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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 23-03-2007 21:00
I was caught by a German gentleman in a company owned Ford Focus doing a sudden and non signalled u-turn in Kensington at 7.15 this evening.

I can't remember much about the collision, I know that he did not signal and that I was not overtaking or filtering on the hatchings, I think he suddenly slowed and swung to the right, I scrubbed off most of my speed but gently hit his door at 45 degrees, then tipped over on my right hand side.

I had a lot of trouble escaping - I just could not release the belts. When I finally got out I was able to lift it myself.

Damage is nearside front panel, offside front panel, offside lower panel, dash, offside tit panel, tit, heatshield.

Damage to me one small graze below my right knee, embarrassment and I'm feeling a bit nauseous from the shock.

I was belted with a Nolan open face helmet and wearing an armoured fabric jacket and jeans. I did not feel a thing at the time.

Aren't these bikes amazing!

Even more amazing is that the taxi immediately behind me saw it all and stopped and gave me his details. What an absolute gent.

Have a good weekend everyone, ride safe :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 23-03-2007 21:30
OMG Phil, and so sorry to hear that. Sounds like the same injury I got, a cut below the knee and a grazed jacket.

Let's hope the Club can help to put your bike back together again. Thank God you were riding a C1 and not your RT.

Which bike was it Phil? Not the really low mileage one. I hope !
Parent - By C1200 Date 23-03-2007 22:06
yes Phil, messaged you mate
Parent - By Marino Date 24-03-2007 07:49
This is terrible news :-(  Theres not much you can do when someone does a U Turn in front of you ...Glad your OK Phil... :-)
Parent - By suffolkpunch Date 23-03-2007 21:38
Sorry to hear this, my end of town as well - Kensington is a nightmare.  Hope you and yours get well soon.

Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 23-03-2007 21:44
Glad to hear you are OK.
Did you tuck your feet in, or try to steady the bike and prevent it from toppling? I think i would stick my foot out in a crash, and am currently forcing myself to jam my feet in to the footwells as far as I can to try and train  myself to do it naturally!
Hope there's not too much serious damage to the bike either....
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 24-03-2007 06:42 Edited 24-03-2007 08:57
He he - thanks!

This was the scenario I fear the most. As a biker you have absolutely no defence against an unpredictable u-turn, unless you ride in line behind the car in front in which case you may as well be in a car. I was not overtaking him, he was on my left and suddenly slowed and swung hard right. Any suggestions on how to avoid that will be gratefully received.

To answer your various questions (randomly :-) )

It was the primrose Family Friend, the one on the left, 5th image of our front page.

My leg was out, I was stationary when it toppled but somehow I retracted it as the bike went over, a trapped leg would be a nightmare - certainly practicing riding with it tucked is a good idea.

The Club won't be putting it back together, Vines will - it's 4 panels, a dash and a heatshield, it's so clearly his fault I will go through insurance for sure. Of course if they write it off that's a different kettle of fish!

Regarding being on the RT, I realised when I filled up this morning that the rear tyre has rapidly worn over the past 500 miles to illegally bald and this was the last C1 flight prior to it's new tyre appointment next Friday - I was planning to take the K75 in next week (what a peach of a bike that is) but I think I will actually take the train.

Back in 2001 I had an incident on my way to work on my BMW R100R (a 1,000cc twin cylinder roadster) when a white van man failed to stop at a give way sign and pulled across my bows. I missed him by inches but that was the day I decided to buy a C1: my thinking was why get hurt just commuting to work? Well, 5 1/2 years later my decision has paid off.

These are amazing bikes and, in the main, they are ridden by amazing people. There are many excellent people I would not have the pleasure of knowing were it not for the Forum and now the Club. I repeat, it's a shame no-one told BMW!
Parent - By superted Date 24-03-2007 08:48
Sorry to hear about the accident Phil, but glad you're OK
Parent - - By Backload Date 24-03-2007 09:06
Sympathies Phil - it's repairable and the ideal type of C1 collision as you were unhurt and full impact was borne by the bike, might not be same in a K75.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 24-03-2007 16:57
I've been to Vines for an estimate - the parts list is huge, it will be written off for sure.

