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- - By jp72 Date 10-03-2012 20:53

A french C1 fellow found a local manufacturer able to produce a flexible crash element bumper much less fragile than the original one.
The bumper is made entirely of black rubber molded out of the original.
The connectors are molded into the rubber and much more robust than the genuine part.

The actual problem is that the price depends on the number of units to be produced per batch.
A pair of bumpers costs 105 € for a series of 50 pairs, 90 € for 100 pairs.
Keeping in mind that a pair of BMW genuine bumpers costs around 135 €, I think it might be worth the investment. I already committed for 2 pairs ! :)

On the French forum we already have 20 pairs reserved, for more details (in French) you can follow this link:***?f=4&t=1969&p=13863#p13863 (replace *** by p h p)

Who would be interested in this product?

Parent - By Drynotwet Date 10-03-2012 21:17
Not me. But thanks for organising.
Parent - - By C1ive Date 11-03-2012 22:24
Hi Jerome,

I'm interested in a pair to see what they're like.

Maybe the C1ub could buy a job lot for members.

Parent - - By jp72 Date 12-03-2012 07:12
Hi Clive,

At the moment we are trying to collect orders for a batch of 50 parts. That would be great if the C1ub could invest into a few of them. In Paris I see a lot of C1 that are ridden "titless", and that are in very bad condition. We have to understand that such a configuration (no or damaged bumpers) involves very bad fairing damages (side & shoulder fairing) if the bike is dropped. The genuine BMW crash elements are not strong enough to prevent such fairing damages, which is a major design failure :(

Yesterdayday I got a picture of an early prototype. The final version will look better, with a shiny or dull finishing.***?i=090920104134720824491720.jpg

(replace *** by "p h p")
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 12-03-2012 11:28
I raised this with the committee but people much more technically expert than me were worried:

"They're fragile for a reason. If the tit can't take the shock by destroying itself then the frame's going to have to. We have to consider what, if any, liability we would have for a damaged frame (or possible personal injury claim) through the use of one we'd supplied."

So at the moment I'm afraid it's a no to C1ub investment, but if the design can be improved so that the part is more sacrificial, the matter can always be revisited. I think the key thing is to get the right balance between how easily damaged the tits are and how much they cost to replace - at the moment they are very fragile, which is good, but very expensive. The redesign appears to be quite robust, thus potentially transferring too much impact force to the frame, but reasonably cheap. If we can hit the sweet spot where they are easily damaged, thus protecting the frame, but cheap to replace, I think that C1ub investment would be much more likely :-)
Parent - - By aware Date 12-03-2012 12:47
At first glance, they still seem quite expensive to me at least.
Also, the absorb functionality of the original one is very important so some similar behavior of the one discussed here is something to be considered.
Parent - By jp72 Date 12-03-2012 13:14
The last time I dropped my bike (360 spin on snow at 2 MPH :( ), the crash element popped off so the left shoulder side fairing was damaged. The bumper was in good condition before the crash so I was very upset it broke so easily. I believe that these parts are too fragile now, BMW crash elements were better quality in 2003. I remember at that time I dropped my bike a couple of time while parking  (hugh...) without having to replace the crash element.

If the crash element is made of rubber, then it should be able to absorb shocks. If it does not pop off during the crash, then it is the assurance that the driver's head won't hit the road (I ride helmetless :) ).
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-03-2012 22:47
there is no real absorb function, bmw messed it up as usual and threw a 99p solution at it. just like the stand links, headlight, top box lugs etc.. which only needed more thought what is the use of a proctective part which does nothing outside of a carpark.

its obvious when you look at the amount of fairing support that it was just designed to be pair of expensive curtains otherwise we would be able to add things like crash bobbins to help keep them going a tad longer.

at the end of the day you could stick an egg box on the side and  it would offer the same protection there is no loss of function if you but a better solution on there.
Parent - - By aware Date 14-03-2012 08:37
Watching the crash test videos I notice some safety contribution.
Parent - - By jp72 Date 14-03-2012 19:45
Hi Aware, remember that crash tests were done with BMW C1 prototypes. The crash elements might be slightly different to the final version :)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 15-03-2012 20:28
the crash elements werent designed in the same way the nose cone was, if the whole panel was flexible and foam filled then I could believe it.

no way they were designed for anything other than a side drop. in germany the free track days they gave out included a standing side drop
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Parent - - By jrw Date 14-03-2012 12:28
Looks like it is as shipped before the bumpers were attached. Handling during shipping could damage the fragile bumpers.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-03-2012 13:32
The crash element is not there to protect the C1 in any way - it is there to prevent the rider from shattering his shoulder on the steel frame of the C1 in a stationary sideways spill.

BMW got it right and the price is about as reasonable as £18 for a weak link :-)

The good news is that sensible owners will need about one of each every 10 years!!!
Parent - By aware Date 14-03-2012 14:39
Well said :-)
Parent - - By superted Date 14-03-2012 21:07
"The good news is that sensible owners will need about one of each every 10 years!!!"

That puts me in my place :-)
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 15-03-2012 09:02
OK then

"The good news is that  owners who don't run on Avons will need about one of each every 10 years!!!"
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