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- - By nokon Date 09-07-2012 18:02
Hi everyone. I have been off of the forum for a long time, and in fact I should check on whether I am paid up! I now ride my C1 in the Florida Keys from home to work, 52 miles each day. It is a great vehicle for the area, because gasoline without alcohol in it is very expensive here. I cannot park it anywhere and go into a store however, as I will return to tourists sitting on it while their picture is taken!
Anyway, I have a question about the key fob. I never use the alarm because it appears that I cannot remember the sequence to arm/disarm it and I am always setting it off! However, the keyfob appears necessary just to START the bike. I have to turn on the ignition, and then press the right side button on the fob. I then hear a muffled clunk and that is my sign that the bike will now start.
Does every C1 need the fob to start? Of course I have nobody with a C1 locally to compare. Is there any way to eliminate this step from the starting procedure? I hate carrying the fob around on my key ring and I am afraid that I will be marooned somewhere due to a low battery in the fob.
Also, does anyone have an electronic copy of the elusive immobiliser manual that they could email to me?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 10-07-2012 11:57
the alarm is pretty hopeless and it might be best to disable it.

you need to remove the dash and locate the right plugs, my memory is vague at the mo but it is on here and the forum. basically there is a 6 way white plug and I think its two 8 way grey ones near the orange ignition one. the grey ones loop the bike through the alarm so you need to take it out by unplugging those three and only putting one grey one back again.

if you cant find it them I'll try to find the pics I had or go outside and do the one on the rebuild which needs doing.
Parent - By nokon Date 22-07-2012 20:13
Thanks, I'll search for the info in older postings. It is a constant worry for me, that key fob. Regards....
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