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- - By brianday Date 20-01-2008 17:58
I decided to bite the bullet and change the sensor to fix my problem of the ABS lights coming on after 200 yards and staying on
New part - 34 52 7 657 455 cost £39.90 at BMW, took 10 days to arrive
took 20 mins to change - it will only take 2 minutes next time!

it fixed the problem so all OK now

I took some photos, I could publish them if anyone is interested

cheers - Brian
Parent - By beamish Date 20-01-2008 18:38
Yes please Brian.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 20-01-2008 19:57 Edited 20-01-2008 20:01
what blew the old one? if the tip has ground off then rear wheel could have a wiggle in it and it could happen again. if there is cut in the insulation then it was probably rubbing on the disc.
Parent - - By brianday Date 21-01-2008 18:57 Edited 21-01-2008 20:29
old one looks fine, no damage or abrasion visible - who knows?

the sensor with cable cable is about 30 inches long or 750mm
the sensor is held in place by a Torx 30 screw done up pretty tight

there was a single cable tie attaching it to the fatter black (brake hydraulic pipe?) about 9 inches from the sensor
then there is a moulded cable clip higher up where they go horizontal, cut the first and unclip the second
after undoing the T30 screw and removing the sensor from its bracket you can feed a bit of slack upwards
then under the seat you can find the tubular white plastic connector
if you pull it up to get access you need to squeeze a catch clip at the end to release the end cap and disconnect it from the loom

replace with new and reverse the process, you will need to observe the cable route to avoid anything catching
dont forget to do up the clip and fit a new cable tie
you will need to push the connector down a bit to get enough slack to refit the sensor
the sensor is keyed into its hole with 3 keys at 120 degrees so you cant get it off line

Parent - - By Lawrie Date 21-01-2008 19:00
I noticed you bought new?  I'm sure theres some in the 'C1ub' stocks somewhere.
Parent - - By brianday Date 21-01-2008 19:20
shame!  I didn't think to ask

how to I post pictures?

Parent - By brianday Date 21-01-2008 20:00

here are the photos if you can see them
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 21-01-2008 20:01

>how to I post pictures?

Post whatever text is to accompany the pics as pre normal, then, once you see your post, scroll down to the bottom & you'll see 'attach', click on that & the 'browse' box comes up, click on it & find the pick of your choice, click on that & 'upload & it will upload it to your posting.
Parent - By brianday Date 21-01-2008 20:03
aaah I see
Parent - - By Leec1 Date 17-02-2009 12:36
Hi all - I now have the same issue with mine, ABS lights come on after short distance and stay on....  How much is a new sensor from club stocks??


Parent - By airwin Date 17-02-2009 16:16
My first bike had no ABS but a sensor problem as well. Speedo cut out but sometimes came back on when driving in the rain. Old sensor looked OK from outside, no apparent damage. Sensor changed, problem solved.
Parent - - By superted Date 17-02-2009 20:33
It all depends. We have two rear sensors in stock at £9.95 plus postage each, but no front ones
Parent - By airwin Date 24-02-2009 18:30
The only difference between the front and back sensors is the length of the cable. So you can use a back sensor for the front wheel.
Parent - - By Andrew Date 18-02-2009 08:56

>I now have the same issue with mine

Is the fault accompanied by erratic speedo performance? If so it will probably be the front sensor. Before you order a new sensor check that there is no short in the wiring for the sensor or ABS unit. After replacing 3 front sensors I found the fault to be behind the splash guard panel, behind the front wheel, where the wiring to the ABS unit was chafing against a metal brake pipe.
Parent - - By pgill Date 24-02-2009 20:08
My experience of the ABS lights staying on was remedied by a new battery!, the lights had been staying on for some weeks, one day when leaving work the bike would not start, lots of clicks, battery only showing about 10.5 volts.  New battery sorted out starting problem, and ABS problem!!
Parent - - By Leec1 Date 26-02-2009 09:44
Hi All How do I buy one of the ABS sensors from the club??  My MOT is due next weekend and cleaning the sensors has not stopped the lights coming on after a few hundred yards and staying on - its sods law but I gave my spare one to Mark with his recent rear calipre issue.....Please let me know ASAP Thanks Lee
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 26-02-2009 19:10

>How do I buy one of the ABS sensors from the club?

First of all, you need to be a member. It costs £12 which will take you through to the end of this year - please PM me if you'd like to join and I'll lay out the details of the payment options (cheque, Paypal, bank transfer) :-)
Parent - - By superted Date 27-02-2009 17:59
I seem to remember someone posting photos to prove that the front and rear sensor are different. However airwin says they'll interchange, and I've just been out and measured up mine, and I'm sure he's right. In that case we should have two rear ones which will fit the front with some spare cable! The price is £9.95 plus P & P at cost

If anyone knows for sure that they won't interchange please let us know before we start sending them around the country :-)
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 28-02-2009 21:18
are the positioning keys in the same place? and are they the same depth?

I also rememebr the post that said they won't change...but cant remember why not-anyone care to try them out?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 01-03-2009 21:42
Try to hook up a diagnostic tool (either C'mon or GS911) to find out where the fault comes from, maybe it is not caused by a sensor failure.
Parent - By aware Date 21-03-2009 09:38
My ABS lights are on some days now and the speedo is working for 5 seconds (let's say), then the next 5 seconds it doesn't etc etc...

I cleaned the gap with some cardboard and now I think I must try the C'mon device to see what it will diagnose.

Parent - - By redballhk Date 20-03-2009 13:49
Leec, I had mine MOT'd without speedo or ABS working.  Not an MOT issue.
Parent - By jrw Date 20-03-2009 20:28
Speedo should be an MoT issue.
Parent - - By redballhk Date 20-03-2009 13:42
Andrew, where is the ABS unit?  My lights stay on and also the speedo does not work at all.   Appreciate the advise to check the wiring behind front wheel.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 21-03-2009 07:54
Sorry to be pedantic but speedo is NOT an MOT issue - they merely check for the presence of one, they do not, and indeed cannot, check whether it is actually working.

There is no road test or rolling road that shows the speedo to be operational.
Parent - By jrw Date 21-03-2009 09:20
Good point. :-)
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 21-03-2009 12:24
Does it have to show MPH? I think it does-I had to oversticker an Italian Honda to get the MOT once.
I'm certainly not certain about the absolute legal requirement to do that though-I wanted to do it and so when the MOT guy said it should be done I didn't question it.
Parent - By szecsei Date 21-03-2009 20:42
I have a kph speedo in my bike which is a German import and passes the MOT everytime. It also has a European type clear lens headlight which also does not concern the testers.
Parent - By Andrew Date 21-03-2009 16:10
The ABS unit is in the centre of the bike behind the screen wash reservoir, which is behind the panel which is behind the front wheel. It's probably working, your lack of speedo is probably causing the ABS lights to come on. That's down to a faulty sensor or a poor connection or a short circuit (as in my case).
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