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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 09-06-2011 13:55 Edited 09-06-2011 13:58
It's hard to be certain but I believe that the 125 Vespa that I've just bought has the grand total of 7.6 bhp at 6250 revs :-)

Also noticeable by their absence are hazard warning lights and a headlamp flasher!! and the wind noise over the flyscreen is so loud that I am inclined to wear earplugs.....

The good news is I absolutely love it and there is no sign of me having to lower me trews and bend over come service time. They are not for the faint hearted and it helps to have owned eight of the little dears before. They don't even begin to compare to a c1 but until I find a new " magic formula" service wise I'm out of that particular game and so I shall persevere.

But 7.6 bhp!! You've never seen defensive riding like it. Talking of defensive, preventing it from getting nicked is proving interesting :-)
Parent - - By purple hat Date 17-06-2011 07:46
Oh Phil, how could you ;)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 17-06-2011 10:01 Edited 17-06-2011 12:19
Well if you want the honest truth......

the Vespa is now on probation :-)

The inability to accelerate clear of cars is somewhat worrying and I've no intention of smashing myself up to save a few quid.

But she looks lovely and attracts admiring comments wherever she goes, generally people assume it is a nut and bolt restoration of a 60s Vespa (dolts !) and are amazed to find it's three weeks old.

And she appears to be running at around 100 mpg (not surprising as I'm running her at 45 - 50 mph)

We'll see, there is one matter that is a dealbreaker, the hand gearchange is so stiff as to be almost unrideable. Piaggio tech support and the suppliying dealer both say it will loosen up. It is so distracting that it could easily cause a collision and so I only give that to the 600 miles service and if that doesn't happen she will go.

The 300 miler is being readied to come out of hibernation just in case :-)
Parent - - By purple hat Date 17-06-2011 12:28
Get it out, summer's here and the time is right.  :)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 17-06-2011 18:35
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 18-06-2011 11:03 Edited 21-06-2011 10:45
Well she's back at the dealer having an oil leak investigated and I'm sat on Whitton station waiting for a train home. While she's there they will look into the stiff gearchange.

I have three appointments next week that require two wheeled access so the naughty 200 will have to come out to play. That WILL be interesting after several weeks without using a c1.

My opinions are starting to formulate.  There is no real alternative to a c1 if you have unlimited funds or can spanner it yourself. For ease of use, if you don't own a c1 almost any scooter is invaluable. For general running about motorcycles are a total pain, I'd rather jump on a scoot any day.

So my fleet will now be my GS Adventure (which will be used sparingly) my 300 miler ( which will be used exceedingly sparingly :-) ) and the Vespa (which will bear the brunt of the miles). If the stiff gear change and lack of speed don't resolve themselves I will go over to a GT250 or 300 Vespa.

Interesting times :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 21-06-2011 15:16
Yep - I'm at work on the naughty 200 :-)

Last night a fitted a brand new top box (I bought and stored it a year ago so that I would have a mint one to put on the 300 miler when Prince Charming fights his way past the dragon, up the tower and kisses it on the nose, then decided one PDB was enough so I sold my two second hand ones).

It was interesting to see how I felt about the C1 after after my short break from it.

It felt really weird. Heavy. And so top heavy. And really quite loud/

That lasted about 30 seconds!

Then I realised just how fantastic these things are!

It actually pees on the rest of my fleet by a factor of......let's not exaggerate, say 1,000 :-)

I don't feel at risk, I don't care if it rains, the cars can't catch me (well not for the first few hundred yards) and my extra virgin top box is such a joy.

So here we are, full circle, knowing I can't live without it and I can't live with it either.

I think my plan, as per the above posting, is making more and more sense by the minute.

I don't gamble, I don't drink or smoke.

What on earth can I give up to find the funds to run the little devil?

Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 21-06-2011 18:03
There's another expensive vice you could give up, but I dare not speak it's name.  I'll give you a clue, it has 5 letters, begins with a V and ends with an S (and there's an N somewhere in the middle).....
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 21-06-2011 19:15
go and wash your mouth out.

