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- - By Drynotwet Date 05-04-2007 16:10
Can anyone tell me what the c1 computer does, or what it looks like please? I suspect Marino has asked for pictures of it already somewhere....
Parent - - By airwin Date 05-04-2007 16:56
It manages the engine fuel injection, and takes air temp, engine temp, throttle position, oxygen content, speed and maybe other inputs into account. It is behind your back rest and looks like this:
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 06-04-2007 14:57
Thanks, but I do not mean the engine management computer, I mean the one that has trip/time functions (or similar) which is placed on the dashboard?
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 06-04-2007 17:36
I saw one once, it reminded me of a glorified cycle computer, did'nt see the point :-(
Parent - By timo Date 06-04-2007 20:40
Yeah, Lawrie, that is exactly what I thought of the computer too.  Scott Starr, the guy the showed me his C1 here in the US, had two of those on his C1.  Its only function would be to allow you to have an extra trip odometer.  It's pretty pricey for that, if you ask me.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 09-04-2007 14:54
See the auction, I'm the winning bidder ;)
Parent - - By Marino Date 09-04-2007 15:58
Well done Jerome you got that very cheap indeed.. :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 09-04-2007 16:01 Edited 09-04-2007 18:06
I hope this one won't be screwed up by my experiments...
Parent - - By airwin Date 09-04-2007 18:51
Isn't that what you bought it for?
Tu ne l'as pas acheté juste pour ça?
They are very cheap in Italy, I got mine for around the same price. Italians must be bad at self working on a C1. In Germany prices are 6 times higher for a BMS unit.
Parent - By jp72 Date 09-04-2007 21:14
I did, I don't want to screw my own BMS with my future project... ;)
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