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- - Date 18-12-2008 10:16
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 18-12-2008 10:16 Edited 24-01-2009 20:58
Toby_Holland (currently has it)
Parent - - By Andrew Date 18-12-2008 14:47
Brianday (currently has it)
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 29-12-2008 16:37
Toby_Holland (currently has it)
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 18-01-2009 17:06
Toby_Holland (currently has it)
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 18-01-2009 17:45
do i send it direct to C1200, or back to Clunkfish, as originally planned?
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 18-01-2009 19:13
Direct to C1200 please: address sent to you by PM :-)
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 19-01-2009 09:14
OK, bit of advice with this please, its not being as obvious as i hoped -
when i plug the C'mon in, it says C1-125NOABS - but i have ABS !
then, on the drilldown menus, using the Acrobat instructions as advised previously, it will not show me the ABS Diagnostic menu at all, and in the Service Tasks menu, it will not show me the Purge Brakes subsection, and if i try to use the Lambda Sensor, Engine Idle, Throttle Valve or Reset Tuning reset, it just says .....Tuning..... and stays there for half an hour or more, engine running or engine not running!
i suspect i am being particularly dense, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, then i can get it posted on to C1200.
also, it says my SW version is 7002, not 8000 - does this mean i need an update somehow? is this why i cannot get the proper functions out of the C'mon?
thnaks in anticipation
Parent - By jp72 Date 19-01-2009 16:25

It seems abvious to me that C'mon device can't connect to your ABS. This can be due to three reasons:

1) ABS unit malfunctions
2) ABS unit ok but not on diagnostic bus
3) ABS unit fuse blown

I would bet on the option 3. Could you check and try again ?
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 24-01-2009 12:11
will be on carrier on Monday, heading to Andrew.
thanks for the loan of it.
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 24-01-2009 15:18
Shouldn't it be going to Allan (C1200) ?
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 24-01-2009 20:44
he sent me a message to say he had borrowed one elsewhere, so, unless i am about to cock up big style, the carrier is due to collect on Monday - i await confirmation / denial of this
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 24-01-2009 20:58
I think you're right Toby - please go ahead and send it to Andrew.
Parent - By pokecheck Date 24-01-2009 21:44
Brilliant - one step closer to me :-)
Parent - - By Andrew Date 25-01-2009 15:36
Excellent. I'm looking forward to a play :-) How sad is that?
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 26-01-2009 09:37
hi andrew
its on its way
DHL tracking number JD00 022 67 423 588 275 - you can keep an eye on it online if you wish
hope you have more success with it than i did
Parent - - By Andrew Date 27-01-2009 21:22
Got it today thanks.

Before I plug it in Jeroen, do we have any instructions on how to use it, or is it completely fool proof? I can see the plug which goes into the diagnostic socket behind the seat back, is that all I need to do? What is the socket on the C'mon unit for? Connecting to a laptop? There is also a short separate lead with a plug one end and a battery connector the other end, what's that for?

Sorry to sound like a dummie, but the quicker I can work out how to use it, the sooner I will be able to pass it on.
Parent - - By Andrew Date 27-01-2009 21:47
I've just found a tour of the C'Mon from August 2007, is that the best one to use?
Parent - By toby_holland Date 28-01-2009 09:21
there was a link on the site here to download a PDF with instructions on basic use - i used it to get started.
Parent - - By Andrew Date 16-03-2009 09:33
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 04-11-2009 07:28
It's now back with me and available to any member.
Parent - - By C1ive Date 23-11-2009 12:27
Could I please borrow the C'mon next.

I have a non-starting 125 despite changing the spark, air filter, oil filter and checking the battery is fully charged. I suspect the starter motor, which turns over but won't fire the engine. I just want to check there isn't another problem first.

Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 23-11-2009 19:37
if its sparking then its turning the engine over, you didnt list fuel, have you checked the injector wiring?
Parent - - By C1ive Date 24-11-2009 14:51
The old spark plug was wet, so I don't think there's a problem with the fuel , but I will check the injector wiring and might change the fuel filter to be on the safe side. After the bike starts, it runs fine although the tickover seemed to be a bit up and down. The starting problem seems intermittent - things seemed fine after the service but I'm now back to square one. Very frustrating! Just hope its not a problem with the valves.
Parent - By Andrew Date 25-11-2009 09:22
Sounds like the starter sprag to me. If it's slipping a bit the TDC trigger sends confusing signals to the ECU. This results in the spark/fuel/stroke being out of sync so the plug ends up covered in unburnt petrol. Once you finally get the engine going they usually perform perfectly and even restart perfectly. I think the small amount of heat, once the engine is running, is enough to make the sprag work properly.
Parent - By Clunkfish Date 24-11-2009 14:58
It should be with you before 1 pm tomorrow (Nov 25th) :-)
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