I'm going to notify my insurer but will deal directly with the other party/ their insurers (it is a company car owned by a pharma company based in Bracknel) in the first instance. I will try for a payout plus retain the bike, otherwise I will push for a much more expensive reinstatement, or they can source a replacement for me.

As the FF cost me £2,450 last August and was near to immaculate I will aim high :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 24-03-2007 17:38
Hi Phil, I'm happy you get out of this crash in one single part :) but unfortunately your beloved C1 has been badly smashed.
I hope you'll get a good price from other party insurers and find another immaculate C1 as a replacement.

Parent - - By Lawrie Date 25-03-2007 21:39
Awe, bloody hell, Phil, another one gone down, what are these guys doing driving cars? don't they know that London is full of bikers?

Glad you escaped without too much damage,  get well soon mate.
Parent - - By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 25-03-2007 21:41

>Awe, bloody hell, Phil, another one gone down

It's turning into an epidemic ..lets hope thats the last, so be extra careful out there chaps and chapettes...
Parent - By andogas Date 25-03-2007 22:03
Glad to hear that you are all ok. shame about the bike but it is repairable.

There seem to be loads of really nice low milage C1's on bike trader at the mo. Maybe you could use this as ammo against the insurance co - there may even be one that ends up in your garage!
Parent - - By szecsei Date 25-03-2007 22:22
Oh dear Phil. I'm so sorry to read about this. Another casualty from our London group is quite alarming....

Clearly the C1 worked its magic and you doubtless contributed to minimising the damage through your advanced riding in noticing his actions early on and reducing your speed...

Reading the incident has done nothing for my confidence on two wheels and it is exactly this sort of incident I'm terrified of encountering in London, precisely because there in NOTHING you can do about it. Bit like Allah and fatalism... if it's your day to go such is life. Regrettably, I've noticed an alarming rise in 'drifting' and aggressive lane changing. It seems to be spreading like a virus where one person starts, then another joins in. Once 20% of the people are at it, the rest think, 'bugger this' and join in, partly for fun, partly out of self defence against these hot heads. There's now little difference between driving standards in London and eastern European towns.

I hope your pride recovers as fast as your bike is pieced together. Remember, you can push for them to repair it whatever the expense to the insurer, because none of this is your fault.

I do hope you can still come on our German outing with one of your other beauties.

Parent - By purple hat Date 25-03-2007 23:47
Glad you came out from it relatively unscathed.  Hope you get a good settlement on your C1.  :)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 26-03-2007 12:37 Edited 26-03-2007 12:43
Thanks everyone, I'm fine apart from being off work with a chest infection :-)

The bike is extensively scratched with one panel plus the dash actually fractured - I will run it as it is if I get enough dosh from the other party ie if they give me £1500 to self repair and I get to keep the bike I will settle for that.

Actually I may well make it the world's first "rat" C1: !

I will replace the tit and the tyres this week then I will continue to commute it until the insurance is sorted.

Stef is absolutely correct - I really don't know what you can do to avoid a car that suddenly U-turns. If you never overtake moving cars it won't happen but then you may as well be in a car queuing up like all the other Lemmings.

Stef is also correct that as the incident started at less than 30mph I had scrubbed off most of the speed  prior to collision, I came to rest against the driver's door and then toppled over onto the right hand side.

The German driven was very polite - he kept apologising and asking if I was hurt. I just said S*** happens, and assured him I was  not hurt and that is the reason I ride these things.

My confidence in C1:s is unshaken. I rode it home afterwards and to Guildford the next day. What I may feel uneasy about is riding the K75 and I need to do that soon to be sure I'm not spooked by the whole episode.

Anyway they say that life without risk is no life at all!
Parent - - By Dakitali Date 26-03-2007 15:09
Just saw this Phil.

Very pleased to hear you were uninjured.

