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- - By Clunkfish Date 17-10-2008 18:53 Edited 06-04-2009 07:54
Clunkfish (currently has it)
Parent - - By timo Date 25-11-2008 20:49
Received a PM from Jerome a few days ago saying it was on its way to me.  I checked the tracking number yesterday, but could not get it translated to save my life, (All of the text of the page was an image file), but there was an entry for yesterday.  When I got home, I found a notification that they tried to deliver it, but needed a signature.  Went by the post office, and picked it up today.  This Thanksgiving is going to be the LONGEST ever.  I am leaving this evening, and will not be back until Sunday night late.

I'm glad it is here, but frustrated I can't "play" with the diagnostic tool immediately.

Larry, it should be coming your way in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again Jerome, and the C1ub for the use of this tool.
Parent - - By larry Date 26-11-2008 18:05
Thanks for the update!
I'm actually traveling for the next 2 weeks so no rush.

Hopefully it will be a little warmer when I return and working on the bike will not be a challenge (it was -6C) when I left.
Parent - By larry Date 17-01-2009 18:57
just arrived.
Parent - - By larry Date 12-03-2009 16:03
I've finally about finished with it, between the family issues and winter weather its taken me a while, sorry for the delay.

Just heard back from chuckelee - he has decided to pass on it.

Where does it go next?
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 12-03-2009 20:22
In that case, if Chuck is sure he doesn't want a go, could you just keep it safe until need arises? If Chuck changes his mind, same applies - Chuck please hang on to it until it's needed :-)
Parent - - By larry Date 12-03-2009 20:24
It will be my pleasure!

Maybe I can finally figure out how the tuning mode works :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 13-03-2009 19:39
What is your C1 model and ECU version ? I wonder why you can't make it work...
Parent - - By larry Date 13-03-2009 19:42
I'm sure the problem is with me, not the device; the bike is a c1-200.
I just could not find a copy of the manual with those instructions in it and on the occasions that I went searching here for them, did not find it.

Is there a latest update to the manual with tuning in it?
Parent - - By jp72 Date 13-03-2009 20:25
There's not much instructions regarding tuning into current documentation. You just need to browse to one of the 3 tuning options and press OK then wait a few seconds. The engine must be off during tuning. I believe that for old firmware version there might be some compatibility issues, that's why I would be interested by these infos.
Parent - By larry Date 13-03-2009 20:58
I will try to do that this weekend and get back to you.
Parent - - By larry Date 15-03-2009 19:56
I did it, for all of the submodes,
it displayed OK, so I guess it worked - what is it doing?

It's a nice little device!

the sw version was 8000
factory date was 2002/12/6
Parent - By jp72 Date 15-03-2009 20:41 Edited 15-03-2009 21:41
It is resetting all the adaptation parameters for engine probes and sensors. This is usefull regarding the fact they operate differently when the got worn. By the way, your software version is the latest and your C1 one of the very last produced ;)
Parent - - By timo Date 13-03-2009 17:29
Lets find out when Stu is going back to the UK.  If he would do the honors of bringing it back home that would save on shipping, and also make sure that the c1ub did not end up having to pay import tax on something they already own.  (Not sure if that is really possible or not, I have no real understanding of how they monitor the import taxes.)

No need to keep it here with just 2 or 3 or us active.
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 14-03-2009 12:07
If it is all finished with, I can have it Muled back to London on 31 March.

If us US lot can confirm it is time to return it, and that is the plan we want to follow, can the person who has it PM me and I'll send you my US address.

How small can the C1 be made, by stripping to components? I often wonder if I could bring one over bit by bit (most of our visitors don't use their 22kg extra suitcase allowance, so weight-wise it could be done by 9 people)
Parent - - By larry Date 15-03-2009 19:40
PM sent
Parent - - By larry Date 21-03-2009 12:27
Should now be with Drynotwet, on it's way back.
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 22-03-2009 01:28
The Cmon arrived yesterday-my apologies, I thought it was something else I was expecting and only opened it an hour ago (and found I couldn't plug it in to my computer to receive WIFI.....)

It will be returned to London on 2nd April-please can someone PM me as to where it is to go from there...
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 22-03-2009 21:48

>please can someone PM me

PM sent :-)
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 05-04-2009 14:03
C'mon now in UK, and was posted yesterday to Clunk.
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 06-04-2009 07:53
Just received it - many thanks! :-)
Parent - - By larry Date 06-04-2009 15:11
Thanks for sending it to us!
Parent - By timo Date 07-04-2009 16:53
Yes, thanks again.  Hopefully, if there is a next time, it will not be anywhere as crazy as this last visit. :-o
Parent - By chuckelee Date 09-04-2009 03:13
sorry just saw this.   It will be quite a while before i can make use of it.   My C1 is still in my garage.

The good news is that my divorce is final so i can start worrying about less important but far more pleasant things like getting my C1 road legal over here.

I'll be making frequent trips over to the UK so if i need to i'll borrow it and then return it on a return trip.

I'm going to be very active on here once i start trying to get my bike back up and running.....who even knows if its possible anymore.
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