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- - By wotnohelmet Date 01-03-2007 14:33
(Edited from The Forum but now with a twist.  This happened on the  21st November '06)

A builders lorry sideswiped me this morning on the way to work.  Superficial damage only but I bet there will be no change from a grand.  The C1 works fine, the bike and I slid up the road on the righthand side and then hit a parked car.

The C1 is sitll ridable, it just looks a bit tatty now.  When the bike stopped, I just unbuckled and got out, marvelous.  All the force was taken by the side bumper, exhaust guard and side panels.  Oh, the handlebar grip got scuffed, but the heating element still works.  The top box lost a locating lug, that's no problem, I can fix that, in fact I've already done it when the C1 was lifted by the topbox by some idiots and one snapped off

I am very annoyed but totally uninjured.  I was wearing my half helmet and of course my head got nowhere near the ground. 

I called the police as the driver's intention was to not let me pass, of that I'm convinced, it was a deliberate swipe, but, I have no witnesses so I'll have to swallow this one. 

The officers on the scene saw the aftermath and saw what had to have happened.  One took me aside and said he could see what had occured (he was a biker too) and said that I have no chance of putting the blame on him.  All the time the the lorry driver was waving his arms about and shouting, saying that I had just lost control and our vehicles never even made contact.

Great, so I crash all on my own and then look for someone nearby to blame.  As if.

I'll post the outcome when it's sorted out.

I think I may be able to get the panel damage sorted, but the exhaust shield is pretty battered and I need a side bumper.

P.S. The biker police officer never mentioned my half helmet, he just said I was lucky to be in a C1   nice man.



I need to go to court now as a witness as the driver had no insurance, no MOT, no tax AND NO BLOODY LICENCE!!!  I don't know where that will leave me with all of this.  It may work in my favour of course, I wondered why it was all taking such a long time to sort out.  At the time he did supply a very iffy way out of town address and also insurance details and his tax disk was in date.  It looks like everything was false. 

Well they've obviously got him now.  The no licence thing, does this automatically make him the one in the wrong as it does with drink driving?  I only say this as he vehemently stated to the atttending officers that we never even touched vehicles!

Simon WNH
Parent - By johnC1 Date 02-03-2007 00:25
Even if the court except your version of events, I'd guess you won't get any compensation. He should be put away for driving a lorry without a license & insurance and castrated for knocking you off your bike. I had a lorry driver swerve out at me this morning because I was passing a long line of stationary traffic over the white line. There was loads of space and what a stupid thing to do. At least you were riding a C1 and didn't get hurt.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 03-03-2007 12:18
I reckon in a way it makes things easier.

Where the driver has no insurance, the Motor Insurance Bureau will compensate you from their special fund, but only if you have 3PFT insurance. If fully comprehensive, you are expected to claim on your own policy, although many insurers are starting to appreciate the reality of uninsured drivers and will no longer deduct NCB if you have to claim on your own policy.

In terms of evidence in court, to what extent do you think a judge is likely to believe an individual that was on the road without even a driving licence?? The law is an ass, but it ain't stupid.

Don't worry, be happy :-)
Parent - - By wotnohelmet Date 05-03-2007 08:21
Thanks Stefan,

That makes sense about the driving licence thing and if he gets a conviction then it all had to be good for me.  Personally I think the bailiffs should go into his home and confiscate everything he has up to the cost of my repair.  Maybe a rule like that would make these uninsured monkeys think twice if their personal possessions were taken off them.

Simon WNH
Parent - - By C1own Date 08-03-2007 07:03

>uninsured monkeys

Geez, that's just ignorant of someone to think they can cruise about in a lorry without any cover at all, hopefully it's his livelihood!
Parent - - By wotnohelmet Date 26-09-2007 10:36 Edited 27-09-2007 15:09
At last.  I have a pay out.  A generous one at that.

Despite the lorry driver's shouting and ranting at the time even though the police were present, it turned out that it was true, he had no licence, the lorry had no MOT but was insured (that makes it uninsured in my book, oh well) 

I think it was the MIB that finally paid up, thus proving once again that it's "fine" for these rapskallions to drive around uninsured as someone will pick up the bill, us of course, the insured ones. 

Hopefully most of the parts that I need will still be available but it seems that the PDB location pegs will have to be cobbled as no more of those seem to be available.

Happy now, big grin!
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 26-09-2007 10:49
I wonder if the MIB will go after the lorry driver for the amount they paid out?
Parent - By wotnohelmet Date 26-09-2007 12:10 Edited 26-09-2007 12:13


>I wonder if the MIB will go after the lorry driver for the amount they paid out?

Is that what happens?
Parent - - By BigPaul Date 26-09-2007 11:13


That's incredibly polite you know couldn't you have thought of something far far worse :-)

Parent - By wotnohelmet Date 26-09-2007 12:12


>That's incredibly polite you know couldn't you have thought of something far far worse

Oh yes, right up to the day I received the cheque actually, then I came over all forgiving like. LOL
Parent - By Marino Date 26-09-2007 19:21

>At last.  I have a pay out.  A very very generous one at that

Well pleased for you.. a big grin here too :-)
Parent - - By szecsei Date 27-09-2007 10:11
Wow, superb result... Told you :-)

If you'd have been dealing with an insured party, the payout would have been much longer forthcoming, and they would have attempted to take-off money everywhere if they think they can squeeze you... So in a perverse way, hurrah for uninsured drivers...
Parent - - By wotnohelmet Date 27-09-2007 12:28

>Wow, superb result... Told you

Yes you did.

>So in a perverse way, hurrah for uninsured drivers...

I know, sick old world at times...hurrah for uninsured drivers, never thought I'd be saying that!  LOL
Parent - By beamish Date 28-09-2007 09:32
Yes, very well done.
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