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- - By johnmooree Date 12-03-2012 19:14
i am trying this c1 i bought a year ago, for the the first time before mot, wash wipe works great, but intermittent switch just moves wiper to centre of the screen and the to the left when acivated again.  the continuos position moves the wiper to the left of the screen and sits there.   The manual says continuous position is selected when the bike is moving and intermittent is selected when bike is at stop, is anybody able to clarify this for me please  thanks john
Parent - By superted Date 12-03-2012 20:41
The way it should work is that when the intermittent position is selected the wiper works intermittently at about 3 sec intervals, but when the vehicle is at rest, even with continuous operation selected, they work intermittently at much longer intervals. All of this is governed by the ecu and wiper control unit between them. It is further complicated by a slip-ring within the wiper motor that has been known to corrode/get dirty and produce erratic operation. As the wash/wipe works I doubt that the motor is at fault so it sounds as if the control unit could be
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Parent - By superted Date 13-03-2012 08:44***?act=viewProd&productId=1320

Just a reminder that the c1ub spares store is available to any paid-up member of the C1 Owners C1ub*** for details

in each case replace *** with p h p (no spaces)

Having said that I can't guarantee that the control unit is at fault :-)

A manual can be downloaded from the Forum, but it isn't responding at the moment so I can't give you a link. It doesn't have a lot to say about the wipers though
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