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- - By superted Date 25-02-2007 19:01
After struggling all winter at roundabouts and catching several slides I finally dropped it today. Exiting a roundabout at no more than 30 mph and attempting to straight-line the "S" bend to minimise the chances of sliding, the front went away very suddenly. Being almost upright it fell very hard causing much damage to panels on the right side and, worse still, a cracked windscreen. Should have got rid of the tyres at the first signs of sliding, but who wants to throw away new tyres? And they are excellent in the dry and in rain - just no good at damp roundabouts!

I have to report that the safety features all worked and I have only some bruising to my right leg because the bike fell across the kerb and just caught it. Crossing the kerb also neatly removed the tit at the same time, so increasing the damage to the bodywork
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 25-02-2007 19:14
Very sorry to hear of this  Ted, was it the Williams or the other bike?

I have to report that my Michelin Pilots are very similar to your  experiences in the grip department but they have worn out in no time at all and now steer appallingly even in the dry, surprisingly riding in a straight line it's a handful ! The fronts and rears are heavily scalloped and the grip is dubious.

I don't know what to do, if I can't locate some Bridgestones quickly I will have to take her off the road before I join you in the "I should have acted sooner" Club.

I hope you are OK and the bike is back in one piece soon.


Parent - - By superted Date 25-02-2007 19:40
Yeah, I'm sorry Phil, it was the Williams

I'm back on the 125 now with a Pilot on the front. I have to say I haven't noticed it being so bad, but I'll be watching for it. It is difficult knowing quite what to do. We obviously have to have tyres but it's a bit of a leap in the dark trying new ones when we can't get Hoops

She will live again in due course :-)
Parent - By beamish Date 25-02-2007 20:11
OMG Ted, so sorry to hear this. I told you not to say anything last night. Remember!!

I must admit, my back wheel slipped a couple of times last night on the way to the dogs.

Glad you're ok though and the bike did what it was supposed to do. Who knows, had you been on a big bike, you may well have ended up in hospital, or worse, a box!!
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 25-02-2007 20:51
OK so now this is getting personal :-)

ANY ONE know where we can get some Hoops?
Parent - By C1200 Date 25-02-2007 21:44
Sorry to hear this Ted..:-(..I am still trying desperately to speed these hoops up..
Parent - By Marino Date 25-02-2007 23:42
So desperately sorry to learn of your accident Ted...I can hardly believe that has happened to you...How bad is the damage and can we help you out in any way? Sorry we haven't got a windscreen in our parts :-( Our flight to Belfast was delayed for three hours so I'm only just home now.Again very sorry but glad your not later......
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 25-02-2007 21:26
Hi Ted, so sorry to hear about this.  The main thing is you are around to tell the story afterwards; on any other bike that would be considerably more doubtful.
In hindsight perhaps I was lucky to get stuck behind slow moving traffic on the way home today.  I will now definitely get my tyres sorted this week.
Parent - By jrw Date 25-02-2007 21:58
For what it is worth - on Bridgestone's own web site -

Front - 120/70 R13 53L

Rear - 140/70 R12 65L - marked "RFD" which I assume means "refer to dealer" which in turn I assume means not available. Anyone know for sure what RFD means?
Parent - - By jrw Date 25-02-2007 22:01
In 140/70 R12 Bridgestone have MOLAS M50 - anyone know which tyre this is?
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 25-02-2007 22:34

>In 140/70 R12 Bridgestone have MOLAS M50 - anyone know which tyre this is?

A couple of us have ML50's...
Parent - By pokecheck Date 26-02-2007 07:03
The ML50's have a very chunky grip all the way across the width of the tyre. Almost a 'mud' tyre.

Apparently they wear out quicker than the hoop becuase it is easier to see were the tread depth has disppaeared (the Hoop has a centreal portion that is basically 'slick' by desisgn)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 26-02-2007 00:14
sorry buddy - if it was bad diesel then probably nothing would have helped - I' ve had a few slippy rides on hoops lately.

shout if you need help and if your fully comp with protected claims then I'd look at making a claim - the garage might factor in the screen for you if you agree to do your own work :-)

I think the engine vibrations might be belt/variator/roller related
Parent - By purple hat Date 26-02-2007 00:53
Oh dear, sorry to hear of this Ted.  Glad you are ok and not seriously hurt.  :(
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