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- - By bolt-on-billy Date 27-06-2007 18:54
Parent - - By jp72 Date 28-06-2007 17:33
Very interesting. :)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 28-06-2007 17:40
a lot more complex than ours I think but a reasonable isight I thought. there's loads of stuff on there which I've been reading as general knowledge :-)

jerome - while you are mooching around inside the programming can you see if you can find anything to do with the abs. In theory you can bleed your brakes via the moditec but more importantly if we change the engine and want to patch the abs back together we need to know what the relationship is between the front and rear wheels.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 28-06-2007 17:47
I'm not sure if the abs has is own ECU or if the ECU handle both functions (engine & abs)... In that case it might just be about downloading a new software inside the ECU. I've got some clue on this and could try something later...
Parent - - By airwin Date 29-06-2007 19:23
In the discussion on the german forum they mention that a dutch company proposes to adjust digital kilometer readouts. Only of course for legal reasons. I googled and found this in the netherlands. They propose to adjust any car counter !

BTW they have a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Coupe 6.9 for sale. Only EUR 1.100.000
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 29-06-2007 19:33
What's the mileage onit?
Parent - By airwin Date 29-06-2007 22:16
1500 km. It states: New car never even driven.
Parent - - By airwin Date 29-06-2007 19:02
On ebay - link below - is a C1 for sale. The seller states that is has done 17 000 km, but the km counter shows less, because it was "entdrosselt". They have regulations in Germany where youngsters can drive the C1 if it does not goes faster then I think 80 km/hr. So apparently this bike was with a ECU limiting the speed and when he got the limitation taken away by the dealer "accidentally" the counter went back to 0. So it must be possible. Normally this should of course not be the case but the workshop did something wrong, showing that it is technically do-able.
Parent - By Marino Date 29-06-2007 19:06

>On ebay - link below - is a C1 for sale.

I like the look of that Black exhaust heat shield :-)
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