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- - By airwin Date 15-05-2007 19:02
First club, owners of more then 1 C1.
I bought a nearly new C1 in Germany took the train to get there and planned on driving it back on May 5th.
It had exactly 993 km on the counter and still had the "new car" smell.
When I drove it away it stayed new for less then 10 kms. :-(
At km 1002 I was waiting behind the white line for a red traffic light when a heard screaming tyres behind me. "Somebody will get hit" I thought. It was me. Looking at the damage to his car I must have been hit at quite a speed. I could read the letter H from his license plate on the plastic of the rear wheel hugger. I ended up with the C1 on my right ankle. That was the foot I had on the ground when he hit me. Bruised not broken. Bike has a lot of damage but I could still drive it home for 250 kms. I wonder if it is not a write off.
Police made up the accident papers as it happened in front of the main police station for the area.
So second club is the one of serious C1 accidents.
Parent - By Marino Date 15-05-2007 19:08

>Bruised not broken. Bike has a lot of damage but I could still drive it home for 250 kms

So sorry to hear this Airwin that is rotten luck...I'm relieved to hear you weren't too badly hurt...but thats a shame..Best wishes mate!! 
Parent - - By timo Date 15-05-2007 20:11
Hope that your ankle heels quickly.

That is heart aching.  Not more than 10 kms of ownership.  It could be a challenge to get the insurance to give it a proper value, even though you had just bought it.  I hope that all works out to your benefit in the end.
Parent - - By beamish Date 15-05-2007 21:08
So sorry for you mate. I hope you get all the compensation you deserve. Best wishes.
Parent - By C1200 Date 15-05-2007 21:37
I cant believe your bad news mate,really sorry and hope you get compensated very soon..:-(
Parent - By Lawrie Date 15-05-2007 21:10
Oh dear, very sorry to hear of this accident, this seems to be getting quite common, what is it about the C1's that they keep getting rammed from behind?

I hope you don't have too much pain & injuries & get well soon.

As for the bike, The main chassis is almost certain to be ok, what nearly always suffers in a 'rear-ender' is the rear sub-frame & engine mounts, chances are the whole engine/transmission will be out of plonk look from behind, to check the shocks hang vertical, place a long straight-edge  (long-plank)  onto front & rear wheels to check the alignment.
Parent - By purple hat Date 19-05-2007 14:50
What awful luck, glad you are ok despite your bruised ankle. 
Parent - - By szecsei Date 15-05-2007 21:30
:-o I'm really sorry to read of your incident. That's the worst luck imaginable, and to happen with such a 'new' C1 when they are so hard to come by...

Glad you didn't have any worse injuries that your bruised ankle.

Good luck dealing with the insurance company to get adequate compensation. Just out of interest, where did it happen?
Parent - By airwin Date 16-05-2007 12:53
It happened on the Düsseldorfer strasse in Mettmann, 40878 Ratingen. Not to far from Dûsseldorf I would guess by the name of the street. Since I arrived by train and had no maps this is all I know.
Parent - - By airwin Date 13-05-2008 21:31
Today 13th of Mai the same happened again, exactly 1 year and 1 week later. This must be a seasonal thing. :-( Rearended while waiting at a red traffic light. But I had less luck. The bike fell on my right leg and the exhaust burned my leg. I was screaming, that exhaust is hot. Calf burned to 3rd degree.
My experience is that if your leg is caught tell the bystanders to lift the wheelend, NOT the roof end. Lifting it by the roof end increases the pressure on your leg, as at a certain point ALL the weight is that single point which is your leg. ALWAYS lift the BOTTOM of the bike!!!
Parent - By pokecheck Date 13-05-2008 21:49
Ow! Hope it all gets better soon
Parent - By aware Date 13-05-2008 21:49
Ouch! What a horrible experience, hope you get well soon..!

And many thanks about the lifting advice.

Parent - - By jp72 Date 14-05-2008 05:40 Edited 14-05-2008 20:10
I feel very sorry for you. It seems that people are getting mad when sun and heat are back in early summer. I'm very carefull during this weeks as "dry season" bikers are  putting out their big flashy bikes and start speeding over Paris highway.
I hope you'll have a fast recovery. What about the bike ?
Parent - - By airwin Date 14-05-2008 07:01
The bike is badly damaged on all the parts it was already damaged a year ago. The insurance claim from last year is still running. I have patched the bike back in riding conditions with a lot of tape and a piece of wood to hold the direction indicators. I will post a pic of "scarface" later.
Parent - By beamish Date 14-05-2008 11:13
Get well soon and sorry to hear about your accident.
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