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- - By 407bug Date 20-09-2011 23:12

Anyone interested in a Mint BMW C1 125 with 1000miles on the clock?

1 owner from me

full bmw service history... like one!

been garaged from new, and barely used, with the mp3 link speakers abs , 125 red

full bmw c1 cover, air seat , gel seat, top box, sunroof, etc 

full mot and about as new as would be possible to find,

just small amount of oxidising on the brake fluid covers, and maybe  some on the crankcase

any ideas what this would fetch on ebay?
Parent - - By jeb Date 21-09-2011 08:30
there is only one sure way of finding out.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 21-09-2011 09:02
where are you located?

These bikes still fetch the most in the London area
Parent - - By 407bug Date 22-09-2011 07:05
watford area 17 miles out of london

any idea where the best place to sell it is, ebay or the thames valley trader?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 22-09-2011 07:41
At the price you want you should take your time.

The Club, the Forum and London Gumtree should see it sell eventually.

If C1s were available new I would buy one tomorrow. Your bike (and my 300 mile Williams) are the only available alternatives, you are looking for someone who also feels this :-)
Parent - - By 407bug Date 22-09-2011 22:01
What's the most you think I could ask?
If it's basically as new as you could get?
And probably the cleanest one I've seen.

How do you list it on the for sale section
As I don't seem to get access to this?
Parent - By Drynotwet Date 22-09-2011 23:02
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 23-09-2011 00:20
the for sale bit is a member thing. I reckon you should take no less than three for it as its a collectors item in that state and all tooled up. the problem is that the insurance value for a low mileage 11 year old bike would still only be 1800 max.

someone was trying for 4 for one a while back and bmw dealers were still asking 3.5 up untill a few years ago. somebody somewhere has the cash and is daft enough I reckon and I would stick to trying to sell it in london through bike trader or similar. you could put it on ebay as a private sale rather than an auction which would get it out there.

the things that will drag the value down are the fact that its still at least 10 years old regardless of the plate, zero warranty and bmw servicing costs being ridiculous. I assume it has had the first service and valve check as planned? 
Parent - - By jeb Date 23-09-2011 10:47
its a good thing that it has been garaged from new, hopefully in a relatively dark area. it is not usually a good idea to keep mechanical items without use as this can cause problems in itself.   things like tyres, batteries, rubber bushes, flexible brake lines,brake pads and other items will degrade over long periods if exposed to natural light.    having that said what a super buy for someone,    must surely be valued at 3 grand as an absolute minimum.   maybe we have reached a point now that a good c1 can be seen as an investment cos i cant see a bike like this can ever be worth less in the future.   look upon it as an appreciating asset.
Parent - - By 407bug Date 25-09-2011 18:46
Thanks for the tips, I had allways planned to join the club and come on a run.....but then had kids!

I will load up some photos in a bit on youtube and see what you think, and stick a link here.
I stand to correct it has actually 1200 miles not 1000 but close. full mot etc

if I could get 3k I think I would be happy, the reason it never got used as at first I dindt have a trickle charger, and every tine i went to use it the bat was falt so ended up using my vespa px 125 (also recently sold with 5000klm on a 2001) so I never did the miles anyway...

3 C1 batteries later I bought a trickle charger and fitted a charging socket!
it was one of the last c1 's in the UK that were for sale, originally purchased from scottall BMW near golders green

yes full bmw service history had one last year I think ? just an oil change
Parent - - By 407bug Date 25-09-2011 20:23

I have listed some pictures of it I took today, up on youtube for your comments
and yes I was right it still has the nobles on the original tyres...

so what do you recon i should ebay it for then?
Parent - - By 407bug Date 25-09-2011 20:43
I've got a brand new oem part BMW filler cap if anyone needs one desperately?

and some other rare part I cant remember what it is... will have a look... as bmw cleared out their bits to me all 2 of them at my last service.... as they never thought they would see a C1 again in a hurry.. so though it best to cash them in on me...
Parent - - By 407bug Date 27-09-2011 21:04
there you go i've listed it on ebay if anyone is after a nearly old one:
Parent - - By 407bug Date 30-09-2011 06:39
so far I have been offered £2400 as a (non bid) on the bay, its up for £2995 so lets see what happens at the end
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 30-09-2011 08:02
It's a beauty for sure

It's worth £3,000 plus some IMHO

Great about the top box and FAS, not so great that it is an early C1 (3 point stand) and it's not running on Hoops, from a buyers perspective I would need both of those changed.

