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- - By simonr Date 24-04-2012 10:23 Edited 24-04-2012 14:33
I just ordered a new BANDO drive belt from BMW - £47.71 - I needed one desperately. C1ive managed to buy a Bando for about £15 but there is no official UK distributor anymore so supplies have dried up.

I spoke to a company in China who manufactures Aramid Fibre belts (same stuff as Kevlar) and they are making me a couple as samples to test. If all goes well I should be able to get them manufactured to sell for around £10 - including shipping, import tax and so on. Watch this space.

Parent - - By simonr Date 25-05-2012 19:38
Picked up the samples today from Heathrow. They look great - just like BANDOs but without BANDO written on them: correct size too. Will pop one onto the bike and take it for a spin. Watch this space!
Parent - By purple hat Date 28-05-2012 11:55
Well done, will be less of a headache at that price.  :)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 17-06-2012 21:01
there was some on ebay for about 15. similar to the ones I got you to buy a few years back.
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