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- - By m brocklehurst Date 13-06-2011 16:07
Well I just joined the C1ub and tried to order a part but I got a 'Postal order' form which I printed off and completed but there is nowhere to send it- can someone please help me to make some use of the £12 which I paid!!
Parent - - By superted Date 14-06-2011 13:56
It's easy. It's like it says on the front page of the parts site, the link to which I sent you in my email

"Please note that the checkout system will generate an email to parts admin who will then advise you of the total cost including shipping. There could be a slight delay if the part is being held by another member"

Any other way of doing things would mean higher costs and therefore higher prices to members

At the moment I am perhaps a little less patient than usual because I have had a stream of orders from people who have found the site through Google and fired off an order without reading the front page. Because none of them subsequently joined the c1ub it meant that I had picked the order, packed and weighed it ready to advise the shipping cost only to have to put it back into stock, so now I do nothing until I have confirmation that the buyer has joined

There is always a delay for new members because their membership application and fee has to go through the system, but it is seldom more than 24 hours, and as soon as the membership spreadsheet is updated I do my bit :-)
Parent - - By Clunkfish Date 14-06-2011 15:17

>as soon as the membership spreadsheet is updated

And I do that as soon as I receive membership subs payment :-)
Parent - By nickmiddy Date 24-06-2011 07:39
And good on you guys for doing it this way and being patient!  I don't think I have it in me to be that patient....
Parent - By purple hat Date 13-07-2011 07:25
Welcome to the C1ub and know that the folks here are always ready to help.  :)
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