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- - By pgill Date 25-01-2008 21:11
Have just had my first big punt in the C1 (Wed 23 Jan), riding home from work, out from a side street the car without warning straight into the side of me, spining on my side down the wrong side of the road!
Its strange at a time like that, but on impact all I could think about was keeping my legs in!! after turning the engine off and pulling the seat belt release, I emerged with only a slight graze to my elbow through my clothing! The police and paramedics were amazed at my lack of injuries!
The bike had done exactly what its designed to do 'PROTECT' me.
Apart from the panel damage, when viewed from behind the rear wheel is now some inches off centre, bent frame! although not accessed yet by the insurance I guess its a 'write off',
Time to look for my next one! 

Paul Gill 2000 C1 125 (RIP)
Parent - By airwin Date 25-01-2008 21:42
Good you got out that way. But the stock of roadworthy C1's is diminishing rapidly I fear :-(
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 25-01-2008 22:18
I will be selling one of mine if you are interested - don't need two any more
Parent - - By jervanheg Date 26-01-2008 06:17 Edited 26-01-2008 06:19
The wheel being off-centered does not immediately imply a bent frame -  it can be the black, curved attachment point of the whole back wheel/engine part to the bike itself.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 26-01-2008 08:12
As Jervenheg says, its nearly always the rear r/side side-plate that is bent or ripped-out after a side-swipe impact, I myself have had 3 write-offs that had this, & its a VERY simple fix, the damaged plate is layed on top of a 'good' one to see where its bent, & then its pressed back until it matches.

I have at the moment, 2 alloy C1 frames that, by law, have had to be taken off the road, permanent (CAT A) but are, in fact, absolutely 100% perfect,( it was the mount-plate & rear subframe that were bent) what a waste. :-(
Parent - - By beamish Date 26-01-2008 12:05
So sorry to hear this and glad you're more or less ok. The C1 did its job. Buy the C1 off your insurance company and either keep it for spares or re-sell to the Club.
Parent - - By pgill Date 26-01-2008 20:53
Thanks for yor messages, what appears to be the main 'impact' point was the exposed part of the frame, where the pillion foot peg would be fitted on the near side.  This has been pushed and twisted in, with the seat up and looking down the ally box section is again pushed in and twisted. 
Without the official insurance verdict on the bike I'm a bit in 'limbo' , but any C1s that may be coming up for sale I would cetainly like to hear about, I would like to try and match a spec to my old bike, being a 125, ABS, heating package and the all important top box!

Paul Gill EX C1   
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 26-01-2008 21:19
Oh dear, if the alloy box-section is damaged then it looks like its a write-off, its also the first damaged frame i've heard of.

Now then, supposing they write it off as a cat 'C', then you can (if you wish) buy it back & use one of my frames & weld-in your original engine No. section, perfectly legal & safe, there's a guy locally who for very little dosh can do a super job, so its well possble to get your bike back on the road quickly & cheaply.
Parent - - By pokecheck Date 26-01-2008 23:35
The club also has a full chassis in its stock - ready for someone to buy and fit all the moving parts to and make a 'new' bike...
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 27-01-2008 06:39 Edited 27-01-2008 06:44

I doubt he will get his buy it now price with the panel damage. I would offer £1450 but only once you have viewed it. Allow up £150 to change the left panel, a straightforward job. I like the colour, the ABS, the grips and the mileage, I don't like the damage and the top box is heavily scratched.
Parent - - By purple hat Date 28-01-2008 13:59
Gosh, glad to hear you came out with just a scratch.  C1's  certainly are life savers.  Come on Beemer, start making them again!  :)
Parent - - By aware Date 28-01-2008 16:21
Yep, com on -- shall we initiate a poll?

Parent - By steve-essex Date 28-01-2008 17:12
Did not think we had to initiate any Poles.... there already here.......    LoL...
Parent - By timo Date 28-01-2008 18:21
Glad you are alright.

Man these C1s are great.  They do protect you.
Parent - By Dakitali Date 31-01-2008 18:48

> but on impact all I could think about was keeping my legs in!

You star! Well done that man. Very glad the bike did its job.
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