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- - By aware Date 13-10-2010 23:14
One of the two rear absorbers is wet with oil which means that the seal is broken and oil is coming out.
My conclusion: this is now operating with the spring only SO there is an uneven behaviour between the two absorbers.
I feel something strange in the handling of the bike but I am not sure if this is the reason.

What do you reckon?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 14-10-2010 15:30
more than likely explains your handing problems, especially if the the other end is all stiffened up. check your tyre pressures too.

it shouldnt mess you up too much due to the way its all interlinked but the fact that you are basically working on one shock will loosen the back up.
Parent - - By aware Date 15-10-2010 13:52
The problem is  that although I have a spare set of shocks it is so time confusing and boring to change them for one simple reason:

BMW used some bolts that if 5 mm shorter would facilitate the change of the shocks in 5 mins max; NOW you need to take down the battery compartment etc in order to do so

Parent - By C1200 Date 15-10-2010 16:38
That only take 2 mins to get the battery box out Al.Then its a really easy job to do,two top bolts two bottom bolts and your,e done
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 15-10-2010 22:23
you can undo the compartment and lift it up without disconnecting the battery.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 23-10-2010 18:45
I found an italian company that rework used BMW shocks to brand new one.

I changed rear shocks on my two C1, very happy with them.

The price including shipping is barely the same as a pair of crappy BMW shocks!
Parent - - By truzzman Date 31-10-2010 08:10 Edited 31-10-2010 08:21
Rinaldi's shocks for C1, was my idea!!

On the Italian forum we have a service for revision of old original shock that are rebuilt by Rinaldi (this shop is about 15 km from my home).

No chance for front shock, unfortunately. In this case is the internal valve that crack (wrong project in original with no enough stop in the travel of internal piston) and the aren't spare parts for it.
I changed my front shock with a high level (and thery expensive) WILBERS shock.
Parent - By jp72 Date 31-10-2010 08:34
looks like your original idea went around Europe as I got the info on a German forum :) Well done!!!
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