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- - By C1200 Date 29-05-2012 17:01
Hopefully soon we might have a starter refurb service up and running again thanks to Jeb,at the moment there is one starter already available should someone want it,also advertised on the forum site so at the moment its first to call up for this one,also if anyone else needs one can we have a show of hands to gauge numbers etc ,thanks.
Parent - - By maxx907 Date 21-08-2012 16:21
Hi Jeb, Do you still have a re-furbed starter?
Parent - By C1200 Date 21-08-2012 17:41
I think he has some, yes
Parent - By jeb Date 21-08-2012 17:50
yes i do have several units available at the moment and it looks like these could be the last ones for sometime,    the problem is that the new brushes seem to be impossible to get at an economic price (last quote was £35.per set on a quantity of 25sets),    add the cost of new oil seals (a must) and the occasional needle bearing, all go to make  the job uneconomic since there are chinese made ones(of dubious quality)on fleabay for around £70 or less .    it takes me 2 hours to refurb a starter including re machining the commutator on my lathe.

however the ones that i have are £37.50 exchange ,   that is if your old unit is suitable for refurb and not already been got at and damaged the brush holder (this part impossible to get so unit will be scrap).

i can post one to you or alternatively you can collect  (15 miles south of birmingham)
Up Topic Open C1ub Section / Open General Chat / Starters refurbished units

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