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- By philandhuyen Date 25-11-2007 10:01
I have bought a Tomtom rider but where and how to mount it became the problem! Car kits are few and far between and far from ideal and the standard ram mount wasn't appropriate. So I phoned Steve at ram-mount and he suggested the ram-b-346.

This mounts to the master cylinder on the handlebars and is ideal. Although the supplied mount has slots for the reservoir screws in each corner, the mount is easily adaptable to the BMW's two centre screws by utilising the brackets outer slots. It is sturdy and does the job fantastically.

I chose to mount this over the throttle, as opposed to the left hand side, as I am right handed. Then again, once I have a power cable running to it, I may change my mind! But I found this the best compromise. Before this mount was installed, I relied on the voice commands only, keeping the Tomtom in my pocket for security!

Enclosed are five photo's of the mount showing it at various angles. But it is a true bolt-on job only requiring 10 minutes or so.

The Tomtom itself not only gives me satnav - which I don't really need but it's a boon for giving me speed camera locations and also allowing me to take incoming cellphone calls and texts. It also gives traffic updates, although this is not too much of a problem when on two wheels.

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge into satnav.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or Steve at ram mount.


Attachment: BMWC1-TomtomRammount3.JPG (462k)
- By Lawrie Date 25-11-2007 13:52
I have one of mine in a 'fixed' position on the screen-mount for the TT 'rider', seems to work ok.
- By greenrickoshea Date 25-11-2007 17:51
Yes I like it.

I use a Garmin Quest and the mounting suction cup does not seem man enough for the job.

Plenty of spit on it to make sure it sticks.

I would be interested in this, the only concern is that you would need to look at the screen to the right and
not straight ahead as I do with the suction cup mount.

However I do like it. :-)


- By Steamerpoint Date 25-11-2007 18:17 ;-) :-)
- By greenrickoshea Date 25-11-2007 20:53
Thanks for that Chris, but I don't think they cater for the Quest.


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