What's a 'rat' in this context?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 26-03-2007 16:25 Edited 26-03-2007 16:44

It's a form of customising a bike to make it look really dreadful, they weld tin cans to make the silencer look home made etc. I don't think this gallery does the art form justice * - they can look really amazing, it's limited by imagination rather than cost for obvious reasons.

(*But the GoldWing centre top is right on the money for this particular art form)

If you are going to "rat" a C1 it helps to start with a load of damaged panels, which of course I now have :-) - it would just be too cruel to do it to an immaculate C1: and in my view nothing should be done that can't be undone when some decent panels are located.....
Parent - - By superted Date 26-03-2007 18:57
Judging by their initial offer I think my insurers have the same idea :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-03-2007 14:07 Edited 27-03-2007 16:31
What was their initial offer?

Can I help in getting them to revise their valuations?

If they are quoting Glass's Guide at you tell them that no one buys or sells at their C1 prices. Glass's is very good at giving authenticity to a valuation that borders on piracy.

My Mother's Xantia diesel was offered at £700 trade in (against a C4), this was for a 98 TDi with 30K miles on, I ran it for 7 months then sold it for £1,500 and the buyer thought he had a bargain at that price, had it not been a neighbour and a friend I would have held for £1,850.

The simple answer is to request them to source a suitable replacement, similar miles and condition to yours pre accident, price is then academic. If they can find a 2 owner Williams 200 with full history for whatever their derisory offer was good luck to them.
Parent - - By superted Date 27-03-2007 15:38
Yes Phil. I'm well used to their tactics by now, but it seems to me like breach of contract. If they accept the vehicle at my valuation and set the premium based on that, then that should be the valuation that stands - less 7 months depreciation (or maybe appreciation at the moment!)

Whatever, I can stick it out as long as they can, I've done it before :-)

Thanks for the offer of help. I'll let you know if that becomes necessary

Oh. The offer was 1K, but they haven't seen fit to let me know what they value salvage at. And they wouldn't find many with that mileage :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-03-2007 16:24
Ted, £1,750 minimum. IMHO

(That is what I would have paid you to buy it back :-) )
Parent - By superted Date 28-03-2007 17:07
I have just thought of a way you can help me Phil. Did you get an itemised estimate? If so perhaps you could scan it and send me a copy, because I'm sure our damage will be very similar and it could save me some hassle (being idle again)  :-)

You can have it now for £1750 :-)
Parent - - By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 04:51

>What's a 'rat' in this context?

See photo of a "Rat" C1
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 27-03-2007 05:01
That's the 'nice' one, here's a rat-ish one :-)
Parent - - By PARTS ADMINISTR Date 27-03-2007 05:40
Thanks Lawrie I was looking for that photo :-)
Parent - By Lawrie Date 27-03-2007 06:28
Are we a sad buch of anoracks or what :-(
Parent - By larry Date 27-03-2007 15:40
What type of tire is on the front?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-03-2007 14:08
That's not a rat, it's an absolute beauty!
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-03-2007 16:14 Edited 27-03-2007 16:22
The estimate has come through at £2,061 (inc VAT and Labour).

Well done Vines for a very rapid turnround.

I will settle for a cheque for £1500 and I keep the bike.

Does anyone remember that irritating little toad that agreed to buy my FF a couple of months back? I immediately put the bike into Vines to repair the screenwash (I would not sell with a known fault), it cost me £170 - they valeted the bike so it was immaculate then toadie started to change his mind. He left a couple of messages to say he was not happy with the condition of the bike. I immediately broke off all communication with him, a deal is a deal, a gentleman's agreement is a gentleman's agreement and a tow rag is a tow rag in my book. I had been forewarned that he had put a deposit on a new bike with Vines, then cancelled.

Any way, to cut a short story long, due to a communication error with a new salesman Vines sold him a 125 Exec for £2,500. After breaking the stand cable a couple of times toadie has decided he does not like C1:s and asked Vines to buy it back.

They offered him £1400.

