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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 10-04-2007 16:35 Edited 10-04-2007 16:37
Well they're gone and good riddance.

Riding on the Michelins was making me weird - as Ted mentioned elsewhere they were dropping into corners and life was one big countersteer. To be fair my front bearings were shot but the tyres wore rapidly - the rear was truly bald in less than 5k miles and the handling was ghastly from the start.

To be back on Hoops with their magic carpet handling and 15K life expectancy is pure joy.

Under no circumstances fit these awful tyres, someone had to try them but they have messed up my riding for the last six months so I'm sorry it was me.
Parent - By superted Date 10-04-2007 17:36
At least they grip better in the wet than Avons :-(
Parent - - By airwin Date 10-04-2007 21:24
I still have the original Michelin on my front tyre and the bike is close to 50 000 km. I do agree however that they are to soft for the rear, mine lasted 15 000 km.
On the front I pump to 2.0 atm, on the back to 2.5 atm, I think tyre pressure has a big influence on grip and life cycle.
Parent - - By greenrickoshea Date 11-04-2007 20:11
Dear airwin,

50,000 km from a bopper is amazing. Do you have specifically smooth roads where you live?

What are ATMs? Are you a diver or something?


Parent - By Lawrie Date 11-04-2007 21:15
ATM = 14.7 psi.      2 x ATM = 29.4 psi,      2.5 ATM = 36.75 psi
Parent - - By jp72 Date 12-04-2007 04:49 Edited 12-04-2007 04:54
That's not seems to be the bopper but the front tyre :)

IMO 50000km seems fairly standard as my front one looked like new at 24000km (my first C1).

Moreover, roads in France are very well maintened and smooth... But maybe the point is about driving behaviour and how much ones uses its front brake ?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 12-04-2007 06:09
The front Boppas do last well - which is a shame considering what they do to the handling :-)

If you are not convinced try and beg a ride on a Hoop equipped C1, mine is available for a try ride at Ashford (the one near to Staines) the difference is truly amazing.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 12-04-2007 06:28
Boppers tend to make the bike feel as if it wont steer,and when it does it is a heavy slow turn,which is ably assisted by an uneven wear rate which bogs the front end down even more.The effect is rather like turning with a brick attached to your front wheel.Hoops are pinpoint precision..Moral here is..Never go a Cropper on a Bopper..:-)
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 12-04-2007 07:20
Very well put Allan.

I feel a tad guilty as for several years I recommended the Boppa front Hoop rear combo, that was based on my 15,000 front Boppa life and I suspect several people went by my recommendations. But then, fuelled by curiosity, I had a pair of Hoops fitted by Chasbikes (£83 the pair FITTED!) and could not believe the difference, nor how foolish I had been not to try them earlier. What no-one had told me, and I only found it in the fullness of time, was that the Hoops last at least 15K front and rear. I find no lack of grip, the handling is sweet and does not go off.

It is the most important tweak you can make to a C1 !

IMHO (obviously)
Parent - - By greenrickoshea Date 12-04-2007 20:29 Edited 12-04-2007 20:58
Moreover, roads in France are very well maintened and smooth...

Really? Not from my experience.

There's some real bone shakers over there.

Oops..........Hope I haven't started somethng here. :-O
Parent - By szecsei Date 12-04-2007 21:37
You're right Greeno, but whereas their roads have been getting steadily better over the past couple of decades, ours have gone from mediocre to downright neglected. Recent resurfacing work here is of a good quality, but it's pretty infrequent.

The only place i've experienced worse roads that in the UK have been in Eastern Europe generally
Parent - By jp72 Date 12-04-2007 21:45 Edited 12-04-2007 21:53

I agree that was a bit chauvinistic and not so partial, let's say that motorway and main roads are generaly smooth...


town and cities street are OK...sometime

and secondary roads are fairly average...most of the time
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