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Parent - - By larry Date 25-01-2007 13:59
while looking at the site I found a reference to a bmw document that shows what appears to be an 80cc version of the c1, was this ever sold?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 25-01-2007 14:10
No, just a 125cc version with its power limited through a specific ECU setup. In my memories this is specific to german market for young people (sixteenthsome).
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 25-01-2007 16:23
the one we have coming works on usb or bluetooth but is really just a signal sender. I think the diagnostic is down to the software. other types just list the error codes on a display so in theory if we can crack the codes or get a list then we could make a diy solution.
the cheapest would be to have a book of faults and a way of reading them. you can always do the fault reset by disconnecting the battery or ecu for a few minutes.

what ever we do its all progress :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 25-01-2007 16:47
would it be possible to open the box and send me some pictures of its guts ? :)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 25-01-2007 17:07
I'll check it out when it turns up as I imagine it will be strippable for warranty work but I'm sure that once we've tested it no one will object to your having it for a bit of research :-)
Parent - - By airwin Date 24-01-2007 15:29
Also add a reset button for the 99.999 limit on the kilometer totalizer while you are at it. :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 24-01-2007 20:07
Looks like a new episode to "Impossible mission" :)
Parent - - By airwin Date 24-01-2007 21:38
"Mission Impossible" ?
Parent - By jp72 Date 25-01-2007 06:46
Hi airwin, seen that new French forum that start up yesterday ?
Parent - - By Andrew Date 10-03-2007 22:44

>a special version with its own box and a DB15 plug

Hi Jerome

Some feedback for you at last :-) I finally got round to bench testing that "Boombox Special" you made for me and it's superb :-) I never expected such a full sound from those C1 speakers. Next step is to fit it all to the C1. Don't hold your breath but I'll get there in the end :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 11-03-2007 06:39
That's great :)

Maybe to should bench it for let's say one hour to see how hot it get inside the box before integrating it into your C1 ?
Parent - - By Andrew Date 11-03-2007 08:04
Yes I've been thinking about ways of keeping it cool while keeping water out. It depends how much water gets into that area behind the seat back where I'll mount the amp. I might try to mount it so that the frame of the bike acts as a heat sink, or simply put some ventilation holes in the box and shelter them somehow.

If it overheats what will happen? Total meltdown or some kind of thermal cutout?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 11-03-2007 08:39
There's an integrated thermal protection in poweramp IC, so there's no risk of meltdown.
Parent - By Andrew Date 11-03-2007 21:08
Excellent. Thanks
Parent - By larry Date 11-03-2007 21:12
From my experience [having made a significant number of mistakes] you would be better off extending the heat sink to the frame (make sure it is electrically insulated but thermally conductive); adding 'ventilation holes' without a real airflow might only make matters worse (little cooling, more condensation/risk of contamination).
Parent - - By Andrew Date 09-04-2007 14:53 Edited 09-04-2007 14:59
Finally got round to fitting the custom built BoomBox and it sounds superb! My wife could hear me returning from the test ride way before she could see me :-)

With a helmet on at 60 mph it has plenty of power to overcome other noises and the helmet insulation, but I found myself manually adjusting the volume with the speed in order to avoid frightening old ladies etc at traffic lights :-).

Here are some pictures of the work, which took 7 hours, but I was taking my time and enjoying the tinkering. I already had the speakers and volume control from a scrap bike, but I had to make the wiring myself to connect it all together. I'm no expert, but found it easy to do.

I chose to mount the small battery radio and/or MP3 player with sticky velcro fasteners to the inside of the roof next to the speakers. The radio gets better reception there, it's reasonably out of sight, out of the way of my head and easily accessible. The velcro allows it to be removed for new batteries or replaced with an MP3 when required.

Here's the level to which the bike has to be stripped down to fit the speakers and amp....
Parent - - By Andrew Date 09-04-2007 15:02
Also you can see where I put the amp and how the speaker bracket fits with the notched out rear panel.

I took the live feed from the rear side light so that if I really want to avoid battery drain during starting or for some other temporary reason I can switch off the lights. As I usually ride with the lights on the amp is always on with the ignition.
Parent - - By Marino Date 09-04-2007 17:59
Looks like a fairly complex retrofit Andrew, well worth it though.. Well done mate :-)
Parent - By beamish Date 09-04-2007 19:41
yea, nice one :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 10-04-2007 15:52
That's awesome, this looks like a tribute to my BoomBox special mod ! :)

Well done mate!!
Parent - By Andrew Date 10-04-2007 21:20
Definitely a tribute to the Jerome BoomBox :-) Amazing power from such a small box, and the BMW speakers are able to handle it as well. They actually look like decent speakers to me with big magnets and solid mountings, but I'm no expert.

Used it going to work today and no signs of overheating even though I have made no special holes in the box for ventilation.

Only problem to solve now is how to let more of the sound get to my ears, past the helmet.

Thanks Jerome for all the work you put into making the amp :-) If anyone else wants to fit this version of BoomBox I can give some guidance, although there were no real problems
Parent - - By martin_lloyd Date 13-03-2010 17:05
Would a BoomBox full upgrade kit still be available? If so how much would it cost now?
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-03-2010 18:45
send jerome a pm and he should reply. he's been busy commercialising the diagnostic tool and a few other things so I know he has been busy.
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