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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 13-09-2007 05:04 Edited 13-09-2007 05:07

Get well soon Dan


Hello everybody.

Its nice to be back on the forum...been a while (overworked junior doctor!)

Just to add to the accident experiences...

I was riding to work (Barnet Hospital) and just around the corner a car came from the opposite direction and took a wide turning right - she didnt see me. I was unable to stop in time (not speeding!! I was going about 30mph and she took the corner about 25ish mph) I unfortunately T-boned her passenger door, then slid down the side of her car. She was only 'shocked (although I wrote off her car (tee hee). Unfortunately I was not so lucky. I sustained multiple injuries to my left arm. I have fractured my left humerus, radius, ulna and 5th metacarpal (for the lay members - the 3 main bones in the arm and forearm and one bone in the hand). I also sustained scratches to my face (open-face helmet)!

I have just come out of hospital - I now have 2 metal plates, a wire and an external scaffold holding my arm together. I am due to return for a further operation next week.

My lovely C1 is now also a 'write off' - unfortunately I dont have pictures. The police kindly kept some pieces in my PDB though. This is where it gets interesting....

One of the 'parts' they kindly saved for me was the left side protection bar (part - SHOULDER BOW, LEFT, 46512336021) this apparently sheared off the main frame - exposing my left arm to the elements (and therefore it broke - badly!!!)

Other than my arm (and face - I now believe in helmets) I'm fine. Was wondering whether anyone else has had experience of the safetly shell breaking. Is this something I should take up with BMW???

Thankfuly I'm still alive - unfortunately my beautiful '04' plate C1 was not so lucky!
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-09-2007 06:38
not dan who lives next to fibi is it?
Parent - - By beamish Date 13-09-2007 12:04

It was interesting that part of the frame broke off on impact. Mind you, how much more damage would have been done to his arm had the shoulder bar not been there in the first place?
Parent - - By beamish Date 13-09-2007 12:05 Edited 13-09-2007 20:03
I expect Mr P may well have something to say as Dan now believes in helmets.
Parent - - By BigPaul Date 13-09-2007 18:22
Parent - - By elmstones Date 13-09-2007 18:44
Dan, not Mr P :-)
Parent - - By BigPaul Date 13-09-2007 18:46
Thankyou for that note of guidance

Parent - - By beamish Date 13-09-2007 20:03
Twas crap the way I worded it, so now amended. :-)
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 13-09-2007 23:17
Get well soon. That really is a bummer. I've often wished the C1 had doors, it would prevent this kind of thing. My worst fear is falling over onto one of those steel bollards that keep cars from parking on the pavement. Being strapped in against an upright chair would suddenly not be so clever... Curious to see the pics.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-09-2007 07:55 Edited 14-09-2007 10:00
Yes it's Fiona's neighbour.

The incident involved a collision speed of possibly 55 mph so notwithstanding the broken arm he's may well be lucky to be alive.

C1 must be responsible for saving so many lives and it is a concept that must be persued and redeveloped but this injury is slightly reminiscent of the horror stories reported from Athens a while back and we must reemphasise that there is no such thing as a safe vehicle. Any time spent perfecting the art of defensive driving is time well spent.

The harsh truth is that the majority of collisions are the result of two or more people's errors, we often make mistakes that other drivers adjust for as we do theirs.

People often bleat "It's not you, it's the other idiot you have to worry about". People should realise that to the other driver YOU are that idiot.

Interesting that noone has yet asked to borrow my DVD :-)

Parent - By beamish Date 14-09-2007 09:53
Can I borrow your CD?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 15-09-2007 22:38
is there such a thing a defensive driving in london - its crap - no bugger gives a toss about anyone else on the road its just a free for all like a calcutta rush hour.

damn place needs bulldozing and starting again.
Parent - By chairman21 Date 16-09-2007 00:40
It was utterly grim taking you into central London. I really think you should consider going round the M25 where possible. It's not the distance, it's your sanity you need to think about. A few weeks ago I came into London from Reading by car BUT went all the way round the M25 as far as the A20 and then into Catford and home to Forest Hill. That's pretty much half way round the M25. I can't recommend it enough. I'll definitely be doing that on the C1, er, once I get the sound system in!  Off to post today's mega fix pics.
Parent - - By chuckelee Date 16-09-2007 00:49
I did not enjoy my time in London but i must say in all fairness that the level of driving skill in London is very good.  In toronto, basic driving mistakes are far too common.   I'm amazed that we don't have a higher rate of traffic fatality here.

