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- - By bolt-on-billy Date 11-01-2008 19:54
riding in to work today and between stow and chippy in the rain. wind and fog I hit a patch of mud from the tractors and wound up sliding along the opposite bank.

my right foot got dragged under but no serious damage as the ground was so waterlogged.

bikes lost tit and panel, front offside panel, indicator, mirror and the dashboard is wrecked. front windkit is missing a third in the middle which was painfull riding home in the blizzard which nearly took me out several times as I lost traction at 20mph or had to restart in the traffic queue and the back wheel kicked out..

as usual got to gloucester and it was just rain.

no doubt I'll find more tomorrow when I check it over properly.

Parent - - By C1200 Date 11-01-2008 22:08
Hope you are ok dave,sent you a message
Parent - By beamish Date 11-01-2008 22:27
Sorry to hear this Dave and I hope your injuries are not too severe.
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 11-01-2008 22:58
Sorry to hear this Dave. I thought I had a bad ride home but I just got soaked and frozen - I hope that you can fix the damage without too much trouble. If you need someone to hold a spanner or point a torch, just say the word.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 12-01-2008 08:06
Mud & diesel, the bikers nightmare, (cowcrap near farms as well). hope you're ok mate & not too badly damaged, get in touch if you want parts, I might just have something.
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 12-01-2008 09:42
What a shame but a bent bike and an undamaged  Dave is the right way round.

My last similar incident was on cobbles covered in river slime at Richmond and I damn nearly ended up in the Thames. Anyone fancy trying to release the belts in hurry when under several feet of water? :-)
Parent - By elmstones Date 12-01-2008 11:44
Dave, hope your ok and no bruising today; sounds like the usual damage to the C1 except for the dashboard; did it pull up the edge of it then? Hope the frame is ok and it's just panels
Parent - By Dakitali Date 12-01-2008 15:40
Sorry to hear about this Dave. Sounds like you had no chance given the conditions. Very glad the foot is ok, as I've had my foot out when going down and it can be a bit painful. I'd once again urge everyone to cultivate the habit of sticking your feet right into the footwells so if you do go down, the foot stays in.
Parent - By larry Date 12-01-2008 15:46
Sorry to hear about this, hope you are OK.
Accidents just happen, but the bike does work when you need it to.
I have no doubt that the bike will be fine, make sure you are.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 12-01-2008 16:09
cheers everyone - if I wasnt going in half an hour early then I could have hit someone so luck played a part I guess, mind you if I went in normal time I would have seen the road as the light would have been better.

this morning my shoulder is a bit frozen if thats the correct term and none too happy about affairs - I think as the bank came into the bike when the front panel collapsed it shoved my elbow back up seeing as my sleeve was full of mud.

I have enough panels and bits to rebuild and recolour away from the williams colours if I want, tempted to wasp it or that style anyway. I might have found connections to get resprays done as well :-)

I can save the williams stuff as thats seems the rarest to sourced or if I do claim then I'll get the panels sussed and either make a full set available or save the stickers for someone else to use.

can someone ask peter if he has any offside deflectors left in his bits collection for me as politics prevent me from doing so - ideally I need a dark and john needs a clear one.

oh - apparently gloucester was in panic mode yesterday as it was flooding again due to all the rain, the band of snow slowed it down a bit as its staying on the high ground but three days of forecast rain might mess things up a bit.
Parent - - By superted Date 13-01-2008 13:42
Sorry to hear about your accident and glad it wasn't worse

I had to go down to Taunton and decided to take the car. Was very relieved as there were floods, torrential rain and snow to contend with
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-01-2008 13:54
big jesse :-)
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 12-01-2008 16:47
Bit of a bugger - if you've got photos then you can maybe take things up with the farmer - it's their duty to make sure that they don't trail mud onto the road and if they do then i believe they've got to warn about it and clear it up
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 12-01-2008 17:00
I have noticed that like with snow the traffic tends to cause the crap to pile up in the middle of the road between the normal tire runs
Parent - - By beamish Date 13-01-2008 15:18

>Was very relieved as there were floods

Dave likes water in his C1.  :-)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-01-2008 17:40
keeps it clean :-)
Parent - By flange Date 13-01-2008 19:54
sorry been off live, but dave, pleased to hear your ok mate, as I said to ya, treat yourself to a car, leave the c1 for summer fun, you will need it the next time you go to Hull! Nutter tee hee ;0)
Parent - By purple hat Date 15-01-2008 17:34
Glad you got through that one ok lad.  How's the wrist from yesterday?  :)
Parent - By simonr Date 14-01-2008 12:27
I've got a spare dash somewhere if you want one.
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