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Parent - - By Marino Date 24-06-2007 15:49

>What a guy, what a fortunate little club we are.  :-)

Jerome looks like all your hard work has paid off, We are so fortunate to have so many gifted C1UB members..  :-)
Parent - By jp72 Date 24-06-2007 18:21
Thanks guys for this cheer up, that's a kind reward for me
Parent - - By jp72 Date 24-06-2007 18:20
Do you remember that one of your jokes started up this project ?

>> Your next task is to develop a diagnostic box that fits on the dash, this little unit must display ANY fault on the C1, & then automaticly fix it. You have 2 weeks :-)

Sorry, if I'm close to the goal  I obviously won't meet your expexted delays ;) LOL
Parent - - By jp72 Date 10-07-2007 19:56
A fast update on project :

- I manage to code core functions to navigate through menu using the 4 board buttons (up,left,right,ok)
- Reading ECU identification data and faults works, but yet no translation from numeric to english language (a translation table is to be used, ie Fault 0272 = "Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit, Short-circuit to Positive or Open-circuit.")

Here is an overview of current working menu navigation:

<Engine Monitor>
<ECU Diagnostic>
   <ECU Info>
   <ECU Read Errs>
   <ECU Reset Errs>
<ABS Diagnostic>
   <ABS Info>
   <ABS Read Errs>
   <ABS Reset Errs>

I will be in Germany all next week for professional training purpose, so I should have plenty of free time on afternoon to work on this project :)

More updates to come...
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 10-07-2007 20:49
Parent - By beamish Date 10-07-2007 21:17
Well done.
Parent - By Marino Date 11-07-2007 02:18
Parent - By airwin Date 10-07-2007 21:34
Surtout continue comme ├ža ...:-)
Parent - By purple hat Date 11-07-2007 08:54
You guys are amazing.  :)
Parent - - By airwin Date 11-07-2007 14:04
I think this thread should be moved to technical chat, rather then the members photo gallery.
Parent - By jp72 Date 11-07-2007 16:09
I aggree.
btw we could strip off some pictures of this thread that are a bit out of topic :)
Parent - - By BASSLONDON Date 13-07-2007 00:26
PIC CONTROLLERS??? MPLAB IDE??? C????  My worst nightmare, we use this all the time in Broadcast Electronic development sandpits. I wish u good luck!!!
Parent - By jp72 Date 13-07-2007 06:14
Exactly, well guessed !!!:)
And what about designing electronic schematic, PCB prototyping, PCB soldering and its debugging or hacking logical serial signals ?

You might be THE man that I need on the other side of the channel.
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