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- - By bolt-on-billy Date 07-09-2011 23:22 Edited 07-09-2011 23:24
I want to buy this

I have someone who will bring it back for me but he wont pay for it for some reason even though I offered to pay up front so if anyone knows anyone who can do the transaction for me it would be a great help.

the seller wont accept any questions and the site wont let me buy it as I'm in the UK.
Parent - - By Leec1 Date 08-09-2011 10:02
The listing shows Paypal as being accepted which I can do for you if you want?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 08-09-2011 14:22
got paypal I just cant bid.
Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 08-09-2011 21:57
If your guy in the US has an EBay account, why doesn't he bid and if successful you pay by PayPal?  Once he wins, he will automatically get the email address of the seller and you can then settle up.
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 08-09-2011 22:14
not sure the US guy is someone from a military forum who offered to carry it back in his container. so I cant really abuse it as he just said get it to me and I'll ship it for you. strangely he offered to post it when it gets to the uk so it is a bit odd.
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