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- - By bolt-on-billy Date 16-01-2008 17:20 Edited 17-01-2008 13:13
rode the silver one to work monday and a tosser pulled out on me. broken wrist and written off bike.

as per title - snapped the ends off the radius and ulnar so I now have screws and plates in there.

bike did its job perfectly, didn't have time to cross hands or let go and I didnt want to go into the oncoming lane.

lying on the ground doing a self check when the guy gets out and his first word - 'shit'. I was in the filter lane which had just started and he was trying to bully his way out of the petrol station. the van to my left braked but I dont remember him indicating.

not impressed.

at home now sore as hell. sooooo glad I wasn't wearing real helmet and the copper, fire crew and ambulance guys and hospital staff  were all impressed as it was still classed as a motorbike crash and they were panicky about neck/spine injuries. id have been out sooner but they had no beds or surgery time for me as more important cases came in. surgeon happy at clean break, no secondry damage so a good rejoin and hopefully a reasonable heal can be expected. obviously she's doing her nut at the moment and my blase attitude to life probably isnt helping matters.

spent one night in agony and last night in poppy heaven. now its like abad wrist sprain pain wise. note to self - button flies and broken wrist not good :-)
Parent - - By beamish Date 16-01-2008 17:44
OMG Dave, you're having a real bad time of things. So sorry to hear this has happened to you and I wish you the speediest recovery possible. Take care.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 16-01-2008 17:52
I dont believe that mate soooo sorry to read this latest one..:-(
Parent - By Lawrie Date 16-01-2008 18:11
Bloody hell Dave, whats happening out there, its like their out to get you. :-( 

Get well soon mate.
Parent - - By jrw Date 16-01-2008 17:57
"button flies and broken wrist not good"

So you will have to wear nice conventional trousers rather than those cami jobs otherwise you might fail to get the buttons undone in time!

Glad the op went ok.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 13:18
dont get your hopes up. ever heard of a button hook? its using left hand opposed to only one hand. got quiet good at it last year.

its not kept me down yet - fixed screen cable on laptop when i got in and made tea. chopping veg was interesting.
Parent - - By jrw Date 17-01-2008 15:39
When I collect you on Saturday, do you want me to bring the spare screen or is the C1 beyond that now?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 23:20
you can chuck it in. not sure on the useage yet need a good think.
Parent - - By chuckelee Date 18-01-2008 03:11

>you can chuck it in.

chuck is not a verb!
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 18-01-2008 18:41
course it is - charles or chuck

it means to bring along without knowing if it will ever be needed. hence we have a prince chuck :-)
Parent - - By chuckelee Date 18-01-2008 22:49

>hence we have a prince chuck

Not sure if i've mentioned but sadly i am named after Prince Charles.  When we first moved to America and my parents decided to anglicize my name, they saw Prince Charles and his enormous Jug ears on the tv....looked at me and said "CHARLES!"

Thanks for making reference to my childhood trauma Dave.  I'm going to go see my counsellor now.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 18-01-2008 23:02
and I thought it was after the legendary chinese luggage master lee cke chu - grand master of pack foo and wat tai  :-)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 18-01-2008 23:05
so are you sure its not similar to the chinese way of numbering off spring so instead of 'no3 lee son' you are 'thought wed have another one just in case we needed him lee son' :-)
Parent - By chuckelee Date 19-01-2008 00:20
I am the first born son of a first born son of a first born son of a first born son of a first born son.  So the no3 son wouldn't apply.

Do you think we felt any pressure for our first to be a boy???

I was hoping for a girl....not disappointed at all of course.  Just saying.
Parent - - By chuckelee Date 19-01-2008 00:19
Not bad Dave....actually my KOREAN name is Lee Chul Koo.  So Chuck is actually closer than Charles anyways.

Well at least you didn't use a Japanese name....that would have started a war.  Joking of course!!! :)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 19-01-2008 00:26
why that then? same ethnic grouping with 700 years of conflict thrown in - bit like us and scotland.

actually ill be honest I assumed that you were chinese in origin as canadia has zillions of them. :-)

hence the numbering reference.

so your a numberone son 7 times squared then - does that make a grand wizard in world of warcraft then? :-)
Parent - By chuckelee Date 19-01-2008 02:39

>bit like us and scotland.

Yeah it would be very similar if the Battle of Culloden had happened in 1946 rather than 1746.  Memories are a little fresher.  I'm speaking of course on a national level......on a personal level most bear no ill will.

>does that make a grand wizard in world of warcraft then?

I don't understand this reference.  Sounds like something only Dungeons and Dragons aficionados would get.  Dave were you one of those?
Parent - - By timo Date 16-01-2008 19:04
Two in a week! Damn, sorry to hear that.  Glad you are more or less OK.  Glad this is the C1 site, and not some other scooter forum.  Things would be a lot different.

Here's to a quick recovery.
Parent - By superted Date 16-01-2008 19:27
Sorry to hear about your latest one Dave, but glad the bike did its job. Hope it heals well - and soon
Parent - - By jp72 Date 16-01-2008 20:44
Holly sh*t, it looks like you're going through an unlucky trend :(
I wish you a quick recovery and hope you'll manage to sort out a good C1 out of your 2 "wrecks".
Take care. Jerome
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 13:05
well at least the back end of the 200 will be good, the williams is just cosmetic, they said it moved ok but the forks are probably gone on the 200 plus all front panels and screen.
Parent - - By steve-essex Date 16-01-2008 20:48 Edited 16-01-2008 21:10
Cor, these C1 things are really dangerious!

