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- - By szecsei Date 25-06-2007 23:44
This is quite a story. I had gone to Heathrow to bid farewell to some friends of mine visiting from abroad. I'd parked my kite in the bike parking section at Terminal 1 and upon returning, I noticed another red C1 parked at the far end with a piece of paper fluttering in the wind. I decided to investigate and discovered it was a for sale notice...

Red 200 basic with FAS, ABS and warm paws and bum for £1200!! Turned out the owner was a Spanish banker in the City who has been posted abroad and needed to get rid of his C1 pronto prior to his depature to Tokyo.

He bought it in Frankfurt in 2004 used from a BMW dealer, prior to being seconded to London. He used the bike for a while on German plates, then had it put on a UK registration. So its got a Euro spec headlight and speedo is in kph, which apparently passed the MOT ok when it was tested last year.

The beauty is that it's only on 13000 kms (approx 8000 miles) with a commesurate condition. Picked up a few scrapes from being parked in London bike bays but she's pretty good overall. Because of his lack of knowledge as an expat in London (I mean this in the best possible sense), he's thrown money at the bike at BMW Park Lane who've asked him to take his trousers down on a number of occasions. Last job was to replace the sprag clutch and a new battery, for £450 in May.

Have I bought the cheapest running 200 that we know of? :-)
Parent - By larry Date 26-06-2007 00:14
Wow, that sounds like a terrific deal!
Good luck with it!
Parent - - By Marino Date 26-06-2007 00:16

>Have I bought the cheapest running 200 that we know of? :-)

You lucky rascal well spotted...Photos ASAP :-)
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 26-06-2007 04:41
Well done Stef, great deal you got yourself there, we gotta buy 'em all up :-)
Parent - - By C1200 Date 26-06-2007 05:57
well done,you lucky thing!
Parent - - By purple hat Date 26-06-2007 07:05
What a peice of good fortune, well done Stef.  :)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 26-06-2007 08:20 Edited 26-06-2007 13:42
That's a brilliant buy. Was that with PDB?

I suggest you panel swap any better panels from your 125 (and any other bits thats are better) then sell the 125 in it's "Raided" state.

I will be interested to see if you prefer the 200 to the 125, I have now found that the jury is well and truly out. Only time on Colin's Silver 200 will finally bed that for me. The 125 I have is SO good it's confusing the issue bigtime :-)

Anyway, enjoy and if you need your C1: to get to work then surely you should keep both.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 26-06-2007 11:11
No, there was no box or rack including, he doesn't have one. At that price it would be churlish to complain really.

There's nothing to panel swap I reckon, other than the dashboard and speedo. All the panels on the 200 are in better condition that the 125.

Do you guys know of anywhere who can reprogram the speedo clock from the 125 to read the correct number of miles?

I'm glad everyone else thinks it's a good deal. So do I :-)

Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 26-06-2007 16:35
you would have to get a replacement set of clocks, I dont think they are clockable or reprogramable so you have to notify dvla who put something on the v5 I think. :-)
Parent - By jp72 Date 26-06-2007 17:28
I think reprogramming speedo might be possible if the dashboard is connected on same KBUS than ECU, might be my next research playground...
Parent - - By timo Date 27-06-2007 15:11
Seems like I remember Airwin, or it may have been someone else, posting about several Germans being upset with the fact that their odometer could not be reset, and it was useless once it reached 99,999 KM.  If they have not figured it out, I don't think it can be done.

If it can be done, I'm sure JL72 will be the guy to do it. :-)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 27-06-2007 19:03
could it it be done with an eprom programer? I assume they didn't expect that lifespan so missed it off the coding. must be great knowing that your bike wont get any older though :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 27-06-2007 20:23
I would be great if we could get a spare dashboard unit to see what's its guts look like...
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 28-06-2007 04:50

>I would be great if we could get a spare dashboard unit to see what's its guts look like...

I presume you were waiting for this:  I have a couple of spare clock assys from 2 of my scrappers, if I fix either of them to a bike, they each show their own mileages, so its something built into the speedo itself.
One is from an ABS machine, the other is 'standard', I am willing to send you one to inspect if you like, I would prefer if it was not destroyed however :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 28-06-2007 05:33
Thanks Lawrie, that's a fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into C1's secrets! (don't worry I'll take care of this speedo)

>> so its something built into the speedo itself.

I knew this, when I swapped two ECU, mileage was still the same. The good thing is that ECU must talk to speedo. I wonder how many pins are built into speedo back connector, just to guess what kind of signal might be used...

Do I need to PM you my personnal address or you still have it ? Obviously I'll pay shipping cost ( please use standard flat rate :) )

Parent - - By Lawrie Date 28-06-2007 14:20

>I knew this, when I swapped two ECU, mileage was still the same. The good thing is that ECU must talk to speedo

Would you like an ECU as well, I have a couple of spares also.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 28-06-2007 14:38
No thanks, I manage to buy a working one from an italian ebayer (50EUR) :)
However, if you have the plug that come with the speedo, this would make things easier for me.

Parent - - By Lawrie Date 28-06-2007 18:10

>However, if you have the plug that come with the speedo

Unfortunately no, the plug is still attached to the speedo assy, & the matching socket is still part of, & attached to the wiring-loom.
Parent - By Marino Date 28-06-2007 18:14

>if you have the plug that come with the speedo,

And I'm afraid we only have one wiring loom belonging to the C1UB and you already have it Jerome .... :-(
Parent - - By szecsei Date 26-06-2007 11:21
I prefer the 200 already!! The punchy performance off the lights is startling after the 125. It feels much more like a real motorbike with that shove and will be useful to get away from idiotic 3-series drivers who are desperate to overtake you from the green.

