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- - By bolt-on-billy Date 19-03-2008 17:34
Ok here's some pics I finally got around to sorting out. the impact shunted the front right back as can be seen by the smashed screen. it also took out both side panels damaging the dash and the lower panels. the hoops got bent which also cracked the rear panel as it flexed.

behind the headlight the frames holding the washer and the headlight/radiator are totalled even breaking one of the coolant pipes. the fan is trashed but I'm not sure on the actual radiator

the hoops had a good old flex but I cant tell if they are bent or whether it was the front frame. whatever though its a good half an inch out.

the dash board is wrecked and I succeeded in destroying 4 hein gericke speakers.

oh the kick up the arse I received even bent the mounting bracket. :-( 
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 19-03-2008 17:40
its now half stripped ready to transplant parts across to other bikes to upgrade them prior to selling :-)
Parent - - By elmstones Date 19-03-2008 17:49
Ouch; but at 4 C1's is that the largest meet this year?
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 19-03-2008 17:54
actually it was 5 as the garage door was open so the project joined in. I think john holds the permanent meet record as whenever I go down there we have 9 'bikes' in various states :-)
Parent - By timo Date 19-03-2008 21:34
WOW, at least the mirrors are still intact. ;-)  Looks like that is about the only thing though.

And a Smith's fracture to you, plus a few other soar bits I would imagine.  That is the amazing thing really.  Great machine.
Parent - By purple hat Date 16-04-2008 08:59
That little job will keep you out of mischief for a while lad.  :)
Up Topic Open Technical Section / Accident Log / anatomy of a front end smash.

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