He he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he.


If you are reading this Mr Toadie I will offer you £1,500 as mine is not as shiny as it used to be :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 27-03-2007 17:21
Serves him right. Allan will give him £500, but only if he agrees to deliver it to Solihull. ;-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-03-2007 18:13
Of course I reserve the right to change my mind after the deal is agreed and you've spent some money on the bike.


Actually if he had bought mine I would have given him car park training and he would be a huge fan of C1:s by now (instead of a huge f***y with a hole where his bank account ought to be).

There are many many decent people out there and then you come across one of these :-(

What Vines realise is that they sold the bike way too cheap, it was an immaculate exec with 125 ABS and 4k miles AND a one year warranty - Duncan knew that the deal had gone out 1K too cheap but the salesman was new and did what he thought was right.

I reckon it can be had for £1750 and I know where it is now if anyone is interested.
Parent - - By purple hat Date 07-04-2007 17:00
Phil, are you still up for giving me some this year?  :)
Parent - - By beamish Date 07-04-2007 20:36

>Phil, are you still up for giving me some this year?

you naughty Girl Pam. ;-)
Parent - By purple hat Date 09-04-2007 14:52
I meant to say some TRAINING this year! :)

Besides, you lot are too old for me...  hehe.  :)
Parent - By Marino Date 08-04-2007 01:38

>Phil, are you still up for giving me some this year?  :-)

Pam I bet you say that to all the boys :-)
Parent - By C1200 Date 28-03-2007 08:10
plus petrol
Parent - - By greenrickoshea Date 27-03-2007 19:14
That's karma.

Parent - - By Backload Date 27-03-2007 19:35

> f***y???????

I think it is "F****g" but made a bit fluffy for the family audience around here.... :)
Parent - By beamish Date 27-03-2007 20:32
Hehe  :-)
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 27-03-2007 20:47
Parent - - By C1200 Date 28-03-2007 08:11
Parent - - By C1200 Date 28-03-2007 08:12
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 28-03-2007 09:58

(it was a pun on fan)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 29-03-2007 16:52 Edited 29-03-2007 16:56
I contacted BMW Insurance today to report my accident, they were the Broker and transferred me to the Insurance Company (NIG Insurance) they in turn transferred me to their Claims Department.

They were helpful but could not find the Policy under my name ( there are 4 BMWs on one policy) so they took the details manually.

So far so good.

I asked for a contact number, they gave me 0870 1515596.

An 0870!

So I asked for a landline and stated I NEVER call 0870 numbers

They said there was no landline equivalent.

So a quick visit to......

dialled in their premium number and got the landline equivalent in seconds.

That'll do nicely :-)

Let's see how the rest of the claim goes.....
Parent - By beamish Date 29-03-2007 17:22
Wow Phil. Never heard of that site. Thanks for putting that one up.

I would say that you should complain that you were given false information for their landline tel number. This is a disgrace that you should be charged to ring them for an accident that wasn't your fault.
Parent - - By Marino Date 29-03-2007 18:31


Thanks for that site Phil didn't realize it existed.. Nice one :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 29-03-2007 19:27 Edited 29-03-2007 19:31
In general, always ask for a landline equivalent.

If they say there is none, try the website.

If they are correct and it's an 0870 number ask them to call you back.

Always change to a new supplier if they are 0870 only, and if that is not possible be very sparing in your contact with them.

IMHO 0870 is a pure scam and it should be prosecuted as obtaining money by deception, as should be the stupid phone in competitions so favoured by the prime TV channels.

It's OK to say buyer beware but when the buyer is aged, or infirmed or uninformed then it's not a fair battle.
Parent - - By greenrickoshea Date 04-04-2007 13:20
Well done Phil.

I've just used for my insurance company and came up with a landline and 0800 equivalent.

What really galls me is when you're paying 0870 rates and they put you on hold!

Please ensure that when you visit you sign the petition to force companies to display an alternative number. I thnk this has to be signed by 4/4/07 so get your skates on.


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