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- - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:33
Ok, this first one is what happens when the cam-wheel becomes loosened, the locating key shears, the wheel rotates on the camshaft knocking out the timing & bye bye top-end! :-(

Look carefully, you'll see the drive-dog is missing on the wheel, & where its been moving on the camshaft you'll see the damaged slot.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:37
Now we have the cam-carrier in the head, timimg goes out of plonk, piston whacks the valves hard enough to blow the valves, cams & carrier upwards, resulting in the 'explosion!

Pic shows both top & bottom parts broken.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:44
Here we have the result of continued riding when the is no water in the system, the rider thought he could make it home, he didn't. :-(

The engine got so hot that the nylon chain guides melted, the chain went slack, shoved the timing out, piston clouted the valves............ you know the rest.

The burst nylon gears are from the oil & water pump drives,

The broken cam chain happened to my pal Terry's at 70mph on the M1, he stopped a bit sharpish!!
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:46
This is a piston from a 200 (176), again, sloppy timing chain resulting in the piston striking the top-end, only this time it cracked the piston right across the top.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:49
A couple more pistons, this time from 125's, on one you'll see indents where it struck the valves, the other is from the 'overheated' engine, look carefully & you'll see the edges are melted near the valve pockets.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:51
Another from the 'melted' engine, here we have the ignition pickup from the generator housing, again, it got so hot , it melted!
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:54
Heres a 'goodie' , a selection of valves, all as a result of the dreaded, 'valve-strike', some have the heads snapped off, the others are bent.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 15:58
The tops of the forks have these stupid plugs, they are only held in place via a circlip, & a nylock nut on top, previous owners not used correct tools resulting in 'burst' shaft, replacement was the only cure.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 16:05
On one bike (scrapper)  I bought a few years back, the front end was 'floppy' it was the main fork-top pivot pin was sheared clean off, trouble was, it was flush with the chassis & it took 2 weeks & about 10 stellite drills to get it out, but I did, it was then 'hellicoiled' & was better than new!

The other is from a front-end collision, resulting in a bent pin, I've had several of these.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 16:08
This one resulted in a completely new cyl & piston assembly, the circlip came out of the gudgeon-pin, it then rubbed up & down the bore,no amount of re-machining could fix this one!!
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 16:11
A really heavy front impact can get past the deforming front fender & even the foam infill, THEN even the backing former gets it!
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 16:13
A good, heavy slide down the tarmac will get past the designed 'deformation' of the tits & then even the backing plate cops it.
Parent - - By Lawrie Date 24-07-2008 16:16
Finally, fear-not if you go in for a bit of 'tarmac-scraping', I repaired several exhaust heat-shields that seemed past it, all lived to fight another day. :-)
Parent - By jp72 Date 25-07-2008 03:55
Thanks for this C1 guts horrorshow :) Very interesting
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 15-08-2008 17:22
hope nobody minds if i add this to the 'black museum'

had the 125 for a year now, first bit of proper trouble [all the rest has been repairs to previous owners mishaps!] - of course, this is not minor!

ABS lights came on yesterday morning for no apparent reason - charged battery at work, rode home & lights came on again. odd noise from under the engine casing, so i thought i'd have a poke around - didn't need or want to find this! a broken wire would have been nice instead! ah well, back on the road soon hopefully.
Parent - - By truzzman Date 14-10-2009 17:42 Edited 14-10-2009 17:54
C1 125 25.000 km

No damage on valve train.
Parent - By Drynotwet Date 14-10-2009 20:10
was it timing chain snapped, leading to nasty damage?
Was it old oil/low oil/overheating that caused it?
Useful to know, so we can prevent it from happening to another!
Parent - By Drynotwet Date 14-10-2009 20:09
what happened? was it loose bolts on coil packs, then rubbed against summit?
Parent - By toby_holland Date 15-10-2009 06:36
i had just the same damage on thew generator / alternator a year ago - mine was caused by the bolts on the rotor not being secure, they came loose & rubbed against the windings - could have been worse, they could have popped out further & mulched everything.
i got WestCountry Windings to rebuild the stator [i think that's its name] - cost less than new, and they put 20% extra windings on, so no trouble with extra lights / heated grips / heated seat / FAS when running in winter!
they were excellent value, and gave great service too.
trouble was, of course [with hindsight!], because the rotor had been working loose over some time, it had damaged the clutch [on its rear] for the starter, so 2 weeks later, new clutch assembly too!
ah well, she starts & charges beautifully now!
good luck.
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