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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 13-03-2012 20:16
It appears the C-650 GT is announced at £10,250 around 11k with some extras.

They have to be joking! Never in a million years will they sell at this price, as the Dragons say "I'm out"

I really don't know what BMW are playing at these days, my advice is even at 11k they aren't a patch on a C1 and if you have a viable C1 keep it looked after :-)
Parent - By jeb Date 13-03-2012 21:36
i was allways very interested in the new bmw scooters but now that the price has been confirmed i will definately be giving them a very wide berth.   surely bmw must realise that buyers are looking for value for their hard earned,especially in these ecomically stressed times.     i would be very interested to know what price these machines will be in the US. as it is bmw,s first scooter escapade in this market.   if the price is much the same as the UK. i dont fancy their chances at all.  i am very disappointed but not at all suprised.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 13-03-2012 22:48
the xiting is only 5k or so if memory serves so the badge markup is a bit harsh.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-03-2012 08:50
what is the xiting that you refer to?

Are you suggesting the C- is a rebadge of someone else's scooter?

Do you know, for sure, where the C- is made - I understood it was to be manufactured in Germany?

Today's Motor Cycle News has a road test of the Concept-Cs but if they are correct about the pricing I am also extremely disappointed. The ones I saw at Excel had some build quality issues but they were pre-production models. I think £9,000 is as far as any rational being would stretch.

My only hope is that Duncan can pull off a rental for me to evaluate, I'm not holding my breath :-(
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-03-2012 10:22
Sorry - no road test in today's MCN :-(

I had the info from MCN online, let's hope it appears next week.

The launch has been put back to April 14th (due to production difficulties) - I don't care cos I'm not buying one!
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 14-03-2012 13:38
Yep - this price is confirmed on Vine's website

£10,455 including Highline package (Heated grips, heated seats, tyre pressure control, daylight running lights)

Add a few hundred more for a topbox :-)
Parent - By Leec1 Date 14-03-2012 14:57
I will not be purchasing at that price either they have made another poor decision there :O(

Yamaha TMAX I felt was the best guage, over the past couple of years through the recession they pushed it up from £6k to £8k I said to myself anything above that and I will not do wife will be very happy...

I am again disapointed
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 15-03-2012 20:36
when it first came out that bmw were doing a scooter it was announced that it would be a rebadge of the kymco xiting like the f650 was.

when you look at both there are some differences like the rear shocks and some fairing but all I've really seen is 'artwork' probably they took the chassis and redid the outer works. otherwise its very close.

just like the c1 really.
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 16-03-2012 08:16
I very much doubt it's a rebadge of anything - have you seen the weight of it?

They are quick machines for sure but fuel consumption will be between 50 and 60mpg and some of the panels looked very plasticy, the central tunnel was very vulnerable to being kicked to bits.

I'm not going to be too rude 'cos one of our members is bound to buy one and the ones I saw were certainly pre-production models.

It's a wait and see for now, if I remember correctly they launched C1 at a crazy price and were forced to lower it after a while.
Parent - By purple hat Date 11-04-2012 08:39
Faint! :)
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