Also it would be worth contacting Stef for his advice as these bikes are worth a fortune in Europe, 6,000 Euros for a minter is possible.

Don't do anything rash - take your time!

Good luck
Parent - - By jeb Date 30-09-2011 09:58
surely a nice bike but three prong stand?????    you can check the year of manufacture on any 17 digit vin no. by looking at the 10th digit.    1=2001.   2=2002 etc   vin no. can be found on the registration doc (v5) or on the bike itself.     this works for most vehicles wherever they were manufactured in the world.
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 03-10-2011 09:30
sadly, this does not apply on very many vehicles - GM [vauxhall etc] & VAG [volkswagen/audi etc] definitely work with this system, and, although the C1 does, neither of my 2 BMW 635CSIs work with system  - typical of a lack of global co-operation between manufacturers/legislators - but i won't get started on that here .....
Parent - By 407bug Date 04-10-2011 23:13
It was first registered new on the 53 plate to me (so august 2003?), from scottall BMW not far from golders green area....
one owner from new (me), originally on a 0% finance deal years ago....all paid up years ago

this was one of the last 3 they had...before they stopped selling them the same month
Parent - - By 407bug Date 04-10-2011 23:06
3 prong stands?

ahh... the language of C1 speak.....?
Parent - - By toby_holland Date 05-10-2011 05:47
... its like Greek, only more expensive !!

IMHO - in my humble opinion [surely anyone thta posts publicly is NOT humble ?!?! :-O
Hoops - Bridgestone Hoop tyres [recommended as the best handling / rideability combination]
3 prong stand - early fitment stand, guaranteed to dump the bike on the floor when a snail wafts by [later 2 prong, with no centre leg, is SLIGHTLY more stable ...]
Parent - - By 407bug Date 07-10-2011 19:00
best non bid so far is £2699 lets see what happens shortly

I forgot to mention its got full Mot and Full tax and a full tank of fuel

49 watchers on the bay!
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 08-10-2011 00:11
Split the difference at £2850 and get a quick sale,
Or hold out for £3,000
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 08-10-2011 22:06
Stef rides them over to Germany (4000 milers) and makes a tidy profit... No prob selling it for 6000 euros plus.
Parent - By 407bug Date 09-10-2011 17:24
some guy has offered 2699 which I am cool with, but we are just finalising when and where... so very nearly sold
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 09-10-2011 20:46
I don't believe that's true but I'm sure Stef will clarify.

He did, however, show me a European website that demonstrated such prices.

But in the UK anything around (close to or over ) 3k would seem reasonable, they are far more highly valued in Europe.
Parent - - By Leec1 Date 10-10-2011 08:30
Cars and bikes generally seem to sell for much more out there, I remember comparing my Dodge Durango which here was selling for around £7k was selling there for £15k even with the exchange rate factored in, however the fall down on doing that deal was the cost to get it on the road as it was linked to the horsepower or ccs and they charged for every single one

Bikes are a different beast though as they are far cheaper to register, a friend of my brother in law (in the south of France) is doing just this for work buys here and sells there focussing on big engined BMW bikes
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:18
One went for 6000 Euros in Germany just the other day.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 11-10-2011 00:19
Nah, it was 60,000 Euros for a delivery mileage minter.
Parent - - By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:19
Did that include a top box?
Parent - - By szecsei Date 11-10-2011 00:20
It did, but it was sadly a box with a missing lug.
Parent - By chairman21 Date 11-10-2011 00:21
Mmmm, paid too much in that case.
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