Think I should have kept my ex-army Northern Ireland up-armoured PIG!!!
just left someone pull out on that, but at 4mpg not really a practical commuting vehicle.

Anyway Dave, get better soon, cos us C1 rookies need you......    Steve....

I have attached a picture ( for all those who don't know what a PIG was )
not my old one-can't find photos- but one I found on a web site....
Attachment: HumberPIG.jpg (76k)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 16-01-2008 21:32
Get well soon Dave.

Aren't C1s the most amazing invention? I wonder how many people owe their lives to BMWs little gem and I wonder if BMW, instead of erasing C1 from their corporate history books, should pat themselves on their backs.
Parent - By aware Date 17-01-2008 18:47 Edited 17-01-2008 18:49
Unfortunately, I can only visualise a picture with all of us driving for years and years to come our old, stylistically outdated and rather worn C1's like those elderly drivers of Zundapp bikes (do you remember them?!!)..
Parent - - By timo Date 17-01-2008 18:31
I think I saw something like that "Pig" driving down the road, here in Arkansas the other day, but the one I saw looked bigger. :-o  May have just been the new soccer mom transport though. :-)

Dave, I hope my words earlier were not too tongue and cheek.  Get well soon.
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 23:21
tim - you can tongue in cheek all you like - I thrive on it :-)
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 17-01-2008 09:21
Ow, best wishes.

Any reliable witnesses?
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 13:01
dont know - he wasnt a local so I dont think anyone will try to gang up on me that way. question do I tell insurance about the first one as its the reason I was on the second one?
Parent - By Clunkfish Date 17-01-2008 09:38
Hope you get well soon Dave.
Parent - By szecsei Date 17-01-2008 12:45
So sorry to read this chum. Really bad luck, sounds like there was nothing you could do...

I hope you're up and running soon, and equally hope that damage to the C1 is not too bad.

Parent - - By JPM Date 17-01-2008 13:38
Dave - sorry to hear of your misfortune, and wish you a speedy recovery.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-01-2008 23:23
its battling the missus which is the awkward bit as I've nowt but snide comments. might have to go to afghanistan to shut her up :-o
Parent - - By larry Date 18-01-2008 05:18
Hang in there - get well soon.
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 18-01-2008 18:42
wish I could break this cast and give it a good long soak to bring the bruising out.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 19-01-2008 00:17
darent post it up but I have purple bottom if anyone is interested :-o
Parent - By larry Date 19-01-2008 04:30
You always were into fashion
Parent - By Lawrie Date 19-01-2008 08:52

>darent post it up but I have purple bottom if anyone is interested

You can borrow Pam's hat. Then you'll have a matching set of 'top n tails'  :-)
Parent - By andrew parry Date 21-01-2008 19:51
Hi Dave
So sorry to hear the news.  Had a couple of close shaves before Christmas myself - what is it that drivers don't see?  The dipped headlight?  The six foot tall shape?
Have changed my job and no longer need two c1s - am thinking of selling one.
Hope you have a speedy recovery

Best wishes

Parent - By purple hat Date 28-01-2008 13:50
Yes please :)  Ah, go on, you know you want to.  :)
Parent - By BigPaul Date 22-01-2008 20:06 Edited 28-01-2008 21:12
Never heard of the bloke Smith's are you gonna do a wrist mod or a refit ?

Kind regards

Get well soon Big Guy

Parent - - By elmstones Date 23-01-2008 11:26
Blimey; glad otherwise you're ok; how long will it take to mend?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 27-01-2008 01:57
8 weeks plus physio
Parent - By purple hat Date 28-01-2008 13:54
It will be no time before you are up and riding Lad.  Will you need another bike?  :)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-02-2008 23:01
well 4 weeks so far and I've been recast for a further two as the break site is still tender. apparently I could be without full use for the next year depending on how I build it up. according to the consultant if I break it within the next six months I will destroy the wrist but after that it should snap after the plate instead.

so I might not be riding for a while even though I will still fix em if needed.

going to make a matching pair of wasps while I'm waiting :-)
Parent - - By jp72 Date 14-02-2008 07:33
Wow, impressive surgery!
Is that a kind of special rebate from your local butcher ? :(
Parent - - By beamish Date 14-02-2008 10:11
They could at least used cammo tape. :-)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 14-02-2008 14:00
that was from about three days after when it was infected and I was drawing out the pus. its a lot less swollen and tidier now. dont know if it was the prodding or the new cast but its been having a good old throb these past two days
Parent - - By BigPaul Date 14-02-2008 19:11 Edited 14-02-2008 19:16
<Wow, impressive surgery!>

Looks like he went for the full mod and the refit -bit of a spray paint and you wouldn't even notice it - big girlie show off :-) (he knows I am only kidding !!) not even proper man stitches or clips !! get well soon mate !!

BigPaul  :-)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 14-02-2008 19:16
I expected proper bootlace stitching and got hidden ones which is why the infection took so well as it had no escape route. could be why I was in surgery longer and my missus got so wound up. when she spent a three hour lunch waiting for me to come out then when she did see me 4 hours after that I was curled up around the magic button of happiness :-)
Parent - - By BigPaul Date 14-02-2008 20:01
<curled up around the magic button of happiness>

I think he means the morphine tablets he was probably on big time :-)

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