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Parent - - By aware Date 10-12-2010 23:10
Tight valve clearance would be a result of recent shim replacement. No shims have ever been replaced...

1) Went to BMW dealer and they had a quick glance. They said it has to be the wiring that needs to be soldered. So I soldered the wires. NO RESULT.
2) Tonight zero degrees celcius outside and the battery cranked with no spark. I insisted on cranking again and again and then with the help of some throttle, the engine warmed up a bit and I could eventually come back at home. I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS RELATED TO MY PROBLEM. Simply, now everything becomes suspicious.
3) After some 30 minutes drive @ zero degrees celcius, I stopped at a gas station to buy some stuff. I left the engine on and to my surprise, the engine didn't stop (as it usually does when warm; after 30-60 secs max it stops...)

I hope it isn't a burnt valve. It will cost a fortune to replace :(
Parent - By superted Date 10-12-2010 23:28
Tight valve clearances are most likely to be the result of shims NOT having been replaced! As the motor beds in during the first few hundred miles the valves tend to settle a bit further into their seats, thus closing up the clearance. If the shims are not replaced to restore the clearance the valve wil be held open enough for hot gases to erode the edge of the valve and the eventually the seat, with disastrous results
Parent - - By 993turbo Date 11-12-2010 07:45
Your symptoms are just like mine, with a cracked piston. Having said that, this can also be valve clearances, timing, and a burnt valve.

Why dont you get a compression test done?
Parent - - By aware Date 11-12-2010 10:11 Edited 11-12-2010 10:29
Maybe I need to ask first a BMW dealer to do a compression test.
I don't know which path to follow, because cost is an issue here.
Parent - By 993turbo Date 11-12-2010 10:56
A compression test is very easy. Im sure someone has a compression tester.
Parent - - By jrw Date 11-12-2010 12:00
Should be when the engine is hot?
Parent - By 993turbo Date 11-12-2010 12:04
To get the base figures, do the test cold.

then if possible do a hot test.
Parent - - By aware Date 14-12-2010 13:54

Some days ago I visited an old couple (neighbors/friends),
Me: Blah blah blah and also my bike has a problem...
Old Lady: Tell me, I will give you a solution...

Old lady: 64 yrs old, teacher!

Me: there is no way you can find solution..
She: Tell me..
Me: Ok, it stalls at low revs, has a problematic idle, I swapped injectors and I am afraid it can be a burnt valve...
She: Look, I had a similar problem with my car (photo below!!!), I went to numerous service shops with no luck BUT one day a young mechanic found out that it was due to spark plugs that needed replecemnet..
Me (thinking): Oooops, I didn't check that option, maybe she is correct...

Monday morning I buy spark plug and pipe, mount everything on and the problem was FIXED!!!!!
I am a Mechanical Engineer (with a degree from a very reputable University), BMW mechanics also had a word on my problem etc etc and that lady FOUND THE CHEAPEST and QUICKEST solution....

So, this is the outcome of this issue - Maybe this is the thread of year 2010....

Rgds and many many thanks for all help!
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 14-12-2010 14:02

>Monday morning I buy spark plug and pipe, mount everything on and the problem was FIXED!!!!!

Apologies for pointing this out, but Bolt-on-Billy did tell you to check plug and lead on August 29th - the day after you first posted the problem..... ;-)
Parent - - By aware Date 14-12-2010 14:11
Sure, but this was about my first bike. This was a broken wiring problem.

And I later found some other posts on the forum about this spark plug possibility. So, as I see it, spark plug is a probable reason but not on top of the list so the main focus was on other more probable reasons. Also, I was always talking about the burnt valve scenario, which drove out of focus the discussion...

In any case, I understand my position and I am always grateful to this forum. Always.

Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 14-12-2010 14:14
The good thing is - it's fixed :-)
Parent - By jp72 Date 16-12-2010 18:10
I like the picture of the old French car, remind me my childhood :)
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