little old me taking me out. Fortunately, the C1 safety features of seat belts, ABS and side protection limited my injuries to pulled muscules in my back and neck. No leg injuries (sincere thanks to the C1er who told me to keep my legs inside the vehicle in the event of a topple), no hand injuries (kept my hands on the brake levers).

The C1 now only has one side impact module and some scratches along the front section. The rear section is pretty much as new.

I did ask the driver of the car if he had not seen me (I ride with my light on ALL the time) but he said (wait for it) 'his phone ran, he didn't look, he was cutting across to save a bit of time'.

C1Jockey was fortunately following behind on his red charger and not only stopped but followed the driver to check that he was not just going to drive off. He also offered to be a witness (as did the lorry driver who was also cut up).

So, big thank you to C1Jockey for his time and concern shown.

Me, I'm off to consider how to make the C1 EVEN more visible. Perhaps a set of blue flashing lights and a siren. Seems to work for others on the road.

Safe riding. Take extra care in bus lanes.

FF 125 (with only one side impact module)
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:35
Posted by AlanDub

On Friday, Someone came out in front of me & we collided.

This is the second time since I bought the damn thing.

The annoying thing is that I was just riding along & I am sure that if i was really concentrating on accident prevention, I could have anticipated her mistake.

It looks like 2 side panels need to be replaced - bloody waste of money (hers).

Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:36
Posted by p.hodgson on 19.10.03

Riding home the other day I was in the fast lane when a car decided he wanted my lane. I was doing about 45mph and the car crashed in to me. I had no time to look or swerve so I braked in a straight line (wet road) and hit the car on the drivers side door. Well I thought I would be on my side, but I just kept going. The car had a dent on the door, my bike an inch long scuff by the front indicator. When we exchaged details I was ok, but the car driver was shaken up! Great bike! If it was a normal bike, would that have been my knee?
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:37
Originally posted by James S on 10/12/03

Coming in down Mile End Road today I was happily filtering through all the traffic (popping between a stationary bus and a Renault Scenic).  Just got past the bus when the Scenic decided that it wanted to be in the small stretch of open road that I was now in ... and so moved into it.

As this is London people generally ignore the "mirror" and "signal" part of "mirror, signal, manoeuvre" and so he drove into the (right-hand) side of me.

Kept it upright (just) and managed to bring the bike to a stop on the side of the road.  The guy pulled over in front of me and was really apologetic - totally admitted responsibility.  I had a look at the damage to the bike and it was simply a knocked off side-protector - didn't even damage the bodywork.  I therefore told the guy not to worry, as I was absolutely fine, and gave him a stern warning that if I was on any other bike then he would have hit me, and not a piece of plastic coated polystyrene!

He gave me his address and I have his registration so we agreed that I will send him the bill for the new side-protector.  I said that I would get BMW to look at the bike when it goes in for the next service to see if there was any other damage (but from looking at it there really isn't any - collision wasn't hard enough) and will let him know if there is anything extra to pay.

Very happy with the bike - everything did as it should.  Now just need to order another protector.
James FF125 Silver/Red - yellow seat - 3800 miles
Today, I will be mostly wearing - a lid! (2 cold!)
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:38
Originally posted by Chipmunk on 8/6/04

So there I was, listening to Terry Wogan, slowly passing the usual virutally stationary line of traffic, on my way to work. The man driving the taxi decided to pull out to the right, and neither look or signal. That two second window - slow motion - amazing how many words you can think in two seconds.

"I wonder how old Wogan is - Air Con would be good on a C1  - Oh dear -  He's pulling out, he hasn't seen me, non ABS brakes on but I'm alongside now, go for the horn - not enough time, swerve? - not enough ti.... CRUNCH - enter a front wing and bumper, knees in, arms folded - over we go, hello tarmac - the number of people who just throw chewing gum on to the road!"

Not hurt - pull red lever, press red button, The crowd - two witnesses came forward - "I saw everything mate" "I've called an ambulance" Are you alright? - why do people not believe you? - you shouldn't be alright! They helped me up with the bike and everyone went merrily on thier way, a tale for the coffee brake (non ABS) Big thanks to the witnesses - they're going to get a card (when I know they support my side - been there before!)

C1 did it's job admirably again and I've got a new storage compartment by the side of the seat-belt clip.

So - the damage - usual fractured dignity and lacerated pride, - mirror broke up, rear/center side panel split into 2, seat belt clip mangled - very surprised at the amount of distortion but it held in the impact and released with the red lever. Left bumper pressed in but not broken, as it was more of a lunge over the front wing & bonnet rather than a slide. (should have seen the other fellow! - front wing and bonnet badly dented, bumper completely detached.)

neeno - neeno - they're here. Plod didn't wanna know - fair enough - I was wearing a lightweight lid (head never touched anything incidentally). Josh and Nicky asked me to sign a I-don't-want-to-go-to-A&E form. - Kind ladies from the dry cleaners made me a coffee and we waited for the RAC to recover.

Off to the insurers on Tuesday, this time if they write it off I'll buy it back - looks an easy fix.

Oh - and can someone turn that F****g Wogan off. - he's going on and on - about cabbies!

Attachment: c1again.jpg
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:38
Originally posted by Spideruk on 29/7/04

Last friday '23/07/04' i was hedding to work i got halfway across the roundabout when this landrover decided to pull out on me, he clipped my nose which spun me into the side of the landrover, not to sure wot happend next but i ended up on my side sliding across the road till the curb stoped me.
my head 'did not' touch anything and im pleased to say i walked away with only a fractured thumb and various cuts n bruises.

my poor C1 is a rite mess but she did her job and saved my life
if i had been on any other bike i dont think i would be around any longer.....
Parent - By Accident Admin Date 24-01-2007 20:38
Originally posted by CarlT on 10.10.05


I was sideswiped today by an old lady that didn't see me coming. I was basically T-boned and pushed in front of the car until it stopped and I fell over... I'm fine but the bike gave its life to save me. I didn't even get a scratch. The police and ambulance where called to the seen, which is mandatory in Norway when there is a bike involved, and they where very impressed on how well the C1 handled itself. So impressed they didn't even notice I wasn't wearing the mandatory helmet I guess....

After 23 years of motorcycle riding I'm sure glad I was riding a C1 when I had my first accident!

I'll be looking for another C1.

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