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- - By jp72 Date 06-08-2007 14:04 Edited 25-08-2007 18:46
Hi members,

I'm proud to announce that I've reached a rather stable milestone on my C1 diagnostic tool project.
Most of the coding is done and I'm about to borrow prototype unit to a friend for him to fully test any fault code available.
In the meantime you'll find attached a quicktour guide of "C'Mon diagnostic tool".

Here are remaining things to be done:
- make a second prototype to be fitted in a waterproof plastic box.
- decode engine parameters dataset to extract coolant temperature, rpm, engine load, etc...


Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 06-08-2007 17:58
cool :-)
Parent - By beamish Date 06-08-2007 20:00
Parent - By Drynotwet Date 06-08-2007 20:36
Very impressed! Can't wait to see the finished product!
Parent - By airwin Date 06-08-2007 20:48
Excellent :-):-)
Parent - By larry Date 07-08-2007 00:15
Very impressive work!
Parent - By Marino Date 07-08-2007 08:19
Congratulations Jerome ...The protocol looks very complex indeed and exceeds anything the GS-911 can do..  :-)
Parent - - By adilmon2007 Date 07-08-2007 12:12

I discovered this gadget. Does the C1 have an OBDII port?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 07-08-2007 18:29
The C1 use a proprietary BMW plug that is not OBDII, however the management protocol in some aspects is close to ODBII (ISO14230).
I doubt that this display panel would work as C1's ECU does not fully comply with standard protocol for fault codes and engine parameters management. Moreover C1's ECU initialization sequence is very specific. :(
Parent - - By beamish Date 07-08-2007 23:18
Gotya! :-O
Parent - - By jp72 Date 25-08-2007 17:23 Edited 25-08-2007 18:47
Here is the final version in a box (dim. 90x58x24 mm)  :)

Below is attached a quicktour guide of this device.
Parent - By flange Date 25-08-2007 17:38
I had one of those, but when I settled down the wife stopped me from using it, she felt Inadequate or something?!?! what rpm does your one do?

Seriously though, great engineering - clearly hours of dedication has gone into it and if I had a brain I might be able to understand it.

Parent - By C1ds Date 25-08-2007 19:22
Great work!!
We are eventually going to need one of those gizmos over here in the states!!!
Parent - - By mach2 Date 27-08-2007 08:15
Jerome, have you considered getting some backing and producing commercial applications and technology?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 27-08-2007 08:20
Well, not really as this wasn't meant to be done for a commercial purpose. I could built a very limited number of units in case someone ask...
Any advice is appreciated :)
Parent - By Lawrie Date 27-08-2007 08:43
Very impressive, every C1 owner should have one. :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 27-08-2007 08:54 Edited 27-08-2007 08:57
Here are the actual features of this tool:

- Read realtime engine parameters : Battery voltage, vehicule speed (more to come: coolant temp, RPM, Load, uptime...)
- Read realtime engine raw parameters : Hex codes strings to be decoded to add more engine parameters...
- Read ECU informations (Software version, factory date, VIN number and chassis number,...)
- Read and decode ECU faults : code, explanation, status (current, stored, nb occurences...)
- Reset current and stored ECU faults
- Read ABS informations (Software version, factory date, ABS serial#,...)
- Read and decode ABS faults : code, explanation, status (current, stored, nb occurences...)
- Reset current and stored ABS faults

You can also read the PDF document attached up there to discover menu navigation (this doc is to be updated).

I hope it's clear  :)

The tool easily fit into the right panel box, so I could test real time parameters monitoring while commuting this morning (45km), it works great :)

By the way I added a switch and a buzzer, so I'll be possible to fit it right into the C1 and raise an alarm in case a parameter cross a threshold (coolant temp, fault detection).
Parent - - By airwin Date 27-08-2007 15:12
As an order of magnitude if you designed and priced it for a "production run" of 50 units what would be the costs? You could maybe sell them in anticipation and ask for a 50%downpayment to start the serie.
Parent - - By jrw Date 27-08-2007 15:56
And please put me down for one.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 27-08-2007 18:54
50 units is way to much regarding my freetime :(
I'll see how much for a single unit and let you know.
Parent - - By timo Date 27-08-2007 19:49
I think what airwin was asking about was more along the lines of having someone else make them for you.

If the price were right, then you would most likely sell enough of them that you could not keep up with the production yourself.

I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again.  Wow, jp72, YOU ROCK!
Parent - By jp72 Date 27-08-2007 20:20
Understood, in that case anyone to help me putting up such an initiative ?
I know chinese company able to produce quality PCB for a good price... But I'm affraid that 50 units wouldn't be enough to start an industrial component mounting process...
Parent - - By jp72 Date 29-08-2007 13:34
Ok, did a bit of calculation.

I might be able to propose this device for around 200EUR :
- Electronic board fully tested
- Empty plastic box (board is to be integrated in it)
- BMW diagnostic plug + cord (this one cost almost 20EUR!)
- 9V battery cord + plug (to power the tool when connected to a PC, so it is possible to add/change fault code explanation and update firmware in a near future)

I prefer not integrate the board in the box. why ? Because I don't like doing this :)
That mean that a few holes would have to be done in it and a bit of easy soldering.
Parent - - By jrw Date 29-08-2007 14:33
Looks good - still put me down for one if you make some.
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 29-08-2007 14:38
This kind of thing should be built into bikes and cars. We're already handling huge amounts of errors on our computers so no prob getting our heads round this one.
Parent - - By nickmiddy Date 30-08-2007 06:25
I see you don't use Mac's... ;^)
Parent - By BASSLONDON Date 30-08-2007 06:38

>I see you don't use Mac's... ;-) <

On the contrary..................
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 30-08-2007 09:24
Only transparent ones. Makes flashing a lot easier.  :-)
Parent - - By truzzman Date 03-09-2007 07:35
How much only for schematics and source code for PIC?
Parent - By jp72 Date 03-09-2007 09:36 Edited 03-09-2007 09:55
Hi Stefano,

I'm sorry but I won't release the source code for that project, you may understand that there's a huge amount of personnal investment on this and I don't have much time to do any kind of support on it.

I could however propose two additional options:
- PCB + programmed microchip IC + programmed Serial eeprom + BMW Diagnostic plug for around 90 EUR (you have to buy by yourself electronic parts)
- complete kit (including BMW Diag plug) + programmed microchip IC + programmed serial eeprom for around 140 EUR.

You have to understand that this kit is way more complex than my FAS modified amp, there's about 60 electronic and miscellanous parts involved, some SOIC & SMD soldering (Surface Mount Devies), and some are quite hard to find:
- Modified BMW Diag Plug
- SMD MC33290
- SMD/DIL PIC18F2515
- SMD resistors and capacitors


Parent - - By jp72 Date 04-10-2007 19:28
For you're information, I start a new thread for ordering purpose:
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