The noise is a bit deeper and resonant - sounds good to me.

I'd like to have the valves checked though, because I'm conscious of the 200 burning valves more readily than the 125.
Parent - - By timo Date 26-06-2007 16:14
Great deal Stef.  That bike sounds a lot like mine.  Every buzz and whistle, but a red color.  I'll give you £1500 for it. :-)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 26-06-2007 17:53
cor thats nearly $4000 bucks :-)
Parent - - By timo Date 27-06-2007 15:12 Edited 27-06-2007 15:15
Not yet, but I fear that it will be soon. :-o

When I bought my C1, it was 1.81:1  I just checked today, and it is 1.9995:1.  I'm not a poor man, but I'm getting poorer. :-(
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 27-06-2007 19:07
yesterday they were reporting it at over $2 - whats goings on? I mean I know bush is unpopular but this is getting silly I can only assume that those less in favour like libya, iran, china, russia etc.. are buying euros instead to take the emphasis off the dollar being the world currency in the same way the US engineered power away from sterling after ww2.
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 27-06-2007 19:07
we'll have to do kit swaps instead :-)
Parent - - By jervanheg Date 27-06-2007 10:57
I want to see that one on the next nurnburg meet!!!!
Parent - By szecsei Date 27-06-2007 21:00
You will!! :-)
Parent - By beamish Date 26-06-2007 08:21
Jammy Git. :-)
Parent - - By szecsei Date 19-07-2007 22:46
Oh dear. I had a call from Jap and German today after dropping off the bike to them yesterday morning.

Apparently, my front wheel was held onto the bike with a wing and a prayer and it's a miracle I didn't kill myself. One of the pinch bolts was missing from the left hand fork, the other side was finger tight whilst the axle nut was so loose the weight of the spanner on its own would open it.

I can't for a minute believe that some garage would have been so negligent to have left the bike like this, and the bloke I bought it from was definately not the type to be swapping wheels at the weekend. It had been into BMW Battersea to have the alternator done at the end of May. There was no mention of the front at all on the bill and there's no reason to have taken off the wheel. Equally, I'm assuming that if the bike was already sabotaged, they would have noticed the missing pinch bolt when the bike was up in the air?...

The only thing I can think of is that someone wanted to nick the wheel one night whilst it was parked outside the previous owner's home in Notting Hill, got as far as loosening the bolts and unscrewed one of the pinch bolts, before they were disturbed and scarpered. Or someone is having a laugh and wants to see a C1 lose its front wheel and then p1ss on the owner once he's been down the road. The owner did mention that his flatmate has had two brand new Vespas stolen consecutively from the bike-bay round the corner, so the fact that it's one of London's most prestigous and expensive areas means sweet Fanny Adams.

This is REALLY worrying and is enough to make you paranoid, wondering who's been tinkering with your bike whilst you've been away... You have all been warned.
Parent - - By beamish Date 19-07-2007 22:49
OMG Stef.

Glad you were alright though.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 19-07-2007 22:54
I 'spose that answers the query about the 'funny handling'. When your wheel is mounted in bubble gum and rubber bands, don't be surprised if the bike feels a bit unstable.

Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 20-07-2007 03:05
crumbs!!!!!!!!!!!! at least its been found. :-)
Parent - By Marino Date 20-07-2007 03:55
A very lucky escape Stefan. 
Parent - By larry Date 23-07-2007 12:46
Good to hear that it was not discovered while moving! :-)
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 20-07-2007 10:16
Time for an alarm with motion sensor?  That's what I most miss about the C1 I sold. It had a top of the range Datatool. About £250.

Parent - - By beamish Date 20-07-2007 10:30
My 200 has a cat 3 Thatcham alarm fitted and it bleeps if you touch it. Cost the guy I bought it from £300 to have fitted.
Parent - - By Marino Date 20-07-2007 16:06
I have a large 3lb hammer you bleed if you touch my C1. Cost ONLY £4.50 at Halfords :-)
Parent - By timo Date 20-07-2007 16:18
:-) Marino

Glad that found that Stef.  That could have been really bad.
Parent - - By purple hat Date 24-07-2007 18:15
Flippin' 'eck Stef, that was close then.  Oo-er.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 24-07-2007 21:20
Certainly was. The bike feels OK now, but the front brakes are binding quite badly. You can hear the sizzle of pads on disc as you're riding above 30 and I'm getting brake fade coming down steep hills as the seem to be heating up front the constant friction. Anyone got any idea why, and what I can do to correct this?
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2007 21:26
Sounds like the piston or slider is seizing, get a big flat bar or big screwdriver & push it between the pad & the disk & pry a gap, go as far as you can, then apply the brake lever, it will by slack & have no pressure until the pad meets the disc, do this several times, should do the trick. If not, then the caliper will have to be pulled off, (2mins) & cleaned.
Parent - By szecsei Date 24-07-2007 22:01
Cheers Lawrie! Always a fountain of knowledge :-)

I'll do as you suggest. It wasn't doing this before being removed by J&G to do my front end so I'm wondering what has happened in the meantime. Who knows, these are funny little bikes with no predictability...
Parent - By C1200 Date 24-07-2007 22:54
If the caliper pistons are sticking you can remove them by clamping one piston back,whilst pumping on the brake lever thus pushing the other one nearly out,then just before it comes out hold it and repeat by pumping to get t,other one nearly out then pop them out by hand, clean and re lube before reinstalling..
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