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- By bolt-on-billy Date 08-06-2005 15:53
The following is a series of basic scooter faults and their possible causes.

If they dont work then you can always pop down to bmw and get them to hook you up to the moditec to read the fault codes as items such as the engine management stuff will show any faults that way.

Remember though that a moditec reset will delete the information that shows up your faults so think carefully before disconnecting your battery.
- By bolt-on-billy Date 03-07-2005 22:51
In addition to the above please note.

It was put together by hand so it can be fixed by another - even the seemingly impossible

The bike relies heavily on electrics and connectors - often a clean is all thats needed to restore function

Never be afraid to ask - we've all been there before you and are happy to help of only to prove that our efforts were not in vain.

It will take time to fill this section thoroughly as some basic principles have to be converted to the C1 requiring thought, time and spanners to do properly.

Sometimes different faults have the same symptoms so dont jump on the first suggestion - eliminate them one by one

please help others in need - you were probably there once and may be again

never throw anything away unless it really is knackered - panels can be fixed, forks straightened, disks skimmed, starters and alternators refurbished etc..
Up Topic Open Technical Section / C1 Technical Advice (Read Only Section) / Fault finding

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