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- - By metselaaradam Date 15-01-2008 15:17
well outside my shop this morning thames water knocked over my lovely bike in front of four c ct v cams on the front of my shop , she got a great fucxxx hole in the left panel the screen and other bits and bobs   oh and he said he did not do it , off to vines on lorry and now we will see what happens     pissed off YOU BET I AM
Parent - - By beamish Date 15-01-2008 15:31
OMG, you have no luck and so sorry to hear this.

Just tell them that you will get the CCTV footage of them knocking it over. Don't wait too long as I think they only kep the footage for a certain amount of time.
Parent - By purple hat Date 15-01-2008 17:36
It's well worth the try to help with a claim.  Sorry to hear it happened in the first instance.  :)
Parent - By C1Sparks Date 19-01-2008 19:16
Call Thames Water and ask for their Indemnity Insurance Details. Inform the police, that it was drive off. Tell Thames customer service you are going to take legal action and they can either sort it out directly with you or go the Insurance route...their choice. The fact that you report it to Police as a drive off with the details of vehicle should be enough to scare Thames into action.

I had similar problem last year with mine when Morrisons (working for BGas did similar to me). All sorted and they paid Vines directly.

Good luck
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