Driving from Slough to the City every day, i found that cars would see me in the wing mirrors and move ever so slightly to allow me to pass.......this is unheard of in Toronto.  Lane splitting is illegal here and cutting people off is common.
Parent - By chairman21 Date 16-09-2007 01:55

> in all fairness that the level of driving skill in London is very good

I've often thought that it's like being at a stunt driver's convention where they all have to show off their skills. It can be very scary when you're in the middle!
Parent - - By szecsei Date 16-09-2007 12:24
Yup, and it's degenerating as time goes on. I've got an 'every man for himself' attitude and I'm shameless about pushing my way into queues, overtaking people at the traffic lights, filtering through the smallest gaps, in fact, whatever it takes to GET TO THE FRONT so that I can rocket away from all the fomenting testosterone and aggression. I am not by nature aggressive so I have to force myself to do this, but it keeps me away from other cars and has the nice byproduct of speeding up my journey.

Having recently been back to Budapest for the weekend and compared standards of driving back to back, I've concluded that the classic 'wild-east' city has moderated its driving somewhat, whilst London's is degenerating alarmingly.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 16-09-2007 12:42
but maybe it's still better than Toronto... No idea, I've never been over the pond. One interesting thing to note is that London driving is that it is very area dependent because of how the city's demographics are spread out. Riding around Richmond-upon-Thames is great, full of polite, observant motorists - try the same thing after midnight on a Friday or Saturday night up the A12 in east London and you'll quickly start to fear for your life.
Parent - - By fibi Date 23-09-2007 17:54
just to let you all know that dan has had his 2nd operation, which went well. He is just a bit miserable and in pain. i'm sorry to say that since i wasn't doing all that well on my bike until that point, it was sort of the last straw, and i've decided to sell. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
Parent - By beamish Date 23-09-2007 18:11
Accidents can happen in cars too you know, but if you've decided to let it go, then good luck with the sale. :-)
Parent - By Lizzy Date 23-09-2007 18:22
Fibi I have PMed you
Parent - - By szecsei Date 23-09-2007 19:51
I've only met Dan once, but please pass on my best wishes if you see him. I was very sorry to hear of his accident, and it seems he was terribly unlucky to be injured in such a way on a C1. Remember that had he been on a normal motorbike he could have easily died...

However, I can fully understand your desire not to pursue C1ing anymore. Sorry that things have panned out this way. And since my old bike is for sale, let me add that it is a solid bike that rides really well, so anyone buying this is going to have a good C1.

Parent - - By Dan Date 02-10-2007 15:23
For some reason I have had a mental block on the owners c1ub...and haven't posted - daft, I know.

It is Dan here, fibi's neighbour, although I have been a memebr of the c1ub since it's inception!

I am alive and considering all...very well! My arm hurts though. I am waiting my first outpatients see whether the accident will stop my pursuing my intended career in Orthopaedics.

Still having trouble with the loss adjustors...they say my bike is only worth £2200...does anyone know of any official party who would state that the glasses guide is b******s when it comes to the was an '04' plate silver exec with ABS, heated kit and PDB - quite desirable I think!

Anyway...will keep you all posted and thanks for your best wishes.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 02-10-2007 15:39
My apologies to Dan, he posts so rarely here and I was not aware of his membership. In fact Dan has been a member since May 05 but I only knew of him as a neighbour of Fiona's and her inspiration for buying and, sadly, selling her C1 :-(

My posting at the start of this thread needs no apology, I was indeed sorry to hear of his mishap, I think his is the worst injury that we have suffered in this Club, at least the worst that I have heard of. As details begin to emerge it would seem his C1 did it's job well, the collision speed was well outside the design of the C1 and the world is fortunate indeed to still have Dan.

Issues of primary safety versus secondary safety arise, as does the concept of risk compensation but now is not the time and place :-)

So once again, apologies to Dan - get well soon
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 02-10-2007 15:46

re your valuation - was it a 125 or a 200? What was the mileage? I'm thinking that the value is OK for a 125 and £250 under for a 200.

I have just sold an immaculate 16,000 mile Silver Exec 200 02 plate with box & heater ABS for £2750, you can have the insurance guy talk to me if it helps.

And thanks for the invite - I will try and come and see you ASAP, I will phone and make sure it's convenient.

Get well soon

Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 02-10-2007 15:42
show them mads bill of sale or get a quote from a bmw garage saying what they would sell it for.

glad to hear you're ok despite the criminal memory loss.

and when you're ready to buy it back and rebuild it we'll have an amish style bike build for you :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 02-10-2007 15:47
You've got the wrong "ish"
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 02-10-2007 16:02
nope -  :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 02-10-2007 17:23
I wish you a speedy recovery.
Parent - By chairman21 Date 02-10-2007 19:47
If you need it, I have a receipt for a C1 Williams 125cc sold with 6500m on the clock for £2175. If you need a copy, just PM me. Plate is '03
Parent - By metselaaradam Date 22-11-2007 05:28
how much you want  for your bike pleae call me 0208 954 6020  adam
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