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- - By aware Date 22-03-2009 12:33
Hi all,

Crazy things happen:
1) Speedometer working every so often - sometimes works normal, other works like a revs meter and others not at all
2) Even when still, the speedometer fluctuates a little...
3) When I ride and the speedo is not working, ABS is off but lights take some time (some 10-20 secs) to turn on
4) Misfires, lots of them and when still it suffers not to ignite off...
5) Changed the battery and first day the problems persisted then FOR 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS it had no problem and then again the same symptoms - how come 2 whole days no problem at all?

I have put some cardboard into the gap with no luck - any advise is more than welocme mainly because this crazy behaviour of the speedo even when still makes me worry that the problem is not with the sensor BUT with the ABS system (ouch!)

Parent - By Drynotwet Date 22-03-2009 13:50
sounds like a bad connection "somewhere" in the wiring-sorry not much help.....
Parent - By airwin Date 23-03-2009 15:08
I had an intermittant speedo; And wobbling needles. Front ABS sensor looked OK, but when I replaced it all symptoms were gone. This was a non-ABS bike
Parent - - By Andrew Date 23-03-2009 15:39
5) Do your problem days coincide with wet weather? If there is a short developing the dampness helps it to make the connection to whatever it's shorting to, in my experience of this fault.
Parent - By aware Date 23-03-2009 17:04
Nop, wet weather isn't related with the problem....
Parent - - By jp72 Date 23-03-2009 18:17
Reminds me the charging issue I had a while ago. Check battery voltage when engine is running, it should be above 13.5 V. If not, check alternator wires or volaatge regulator.
Parent - By aware Date 12-04-2009 14:05
After some time, observation and thought I now have come to the conclusion that some moisture within the electrics behind the speedo must have been the problem.

I sprayed them with some silicone and will check next time it rains (i.e. next year!!! - I stay in Greece)

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