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- - By dougtory Date 16-03-2007 10:48
hi to you all ....
had i lovely day i hosp on thur 15/03/07...
just out and about on c1 when a nice lady turns right out of a only left turning.making me got stright into her front wheel taking me and the bike out. and her front axle snapping....
taken to queens hosp in romford. with a bad cut to my nose and cut to my eye and pains in left side of neck plus some little cut on my legs and some pains all round but most of all im alive a kicking . got to go back in a week for check up ..AND NOW THE BAD NEWS MY LOVELY WILLIAMS C1, or should i say not,now .
craked screen .
all stands broken.
telescopic forks are stuck up.
alot of front panels broken.
back box got some knocks on it .(came off when i hit the car}
steering seems to be twisted when ride.
yes i did say rided when i got home that night there was no way i  was leaving my bike on the side of the road .
so i put the key in and it started first time and road it home with ease..
got home ..
so it all down to the inc now .. will send some pic's later today
see ya
Parent - By beamish Date 16-03-2007 10:59
OMG Doug, I am so sorry to hear this. Thank God you were in a C1 as you may well have been killed on a normal bike.

Did your helmet come into contact with the road?

I would advise not riding the bike again as the front forks are likely to be seriously damaged. Your bike will no doubt be written off by the insurance company and if it is, consider buying for spare parts, or at least offer it to the Club for parts.

I wish you a speedy recovery Doug and now may well be worth looking out for another C1.

Seems like the accident was not your fault. Why not contact a company like Helphire Gold and let them take up the case on your behalf.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 16-03-2007 11:10
Yes,really sorry to hear but so pleased that you are ok ish.What a stupid stupid driver..go get her..
Parent - - By szecsei Date 16-03-2007 13:08
Sheesh, that sounds like quite a smash. I'm very sorry to hear you're bike is wrecked, even more so that you had to visit hospital... Thank God your injuries were so minor.

Legally, as it was entirely her fault, you are entitled to be put in the position you were in before your bike was damaged. If the bike is physically repairable, you can insist on the work being done. The alternative is fighting with the insurer to acheive a decent settlement for its second hand value, which you may not feel adequately represents what it would cost to buy another one, esp not in the condition yours is in.

Really sorry mate... If you need any help with anything, I'm not far away from you, just give me a shout.

Parent - By jrw Date 16-03-2007 21:07
Don't forget that you are claiming off her - the insurance company cannot dictate terms - if you are having trouble with the insurance company, take her to court.
Parent - By superted Date 16-03-2007 19:34
Sorry to hear about your crash, but glad you're substantially OK

Suddenly I feel fortunate :-)
Parent - By timo Date 16-03-2007 13:04
Glad you in reasonably good health.  Sorry about the C1.

It's amazing that it started right up, and you were able to ride it home.  Sounds like her car turned out worse than that.

Hope you and your C1 get back into shape soon.
Parent - By Marino Date 16-03-2007 13:07
CRIKEY!!! NOT ANOTHER WILLIAMS... what is it with these morons ??? rant over. Sorry to hear about this accident Doug if we can help out in any way don't hesitate... Get well soon mate :-)
Parent - - By Backload Date 16-03-2007 14:36
Sorry to hear about your trip to hospital - that it is a terrible thing to happen!

As to the driver - how could they, if they were only looking vaguely in your direction - miss you? It's a six foot high lump - can imagine if it was a child on a bike????? Drill the driver.

Sure, the bike sounds a bit shaken up - but it can be repaired.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 16-03-2007 14:45
Oh dear, bad luck there my friend, good to see the old C1 did its work yet again, watch out for the aches & pains, they usually come back & 'bite' a day or two later, they did with me :-(

The damage to the bike is nothing, might look a lot, might cost a lot, but believe me, it will be ok, we can fix ANYTHING on this site :-)
Parent - - By Marino Date 16-03-2007 17:43

>we can fix ANYTHING on this site :-)

Don't you mean, you can fix ANYTHING on this site :-) :-) the rest of us just hammer at things and hope and pray LOL :-)
Parent - By beamish Date 16-03-2007 20:24
Too right :-)
Parent - By elmstones Date 16-03-2007 21:42
Hope you are ok although from the sounds of your injuries you are probably a bit stiff and bruised today; let's hope the C1 can be saved and you're back C1'ing soon :-)
Parent - - By dougtory Date 16-03-2007 23:42
now for the good
Attachment: DSCF3118.JPG (895k)
Parent - - By dougtory Date 16-03-2007 23:48
and now for the bad...............
Attachment: DSCF3125.JPG (655k)
Attachment: 15032007007.jpg (322k)
Attachment: 15032007008.jpg (296k)
Attachment: DSCF3123.JPG (959k)
Parent - - By superted Date 17-03-2007 00:15
Crikey. Looks like you stuck your head through the screen. Did you have the belts on?
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 17-03-2007 05:52
Hi Doug,

I'm glad you are OK.

There's no doubt about the life saving value of these little wonders - has anyone told BMW?

