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- - By johansj Date 05-04-2011 06:22

First, I'd like to thank for a great site with loads of good information. I've just bought a C1 200 Exec from a person who rode it untill the oil warning light came on, thought it was broken and sold it :-)

I know this been disscussed in other threads, but I'd like to ask for some advice on this. The sympotoms are that the oil warning light comes on after aprox. 10 min of riding (and stays on regardless of rev.)

I will replace the oil pressure switch since it seams to be a common problem, but the previous owner also said that he experenced loss of power when it happend wich makes me think that it just not might be the switch. I will also change oil and filter.

I'm thinking of maybe chagning the pressure-relief valve while it's drained from oil. Any thought on this?

I'm also thinking if it could be a faulty oilpump(but since it's expensve, I will try the above first)?


Parent - - By simonr Date 05-04-2011 11:44
Hi Johan,

All your thoughts are good. If it doesn't solve the problem (and you don't need to drain the oil to inspect the oil pressure switch - which is different to the oil pressure sensor) the issue might be the big end. Which is bad!

Parent - - By johansj Date 05-04-2011 13:04
Thanks for the response.

I get a bit confused though. I've read about how to replace the oil pressure switch. But you also mention that there is an second oil pressure sensor, which I can't find in the service manual. I can only find the pressure switch and the bypass valve.

Do I mix it up or is there an second oil pressure sensor also?

Parent - By simonr Date 05-04-2011 13:10
PM sent
Parent - - By johansj Date 17-04-2011 20:58
A change of filter, oil and pressure switch did the jobb. Now it's back on the road again!

Thanks for all advice

Parent - - By BahnStormer Date 21-04-2011 10:03
nice work!

how much did you pay for the "broken" C1 200??
Parent - By johansj Date 29-04-2011 20:08
10k SEK which is about 1k GBP
Parent - - By Monkeyrider Date 02-07-2013 20:23
Hi mate, I've got the same problem and just ordered a new pressure switch. Checked the Carl salter C1 repair manual but can't find where on the bike the switch is to remove. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? Can email me a pic if easier to

Any help would be appreciated. Mike
Parent - - By superted Date 03-07-2013 09:10
It's on the left hand side of the engine in front of the variator housing. The realOEM picture is wrong, but if you you look at It's right by item 5, and you should see the wire attached to it. The one you've bought will need a slightly bigger spanner than the one originally fitted
Parent - - By Monkeyrider Date 03-07-2013 21:39
Awesome thanks mate! Found the bugger & looks easy enough to sort. Been riding the bike for about a month now with the light on so satisfied its not the oil pump. Gonna change the oil and put the new switch on this weekend
Parent - By Monkeyrider Date 18-08-2013 23:30
The new switch works fine. But if anyone else reads this you will need locktite thread sealent to het a secure fit...
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