I agree though you should do the simple stuff elsewhere and just do vines for the unfixable. you would save a fortune on the basic stuff. I keep offering as I know you have a decent covered lit working area. but the local bike shop would cut at least half off a basic service.
Parent - - By Ultrablast Date 22-06-2011 14:21
I keep meaning to ask. What has the 200 done that has made it deserving of the epithet naughty? Has it tried to sh*g the GS?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 24-06-2011 09:18
Buy it from me and find out :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 04-07-2011 21:03
This IS getting interesting :-)

The naughty 200, after a whole week of hard work (!!!), is now unrideable. I think it has burnt out the exhaust valve and will require a head off. It can't be Vines so I'm waiting to see if my Vespa dealer will take it on.

The Vespa has now been sold. I reached the 600 mile service, performance wise a little better as I could use full power in short bursts but there was no loosening up of the stiff hand change. I perceived it as unsafe to ride in traffic and bailed out. Selling a new bike after 5 weeks is a record even for for me but, much as I loved her, safety came first. I put an ad on gumtree, took a hit and let her go.

Now I have no operational scoots and I will have to turn up for a dental appointment tomorrow on a '92 1000cc Boxer! Hardly ideal.

Had I had the chance to test ride the PX prior to purchase I would have rejected the model. Piaggio apparently changed a component in the gear selector on the last of the PXs due to premature wear rates. The new component over stiffened the selector process. As they are operated by two cables and the stiffness is at the engine end there is no way the cables will take much of that punishment, plus with so little power (and the need to keep the revs up to find any of it) the inability to change down reliably in a crisis made it a decidedly hazardous commuter.

I would buy again if Piaggio corrected this issue and I didn't have other bikes floating around. I will not buy again without a rest ride.

I shall be taking all this up with Piaggio customer service and will no doubt get absolutely nowhere. :-)
Parent - - By Ultrablast Date 05-07-2011 12:09
I don't know much about the robustness and reliability of Piaggio products but having seen various comments about Italian scooters, I would probably go for a Japanese model. My perception is that they are superior in terms of performance and reliability but that most of them just look, well, awful.

That having been said, I just bought a Piaggio Zip 50cc 2-stroke from a colleague. Under 4 000 miles on the clock and I paid £150. I bought it to teach my kids to ride on and potentially for my daughter to ride to college on. It's still parked in the basement at work in London and I have the 40-odd mile ride home at 30 miles an hour to look forward to. I plan to come in one Saturday and ride it home - not only to miss the traffic but also because it is sorned and I have to be able to prove I have an MOT apointment.

The question is - what do I replace the C1 with. It's running well at the moment but it probably won't keep running well forever and sometime soon, I'm going to have to find something else to get me to the station and back while keeping me reasonably warm and dry. I guess its gonna be a scooter with a windscreen, a termoscud and a waterproof jacket. Like everyone else.
Parent - By purple hat Date 13-07-2011 07:22
Come along to the Calne meet and show your C1 off while you still have it.  My red C1 is 10 years old from new and still chugging along as is the Jade that Imin (Geronabike) has.  Bolt-on-Billy been to show Imin how to do service and also fixed our Jade one day when it conked out.  Dave got out his little soldering kit and hey presto Jade worked fine ever since.  

None of us know when the C1 will be hauled off to the scrapyard in the sky so enjoy it while you can and don't think about replacing it until you really have to.  :)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 06-07-2011 00:09
I'll do it if you want.
Parent - - By purple hat Date 13-07-2011 07:23
Phil, still a week and a half to go to get the 200 on the road.  ;)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-07-2011 23:33 Edited 19-07-2011 14:16
The naughty 200 has been sold to Stef but I can report I have an operational
125 Williams on it's way to me :-)

It's a very low value bike being a 29k miler but it's cheap enough to let my Vespa dealer loose on and no probs if they totally destroy it as they learn.

Probably come on the Boxer though :-)
Parent - By purple hat Date 15-07-2011 11:23
Is Stef coming?  Look forward to seeing you.  :)
Parent - - By C1200 Date 15-07-2011 15:59 Edited 16-07-2011 06:05
youve done well there,  it really is streets ahead of the williams on ebay at present when are you collecting it?  its all ready to go .:-)
Parent - - By purple hat Date 18-07-2011 22:00
Allan are you coming on Sat?  Long time no see.  :)
Parent - By C1200 Date 18-07-2011 23:29
no sorry
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