To cheer you up I was commuting home last night in three lanes of slow moving traffic when I came across a guy who had just dropped an R1200GS on it's side in lane 2. I stopped and was about to help him lift it up when he hauled it upright, hopped on and was off again. He was filtering like a complete novice and I rode behind him for a while curious to see how long it would take him to do it again. This time he managed to stay rubber side down but I noticed with some amusement it was an 07 plate. He had dropped £10Ks worth of bike that's only a few weeks old! Why don't these guys commute a C1: and keep their GSs for a "Long Way Round" trip?

Get well soon.


Parent - By C1200 Date 17-03-2007 08:03
I hope you did mate,you werent sitting on them crossed were you?
Parent - - By Marino Date 17-03-2007 07:13

>and now for the bad...............

There is no bad side to this outcome Doug...You effectively walked away from what would have been a fatality in any other form of two wheeled transport...Good result in my book....With help and support from all C1UB members we will do our utmost to have you back on the road ASAP.
Could you do me a favour Doug? reduce the size of that photo... Your ugly battered mug is frightening my Rottweiler ..  LOL :-)
                                                                 :-) BEST WISHES MATE :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 17-03-2007 14:34 Edited 17-03-2007 22:00
OMG, that's awful.

The damage to the screen may possibly have been done by your head. Were you actually wearing the seatbelts? If you were, then that's a worrying sign that your head could in fact hit the windscreen.
Parent - - By davidlister Date 17-03-2007 17:51
sorry to hear about you accident get well very soon
Parent - - By greenrickoshea Date 17-03-2007 19:15
That's a tough break Doug.

Glad you're OK though.

Take care.

Parent - By purple hat Date 18-03-2007 01:50
Wow Doug, what a crash.  Glad you're ok, and good luck getting the C1 sorted out.  :)
Parent - - By elmstones Date 20-03-2007 22:05
What a pretty face; can you let me know if you were wearing belts and/ or helmet please? Slightly concerned lidless but belted rider. Or was this just a fight in the pub afterwards? :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 20-03-2007 22:17
Yes please, were you or weren't you?
Parent - - By C1200 Date 20-03-2007 22:29
I have messaged him to ask this question,but got no response..I dont think he was
Parent - By beamish Date 21-03-2007 08:30
I think its important that we know. If he wasn't wearing his belts, then the safety implications of the C1 will be lost.
Parent - - By elmstones Date 21-03-2007 22:33
helmet or belts; at a guess I would say no belts and an open face helmet but if I'm wrong I'm concerned
Parent - - By dougtory Date 23-03-2007 09:21
yes you was right no belts and a open faced helmet but im alive thats the main thing.
and yes phil i will wear it with my next c1,  before your say you should all the time . see ya
Parent - By timo Date 23-03-2007 14:00
Doug, don't worry about it.  Thanks for letting us know though, it helps remind us that we do need to buckle up.  I'm glad it was not a stronger lesson to us all, i.e. I'm glad your alright.  I never wear my belts in the car, that is until my kids tell me, "Click it, Ticket, or die", (our state police run an ad campaign with this catch phrase, it is very effective at brain washing the young ones. :-) ), then I buckle up.

We all know the belts make it the safest, but we never think it will happen to us.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 23-03-2007 20:40
I didn't say anything did I ? :-(
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 23-03-2007 20:42

>    but we never think it will happen to us.

actually it just did - see adjacent post :-)
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 24-03-2007 10:00

I fully support freedom of choice and many times I have heard bikers say they would rather be thrown out and take their chances (even police riders have said that to me) but cleary a C1: unbelted is worse than many conventional bikes - I would only request that you use the belts at all times.

(otherwise you will miss out on several minutes of hilarity as you try (in vain) to release the belts as you dangle from them!)

Come on, you never expected a SERIOUS reply from me, did you? :-)

PS I suppose that finally makes me a bender? Peter Parker will be delighted :-)
Parent - - By elmstones Date 25-03-2007 09:20
I should be a forensic detective :-) Glad you are alright though
Parent - - By beamish Date 26-03-2007 13:37
The problem with the C1 is that you have a windscreen in front of you made of glass. Conventional bikes may have a windshield, which is usually made of plastic of some sorts. A high speed crash without belts fitted could involve your head being forced through the glass causing severe lacerations and possibly death. That's one of the reason why wearing the belts in a C1 is a must.

I must admit, if i'm not wearing the belts, I feel somewhat naked.

I'm glad Doug was ok though and seeing what happened to him, makes me even more adamant that I will wear the belts.
Parent - - By andogas Date 26-03-2007 18:53
When I was looking to get a bike for work last year I had a bit of a fall out with my dad. Not over getting a bike, he has been riding for 50 years, but over the C1.

I went to look at a really nice 200 that a guy at work was selling and had also lined up a CBR6 to view also. Whilst I was looking over the CBR he called me and said get the CBR; those C1's are deadly, people have been killed riding them. Like they hadn't on CBR's!

We subsequently fell out over it although not for long, and I bought neither. Shame as the C1 was fully loaded and Immac, the CBR a hound.

I'm really glad that doug was ok this time. But my dad is right in one respect and thats without the belts. The thought of being half in and half out of the bike with it then toppling over and scuffing down the road is not a good out look for a long life.

So in my view ride a C1 with belts. If not ride an ordinary bike as it may just be safer, imho.
Parent - By beamish Date 26-03-2007 19:09
Yep !
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